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  1. Yeah still doesn't work for me to get into a regular match eu ps4. it dumped me into a lobby all by myself, left it open while I did stuff at home and nobody ever joined. I bought nms on ps4 and since the beyond update dropped on August 14th, they've since released 4 patches to fix bugs....... Talk about on the case!
  2. I think 4 times, deffo twice this year. It doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things other than I die lots in games.
  3. I saw a few people commenting about the graphics quality, i dunno if it's me just being from the old skool but they look decent enough to me.
  4. Ah man, this is a bit depressing regarding the eu server lock out on ps4. The day of the patch it took me ages but found one game with only 4 people in it, ever since cannot get a game no matter how long you try for.
  5. Honestly if you think it's hard as jason now, you're lucky you weren't around when it felt like it was about 30 pocket knives, 50 shotguns each game, no jason rage proof stun and he ran/walked % slower. All those things got reduced to as it is now and counselor players screamed literally bloody murder with the changes but facts are facts - it's never been easier to kill as jason as it is now.
  6. I tried for a long time this morning EU just couldn't get in a match, would search dedicated / search for session and nothing. I gave up.
  7. I've never used a Nintendo switch so I'm not sure how it is but all I know is that if the counselors can't run diagonally, that'd be very annoying.
  8. I can't get a game here in the UK, anyone else having trouble
  9. Nice moves DontZzz34, all this time playing I never bothered with dodge because I thought it'd be a waste of time against Jason's grab, but you demonstrated how to use it very effectively. I'm gonna have a practice at it.
  10. It's really hard to be sympathetic to your issue 😂
  11. We are past the point of no return. Even if they tried to unfuck the game by reverting it back to an older version, I fear it would make things worse - a bit like when old biff went back in time with the old sports almanac.
  12. It's called maximising your sales... Just ask Bethesda with skyrim about that 😂
  13. This was an abomination of a patch. Nothing else I can say thats not already not been said.
  14. I'm usually pretty passive about fixes, I can laugh at them but after the last patch I'm actually annoyed. It is the worst state since I started playing in '17. I've experienced in a handful of matches new bugs everytime, some game breakers too - Counselor locking up, cannot interact with anything until randomly bash buttons to unlock again. random spawn in, hid under a bed but when I came out my camera was in a static position while my character was running around off screen. Bear traps don't work anymore unless you piss about now. Counselors jumping through windows and landing on their feet. There's so many more but I feel its a waste of time listing them here, I don't have all day lol. The game is in awful state and these patches should never of seen the light of day. THE WHOLE TEAM working on the game need to step it up, it's truly shambolic and we've regressed since 2017 dramatically - has this ever happened in the history of game development?
  15. I only had one game but I thought the graphics looked a bit sharper and detailed, but seeing as it's not mentioned in notes or vy anyone else I must be imagining it... 😂
  16. A lot of gamers like a skill tree and lvl up unlock type system to work through and it's keeps them active on the game. Imo F13 perk system is such an abysmal and uninteresting chore that it leaves little left other than grinding to level 150, which is a slog. I've still not got there and been playing since 2017 lol They should at the very least - made it so you're able to roll perks and customise while waiting for a match to end in spectator to 'kill' some time.
  17. I like the large cabins that usually have a fireplace and a small corridor running through the middle and a back room of sometimes beds or draws with a bathroom in the corner. They give a good amount of space to give jason the run around. I dislike any cabin with tons of blinds in the window for obvious reasons.
  18. read where the stats are coming from and calculated (click the link) http://gamstat.com/how/ Why would it be at all in comparison to pc numbers? For a start, it was given away for ps plus subscribers (over 36 million) it's on game stat that it uses the precise number of players (which is revealed by Sony via my ps4 life videos) who earned a particular trophy to initiate the calculation. Not only that but f13th was the third highest selling ps4 game digitally in the US alone in 2017, just think about that for a moment, also its now in the greatest hits and on sale in UK for £3.99. Id say 100k new players globally (even if 90% played offline only or only played once and never again) based on all of this together is certainly plausible - saying just because pc has 300 players isn't.
  19. Read how it's calculated http://gamstat.com/how/ At least there is is a formula as how to work out player counts rather than speculating based on pretty much nothing. I personally never see the same ps4 players day in day out and nearly all of them are 1-30 in level range. Yet, it is literally how many new people have played the game that month, got a trophy etc whether this is single player or mp and they could never log in again. So it's not saying that this is 100% the amount of people active online but overall gives an Indictation that the playerbase on ps4 is healthy. Also when the game dropped for the ps plus subscribers it isn't uncommon for people to only start playing them at a later date, which I often do myself due to a backlog. I also play in the EU servers.
  20. This is probably the closest anybody has got to actual players numbers for ps4 on game stat, which uses the my ps4 life to calculate these figures and comes with a 15% margin of error. Total player count 8,900,000 New players 15 may - 15 June - 100,000 http://gamstat.com/games/
  21. It's hard to say but I think the game was the least buggies after the patch when Roy dropped, I could be wrong though.
  22. That's a bit of a bummer in the sense it's gone from £3.99 to £15 ish going off the price quoted in the article. On the flip side its pretty cool it's in the Hits collection.
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