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  1. * Progressive perk system for counselors and full jason customisation of strengths and weaknesses. 

    *More ways to escape

    * remove shift ability,

    Ability power gained and durations increase with certain tasks within the game e.g kill the power and for variety of kills - reward the player in game. 

    *sense is reduced to cabin detection only - instead make it an ability thats more a combination with stalk. 

    more ability to hide outdoors due to reduced sense ability. 

    *jason can detect any counselor blood trails until counselor heals. 

    Counselor med kits reduced

    Torchs need to be found and light toggled to recharge battery. 

    * final player left bonus system to help evade jason. 


  2. On 9/7/2019 at 9:35 PM, Ahab said:

       Its an "asymmetrical horror survival game"... which means the killer is supposed to be overpowered, even compared to being attacked by all seven counselors... Currently, his mask can be removed in one or two hits with certain counselors... which means you DO NOT need seven to do it, you only need one to remove the mask and one to get the sweater.
       If you do not like dying in a video game, then this game is not for you... Deal with it... The supposed "overpowered killer" should NOT be dying in 50% of the matches (or more) when players actively attempt to kill him... yet, here we are.

       One or two hits to get the mask off... this is  a FACT... Explain how this is difficult to achieve. Would you prefer it to take even less strikes?

       Groups of players that know what they are doing will always do better than groups that do not know what they are doing... Not just in this game, but in EVERY game. 
       I killed Jason for my first time on my second day of playing... and the badge for killing Jason was one of the first three I completed... That badge should have been MUCH closer to the last badge being completed, not just for me... but for everyone. Killing Jason is supposed to be difficult to do and rare to see... It is neither... and NEVER was.

       Longest sentence I have seen in a while...
       ALL Jasons are stunned just as easily as any other... the stun chance is in the weapon used... Stuns resistance only lowers the time Jason is stunned for... Once stunned, he is open to an indefensible demasking hit... indefensible means "it IS NOT possible to avoid this hit... and this type of hit can be done over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again... on ANY Jason variant. Fortunately for counselors, it only takes 2 hits MAX to get the mask off if you are using the right counselor... If you are using a counselor that takes more hits to demask him... well, no problem there at all, we can just stun him and take the indefensible hit... over, and over, and over, and over again until it does come off... This is ridiculously easy to achieve in any number of ways.
       With a sweater girl that know when to use the sweater, Jason CANNOT morph away as he has no time... The sweater stun will also bring Jason out of shift if he attempts to use that... And even if Jason does manage to morph away due to sweater girl taking too long to use it... yes, it is simple to play keep away with a killer that will die instantly if he gets too close to Tommy and sweater girl... barring a mistake or glitch, which do not happen very often any more... But Jason feeling the need to run away is counter to everything he is... and to the horror aspect of this game. The killer IS NOT the one that should be afraid to engage ANYONE... and retreat should not even be in Jason's vocabulary... Jason retreating is just as good as getting killed in the first place.
       I do not hunt noobs... I very rarely hunt Jason unless someone asks for help doing it... and my success rate is astronomically high compared to my failure rate, which can only be taken from matches that I actually tried to kill Jason... Matches in which I do not try to kill Jason have zero bearing on the ratio of kills vs attempts as there was no attempt made.

        Personal experiences in game are actual facts... This is what we see... because you do not like it or agree with it does not change the facts to non facts... With so many people seeing Jason being killed MANY times per night... I find it hard to believe anyone that says otherwise as it is the opposite of what so many players ARE in fact seeing in game. Literally what you are saying here is that the players who play the game the most, and know it better than "casual" or first time players... are wrong and don't know what they are talking about... Your utter lack of logic astounds me at times... and not in a good way.

