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  1. I'm getting real tired of waiting for dedicated servers, that's all I care about right now re this game. Salt mines do shit all to discourage quits. I also want to play with Europeans for a change.
  2. Well on the eu ps store, friday 13th is on the first page of top selling psn store games, 7 down from God Of War. It was also in the top 20 for April. That's pretty good going for a game like this and with how long it's been out. Its shifting copies on ps4. if you still think it doesn't prove there's a better player base on ps4 compared to PC, there's this thing you're in, it's called denial.
  3. PC gaming is an after thought to most game Devs these days. There's more piracy, hacking and you'll get a shitty port on games that have been out console for some time in most cases. But still, enjoy those flashy graphics.
  4. I'm keeping the keys, I trust my driving and guarantee my place in the car. I will try and pick as many up as possible before heading to the exit. So its a no from me.
  5. Hackers on PC are so dedicated it's fucking futile to even waste time and resources combating it. It's like whack-a-mole. Online Pc gaming is an open toxic sewer of cheats and Hackers, sorry but it's true. You can balk until the cows come home but it will never change.
  6. Just going through the ps store eu and saw f13 is in this months top sellers. No doubt it's been boosted by single player challenges and I noticed it also crept into the top 20 best selling for may, it's quite impressive considering what's out. Despite the horror numbers PC throws out, ps4 must be the best population. The games is far from dead. Didnt see DBD daylight at all in the best selling 47.......... just saying ;D Now get those dedicated servers out for us please!
  7. Game looks great but hacked to fucking pieces. #NOTONCONSOLE
  8. If I saw towering maniac with hockey mask and a weapon, I'd run. I don't have an issue with the AI doing that, seems more likely than attempting to beat you up with a wrench. Agree that sometimes the detection is off but overall I think they did a great job... But cut scene skip, please.
  9. I've never been able to master that but good advice I'll give it a try next time. I've found it tricky to chase a fast counsellor and avoid that quick swing attack. So annoying.
  10. We just need the Devs to program in some tea bagging and you'd never be able to tell you're offline.
  11. Overreacting on the f13th forums? Hahaha a not a chance!
  12. Looks like a stumbled into the thread where the ex drama student drop outs hang out. Fuck me these posts are genuinely funny. Especially if you put some violin music on in the background while you read them.
  13. I hid round the side, waited for jenny to leave and walked through the front door whilst he was crouching by the fire and stomped him into it. I hid upstairs and waited in one of the bedrooms and grabbed the fucker as he walked in, didn't register as detected so all good
  14. Jason nerf what a load of bollocks, its just the same.
  15. I was impressed when mitch got in the car, drove near the exit but crashed, got out of the car quickly and ran to the police exit quick as fuck. We'll done bot mitch you escaped, you deserved it. Definitely improved for sure.
  16. The anger is strong in this thread, I sense you're afraid you will never be as strong as darth vader!
  17. Totally agree. Love the new grab, don't have any issue with it playing from either side. Adapt or die.
  18. Honestly, I prefer the new grab, it feels good and I found it even easier to grab counselorss. I also played as counselor, can still escape as usual by playing as smart as possible. I have no issues with any of it.
  19. For me, this mode is what I always wanted with offline. I think it's a seriously good addition to the game. The acting from the characters is fun and the stalking as jason is spot on so far. Only on the second challenge map but so far so good from me. One thing I would perhaps change, is being able to skip the intro when restarting it. What does everyone else think?
  20. I like the sp challenges. Good addition. I like how I feel I'm more like in a f13 movie setting stalking like jason does compared to online or bots. The quietness is effective, no chase music.
  21. I agree with this. I think those killers deserve their own game, the setting environment's and kills true to the franchises. Even though I'm a big fan of them, I'm still not interested in DBD. It kind of does matter to me the whole authenticity.
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