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  1. We could all say that and try and get a refund, do you really think they aren't covered by terms and conditions, subject to change? Nope, not a chance in hell you're getting money back.
  2. I'd say if you're on PC, don't worry about it - the hackers will fi d a way around it, if everything got shut off.
  3. Yeah no sequel and for me no VR version on ps4. Criminal.
  4. Can the last one left in packanack Lodge turn off the light...
  5. Am I doing the combat stance wrong all along or is there a way to target who you want to block from? My main gripe on Cs is when there's multiple counselors surrounding me, he's sometimes flipping around who I actually want to target so I cant block against them. It just seems a fucked up mechanic in group situations, one in one obviously there's no one else it could accidently target, so it works.
  6. Jeez this is really bad. I had it were jason killed me but it said I survived.
  7. Procedurally generated maps. Would keep it interesting.
  8. What I've experienced today: Sp challenges on the pine Hurst map - Green blood after slashing a counselor in the main house. Black worm hole type glitch appearing everytime as I went to slash venessa and weapon clipped the wall. This was in the upstairs room to the right of AJs room. In the AJ death scene, the syringes turn multicoloured and stay glowing on the floor after the cut scene has ended. Multiplayer- Beginning of the round, turned to enter a cabin, slight delay on door opening compared to animation walking through, same when barricading.
  9. I'm still seeing rainbow and illuminous green alien blood on pine Hurst. The rainbow can never die jason!
  10. How about we don't introduce anything else into this game right now, it only causes more bugs. If you bring back Tk you character will probably float in the air and explode into a psychedelic glitter ball of rainbow dust whilst commiting suicide.
  11. There sure has been some crazy bugs popping up. I had one yesterday where I died but it said you survived instead,said the same once the match ended and it also put me as a spectator, disappearing me from the player list. Not to mention the blue glowing portal to another dimension that opened up inside a cabin, caught that one on video. Brilliant. I've not played since last night's patch, but sounds like it has issues.
  12. Why is it the PC owners keep trying to put console owners down on these forums? its like you're insecure about something.
  13. I actually liked the darkness change with the update so I'm hoping it's not too drastic.
  14. No Tk, it would be awful. Would be full of clowns killing you for kicks, the game would fully deteriorate into a big ball of frustrating shit. Pointless.
  15. I don't know about that but I saw Jason throw a trap jump through the window when he was trying to lay it down outside and it snapped onto the counsellors leg who was stood right next to me in the cabin.
  16. You really have some deep hatred for consoles. I used to be a pc gamer but switched to consoles. Not only was I worried I'd turn into some condescending twat toward console owners but I find that they deliver a good all round experience. Pc always had problems with poorly optimised games, crashes, having to constantly upgrade hardware, waiting for games that had already been out for ages and when they did come half the time they'd run like shit. Think gta 4 springs to mind, compare what you had to spend to run that at the time on a pc compared to buying a then xbox 360, it was a no brainer. Stop acting like the pc is the pinnacle of gaming experiences. People also enjoy the exclusives for consoles. Your main argument seems to be that the graphics and that consoles are holding everything back. Not everybody has a high end pc, so whats the next argument, if consoles theoretically disappeared, that all the cheap charlie pc owners are holding everything back? At this point you're turning on your own master race ?
  17. How about removing jason's combat stance, for one it looks a bit silly, jason doesn't do stance and it's awkward. Secondly, it makes it quicker to block incoming, if you just had a block button.
  18. Sweet, looks great. I have faith this will be a decent movie
  19. Dedicated servers.............. honestly I feel like I'm hallucinating an oasis in a desert at this point. And yeah, I don't believe all hosts leaving are quits, the game has always crashed to blue screen at some point when I've been host ever since I've been playing. If you're in with me and it quits mid game, I'm telling you now it's a bug.
  20. Only if my jason can have a glow in the dark neon blue head that can turn blood into rainbow candy
  21. I just dont think this game can ever get the right balance. All I've seen since playing from oct 17, is this seesaw of patches that is met by either joy or hate from either the counsellor or jason players. There's never a overall unified agreement that a patch is good for everyone. If you tweak the grab again, most counsellor main players will lose their minds like they did over the pine Hurst patch. I don't think it's ever gonna be in a sweet spot, I'd love to be proven wrong.
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