       This game is not for everybody... Any player that cannot handle dying a lot in ANY game... will not like this game and NEVER will like this game until they can get over this issue they have with dying in a game.
       Knowing what this game was when I got it, I fully expected to die VERY often as a counselor and very rarely as Jason... as it was stated that the Jason kill was difficult to achieve and rare to see... and I know what to expect for counselors as I had seen every movie more times than I care to admit... I also expected to be very bored of it within a month as it looked very repetitious.
       I was surprised to find that escaping was actually not difficult, even against good Jason players and I was not dying nearly as much as I thought I would be... On my second night of playing, I discovered just how easy it was to kill Jason... and as I said above, this was one of the first three badges I completed... which as a fan of the franchise... I found to be ridiculous. Soon after I started playing came the great Jason nerf of 2017... I seemed to be the only player that even wanted to play Jason at that point... But I stuck it out and learned to 'git gud' as many players that used me as a pinata "kindly" suggested. I met a lot of good people playing this game and still play sometimes with some of the first people I played the game with... The situational hilarity of this game... and a lot of good people to play it with... as well as a love of this franchise has kept me playing far longer than I initially thought I would be... The piñata parties came VERY close to pushing me away from this game, but I am as tenacious as my namesake.
        It took me a while to see all of the kills in the game due to a few.... I am looking in the direction of asphyxiate and head punch... being so popular with many players, for... reasons. But death in this game often comes with a nice and bloody kill animation. The game is a challenge from many perspectives, and all of us die a lot as a counselor... But I still, and will always find it ridiculous that it is so easy to kill Jason when it was stated to be difficult to achieve and rare to see. I stopped hunting Jason the moment I finished that badge... at least from an active viewpoint. I still help kill squads if they ask politely... and a few hunters that I play with that do not need to ask for help... I already know what they are up to and will help them out. But I almost never instigate a "hunt" for Jason on my own... I much prefer escaping on a boat... or a in a full car... or being part of the charge towards the cops... in that order. Surviving the night works for me too but this one is never what I am going for at the start of a match... it just sometimes works out as your only remaining option. But all of these are a challenge to achieve and I will not be able to do any one of them anywhere near as consistently as killing Jason... so I take the more challenging path for the most part... Which is also why I am a big fan of using Part IV and his "lesser tools" as some have called him.

       Seeing the exact number of times Jason has been killed would only be relevant if they had a way of knowing how many actual attempts to kill Jason were made to achieve this number. Comparing it to the overall number of matches played would be ridiculous and in no way give ANY indication of how easy it is to achieve... For the kill vs. attempt ratio to even exists, number of kills AND number of attempts both have to be a known number... and there is literally no way to track "attempts" that do not result in Jason's death.
       I have played many nights in which no one even bothered to make an attempt on ANY Jason player... and I have played many nights in which EVERY match had an attempt to kill Jason... and every single time I see multiple attempts on Jason's "unlife"... the number of failed attempts is far lower than the number of Jason kills. Just because you are not seeing attempts does not mean no one is trying in matches you are not playing in. You don't see Jason die much, I will grant you that... but I have extreme doubts that the number of attempts that you have seen are even equal to the number of Jason kills you have seen... and the failed attempts are more than likely far fewer than the successful attempts... For anyone who cannot do math... 50% is not rare... and is actually pretty damned far from being rare.

       Percentage of matches it happens in is irrelevant. Not every match even has an attempt made... only failed attempts vs successful attempts can be used for a ratio that means anything at all... Matches in which no one bothers to try and kill Jason cannot be counted here... It is all about how many attempts are made vs actual kills. If there are only two attempts and two kills, that does not make it rare... If out of your 9 out of 10 times only included 9 attempts... that would be a big 100% success rate 

    I'm not arguing whether it's easy to do or not. I'm just saying  that to gun, probably the only thing that indicates whether they think it's easy to pull off is the kill amount - if gun can see that the number of times is low,  that the playerbase as a whole - which is majority casual qp haven't notched up the kills, then it's rare. They are unlikely to make it more difficult. Majority rules and all that.

    Overall there's really no point on speculating statistics. 8/10 statistics are made up. 

  3. I'd perhaps would've liked it if the Jason's could be played as they are now by default - 'vanilla' or it was up to the players to customise, even down to movement speed and rage.

    It would be so you could make the jason perhaps better on a particular area then defaults.

    You'd have an amount of points to 'spend' on your jason. Each time you play, gain points, then you can unlock certain bonuses. so say you have x amount, means you could only afford to equip x amount of knives, traps, movement speed etc So all the strengths, weaknesses, plus perks like for if you wanted a particular stronger jason ability could be mixed and matched too.

    The higher you level up, more jason points, the more you're able to equip together, ultimately all the stats could be tailored by you, So the higher level Jason's could get pretty uber, and deservedly so, this is your reward for the hours you've put in.

