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  1. Buying a game does not give you the right to access about everything that's happening with a companies lawsuit. Nor does it give anyone the right to know what the devs are doing every minute of the day like some people think. I really don't see why it's shady. Whether you knew about the lawsuit at the beginning or the end, the content we all got is the same. If people bought the game just because they thought uber was coming, then that's unfortunate, but again, it was extra content at no additional cost. You still have the game maps as it was launched. Why would you buy the game just for that anyway? The game is still playable (bugs can be fixed) there's more content than at launch. Even games like battlefield stop producing maps after a year or so. I doubt after uber there were plans to do anymore tbh, free game content forever is not exactly a brilliant business plan. The game has sold well, it's a financial success. So the proof is, that by not splashing information everywhere about a lawsuit from day one meant sales were higher and we still got the game we paid for. Everybody is a winner
  2. Pure speculation and a lot of assumptions. They did create content and release it, I don't understand this notion they were like sat twiddling their thumbs for several months. They obviously released as much as they could, in a rushed buggy state but got it out knowing they can fix bugs later. Why would any company pay for staff to sit around waiting for a lawsuit to settle with zero time frame to resume work on a game and it's for content that's at no extra cost or profit? What madness is this?
  3. Well perhaps. But the way I feel, if the game was completely shut down on the deadline and I couldn't access it as it was when I bought it, then I'd fully agree that it was false advertising. There's actually more content now. I also never buy a game on a promise of future content, especially when the content has previoysly been released with no added cost.
  4. Well, the deadline announcement was coming either way and it would affect sales. Are you saying that in the long run if they'd of said back in January or whatever time they knew about the deadline 'hey everybody no more new content ever from July'! ' that people would've gone, you know what, these are some really good honest upfront guys, let's keep supporting them and buy the game seeing as there's no future in it. I don't see it myself. I think they have made a lot more money by doing what they did sales wise, especially when Sp challenges dropped, as a lot would've bought for that. Again people probably wouldn't of touched it knowing it was a dead fish content wise a few months later.
  5. It would not make business sense to make it public about a deadline day until necessary. No business would've acted any different, if they would - give me an example please.. The game isn't closed down, just no new content, you've still got the product you paid for, just in need of bug fixes. You've not been tricked. To announce a deadline months ago would've affected sales, it's a business, they're in it to make as much as possible, not to be your best friend.
  6. kohagan

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Still no cut scene skip sp. That's a bit annoying.
  7. It's worth getting. There's not going to be anymore content that's true but at least there's more in the game than when I bought it on physical release and I enjoyed it just as much then.
  8. I'm just glad I don't give a shit about trophies cos that is one bullshit tall order.
  9. kohagan

    Victor Miller Email

    If the lawsuit lasts years. Forget about this game as it currently is. Just create a new friday the 13th game, we'd be looking at next gen by then anyway. New game, similar format, improved gameplay, graphics, old and new maps and someone to actually play test it to prevent tripped out rainbow blood on release. To resume work on the current game, which by the time this lawsuit is over could be pretty dated and on the old generation of consoles doesn't make one single bit of business sense. Let's think about the next F13 game not this one, it's done.
  10. Nope. I pay a sub to psn already,, I'm not pay g for dedicated servers aswell. What kind of madness is this?
  11. Okay, what I'd like to know is why even bother to put him into some hidden files in the first place. What purpose does it serve if its not complete? Was Roy hiding in a load of files in a previous patch, no. You'd just release him once it's done not pre- empt him in a patch where data miners would find it, seems odd to me. Anyone?
  12. It's been on sale loads of times on eu psn store, I might add that it seems to appear in the popular games lists too. Also, in the UK you can get a retail copy for around £20.
  13. There'll be a few last pushes for sales all platforms which will generate some revenue but I'd be surprised if console even got servers, it makes zero sense with a game that's got no future. Unless gun see on there side that there's literally thousands and thousands logging in and playing on console daily, why would they bother? - if its as expensive to run as people say. I have no idea on server costs so perhaps someone who does could shed light on it.
  14. Any content they produced is being released in a game called Friday the 13th which means it belongs to someone in this lawsuit. How fucking hard is it to understand any new content cannot be released not even a fucking one legged donkey as a killer.
  15. kohagan


    Yep, it'd be great to see more horror franchises as games. I feel they're wasted if only licensed to DBD, I have no interest in that game tbh. The characters deserve their own authentic stand alone game. Heres hoping something can be done.
  16. It's not about whether he cares about the game or not.it's in the hands of lawyers. It's the whole franchise and how it's being split, who owns what and the most important factor - money. It's not like theyd start making exceptions within the franchise rights, You bet your ass that a game that's sold est 1.8 million units is a considered in all of this.
  17. I think you should get your water supply checked for excess estrogen, the way you're crying in this post. You seem emotional. Or maybe you don't drink water, just beer like real manly men. Pffffffft.
  18. I think the communication comes when needed. I don't see just because I spent a bit of cash on a game that I have the right to this on demand communication and update as though its a Friday the 13th news 24 hour channel.
  19. kohagan

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    It's about business and money, not emotions and getting sentimental doing what's right for the fans.
  20. It's popped up quite a lot recently in sales and popular games on ps store eu. Been really cheap in the online sales at around £10. I've always had longish waits to get into a lobby, it's never really changed since I bought the game. 9/10 I enter a US hosted lobby, which is crap on the ping. There's definitely more new players on ps4, Ive been in a lot with level under 30's past few weeks. The game seems healthy on ps4, but only gun can know for sure and I imagine that would determine whether dedicated is worth doing.