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  1. I only played it first time this year, excellent game. Don't forget the add on story - Left Behind. Although not long in length, fills in some story from the main game and is decent.
  2. Well, I am slightly disappointed by the VR output on psvr. There's not alot of aaa releases like RE 7. I own doom, skyrim, re 7, until rush of blood, which are all fun. Also a new wolfenstein has been announced but I'd say It's worth trying before you buy imo.
  3. Looks great, was only slightly disappointed purely because there is no VR mode. Re 7 was unbelievably good in VR.
  4. Oh yes, cannot wait for those. I remember getting RE2 as an ntsc import months before it got released here in the UK for ps1, was quality.
  5. I actually thought they didn't prioritise bug fixes ? Thing is, we all get bored of playing the same thing over and again, they couldn't of kept producing content forever, it would've dried up eventually. But remember when you were younger prior Internet and we had no updates to our games or additional content, still played the shit out of them for a long time. It is a shame no more is coming for sure.
  6. Yeah, this is a dark cloud on the horizon. I don't feel too compelled right now to level up, unlock shit when the plug could be pulled and our data has gone. I think this really should be addressed soon whilst the case is ongoing.
  7. kohagan

    If you were the judge...

    This. I ain't voting either, what's the point, you can't judge based on a bit of info on the net. The best info I've seen is from the guy who played Shelly and even he says it gets tricky.
  8. Exactly. It's about getting what's due.
  9. Sending death threats over a film franchise is sick in the head.
  10. A week or two, who is on this case, Jimmy mcgill aka Saul Goodman?
  11. kohagan

    Sale? Update : It is now on Sale!

    Wow seems expensive in America, its been on sale psn store for around £10 multiple times, that's around $13 I bought the physical on release for $30.
  12. Ralph, just because you watched a few episodes of law and order doesn't make you an expert. Let's be honest you don't know anything about the case except snippets of info in websites like the rest of us. The rest is pure speculation. There's a reason people study law for years, so you don't just start making up assumptions on what you think should happen. Just because Gun are connected to the friday the 13th franchise doesn't mean they know all the details about the legal battle. That's in the hands of cunnigham and miller's lawyers. A franchisee owner wouldbt know every single issue that's going on with the franchisor if they were involved in legal action. They'd find out on a need to know basis. Its not hard to understand.
  13. Yes I would. Despite the bugs I've had a lot of fun with this game. I'm sure it's been a learning curve and another project would be approached differently.
  14. I'd put f13th up there personally. I really enjoy it despite the bugs. Agree above with Alien isolation - one of the best games in recent years. Men in black 2 was easily one of the worst movie games, on ps1. Luckily I didn't pay for it, but wow, bad.
  15. Never thought I'd even think the possibility but you could be right.
  16. Finally, something sane and informative that isn't a conspiracy theory. Good job sir.
  17. Ralph you're not a lawyer, non of us are. If they could release content they would. Just take it at face value, it's the reason the new f13 movie got shut down a few weeks before filming. Don't try to unearth a conspiracy that isn't there mate. I'm sure that there has been advisement just recently after a legal development on it all. It makes sense, as a business owner you just don't fuck with that. I don't believe the rumour, 'nothing has changed legally in 11 months' that I've seen bandied about.What kind lawyers are these?
  18. I'd rather see a new game, different setting and killers refined smoother and bug free mechanics. Trying to salvage this current game would be a mistake. I'd like something with a texas Chainsaw vibe.
  19. kohagan

    Timehop blues

    This one's for you.
  20. I think this is correct. Kiss dedicated goodbye, it makes little sense right now. I kind of get the feeling now, that they had rushed out as much content as possible for this game regardless of bugs, because of this court case casting its shadow of uncertainty. The bugs can all be fixed later, content release potentially couldn't.
  21. The whole thing, whether they release a playable white tiger wearing an eye patch as a new counselor or some character from the movie, it's is all being published under the friday the 13th brand - somebody owns it, which of course is what this legal shit fest is about. Honestly do you really think gun are making the decisions here. Its instructions from the companies lawyers covering the franchise. No more content or face a potential bitch slap.
  22. kohagan


    Fuck me, you'd of really cried as a gamer in the 80's with actually games that were released with no way of completing them or bugged with no fixes at all.
  23. Exactly. All you arm chair lawyers coming out of the wood work acting like you know what's going on here. And of course, Gun is the big bad villain who all along purposely led you us down a garden path for months to fuck us. Enough of the speculative nonsense. It's a fucking legal order!
  24. kohagan

    Is the Game over now?

    We don't know all the details and Gun don't know all the details about miller's case, what else could they do, just halt everything? No, they continued until they received notification from lawyers that no more content could be released. I don't know why its being assumed that legal documents have been available willy nilly to anybody connected to a friday the 13th ip product and implicating that gun has been fucking everyone with secret knowledge. Even though different, here in the UK, a family member can't always find out the content of a will of the deceased until the lawyers/solicitor has dealt with it first. It's just the way this legal bullshit goes, but let's not automatically start accusing based on no knowledge of the legal matter other than website posts, which is what's starting to happen here.