    It would make it harder (or impossible) for counselor players to  know what they're dealing with and if you really feared tommy and sweater kill squads, then you could be the ultimate defence stacker to make it harder for you to be taken out. 

    Also each kill jason gets gives some sort of perk. You've got to be rewarded for a kill in game as you're playing. 

    I just think customisation would make things a little interesting and unpredictable. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Well that’s just too damn bad if less experienced players don’t get the kill because they don’t know what to do and someone experienced isn’t leading them through the process. Maybe if they want to know how kill Jason they can watch YT videos how to do it, make friends with experienced players and do it with them, and overall get good enough to be able to pull off killing Jason. Catering to noobs and making the kill so easy they can do it isn’t really the way to handle it. Only good players should be the ones killing Jason. 

    The Jason kill not happening that often doesn’t matter or mean anything. Ever since the rage buff it seems more and more lobbies are focusing on escaping/objectives. You don’t see as many piñata parties anymore or people trying to kill Jason as much as before. 

    The number of times Jason has died is a big number. I’ve killed him 100s of times and I don’t even go for the kill all that much anymore cause it got so boring. Some kill squads are definitely in the 100s-1000 Jason kills. Totaling up the number Jason has died in his own game is probably a lot. 

    What I meant was that for the majority of players( on ps4 eu anyway ) which is a  low level casual player base on quick play  - they don't kill jason very often.

    The example you gave was saying low levels shouldn't be killing jason on their first day - that only happened because you helped them along. They probably wouldn't of got the kill without your help.




  5. 3 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Ik. I was meaning you need a good kill squad if you want the 90% consistency. Killing Jason with randos can be hit or miss. Noob Tommy’s being an example. 

    and those average players players prob don’t really go for the kill every game either. And I’ve killed Jason before with a player that just started playing on their first day. They hit Jason with tommy once with an axe. Then I told them once I sweater stun press RT and A. New players can do this and so can average players. So the excuse that it’s already hard enough for average players doesn’t really cut it. Besides, killing Jason should only be something that is done by experienced players. It should take a lot more skill and effort to accomplish. Not something a player can pull off on their first day of playing.

    But do you not think it would be harder and unlikely for less experienced players to get the kill if a more experienced player wasn't taking the lead on mics and giving them instructions. I've got to say, that situation you gave as an example is very rare with my time in EU. One way to make it harder for lower levels is matchmaker to fill lobbies with similar levels, not a level 10 and 150's.

    The only time I really see Jason deaths is with dedicated death squads in a lobby. With Every match, that is their sole objective, nothing else.  This us ps4 BTW. 

    Overall I don't see the jason kill happen much, gun can see on the server side how many players have killed Jason and its probably very rare. 

  6. At the time when there was a ton more pocket knives in the game, these sort of suggestions came up as it felt like everybody had one. Rightfully they got reduced in number,  it's OK as it is now but I would've deffo gone with that it needs to be highlighted in your inv bar when jason grabs. There may be a few times somebody forgets to do this and jason gets an easier time. 

  7. Honestly if you think it's hard as jason now, you're lucky you weren't around when it felt like it was about 30 pocket knives, 50 shotguns each game, no jason rage proof stun and he ran/walked % slower. All those things got reduced to as it is now and counselor players screamed literally bloody murder with the changes but facts are facts - it's never been easier to kill as jason as it is now. 


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  8.  I'm usually pretty passive about fixes, I can laugh at them but after the last patch I'm actually annoyed. It is the worst state since I started playing in '17. 

    I've experienced in a handful of matches new bugs everytime, some game breakers too -

    Counselor locking up, cannot interact with anything until randomly bash buttons to unlock again. 

    random spawn in,

    hid under a bed but when I came out my camera was in a static position while my character was running around off screen. 

    Bear traps don't work anymore unless you piss about now. 

    Counselors jumping through windows and landing on their feet. 

    There's so many more but I feel its a waste of time listing them here, I don't have all day lol.

    The game is in awful state and these patches should never of seen the light of day. 

    THE WHOLE TEAM working on the game need to step it up, it's truly shambolic and we've regressed since 2017 dramatically - has this ever happened in the history of game development? 




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