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  1. kohagan

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    ^ I thought as much. That's unfortunately ⛽ people's hopes about new content.
  2. kohagan

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I've read people saying gun are going to make a statement next week about this, where did that info come from?
  3. This isn't constructive. Let's stay positive.
  4. Well it was a good move by gun to release on psn. With the millions of psn subscribers you're gonna squeeze some dlc kill and clothing pack money with the best possible platform.
  5. Still sounds a fractured and messy affair granting certain rights ie jason character to different international territories. Shame, I was hoping once it was resolved that we may get a u turn and get the uber jason stuff.
  6. Well, I played as Roy couple of days ago and got stunned multiple times, a real match of bullying and had my mask knocked off.
  7. That's true. I personally feel there are still more active players combined over xbox and PS4 than PC, that's just me. I am only going off the initial sales close to 2 million over 3 platforms and the fact f13 was in the top 10 selling ps4 games of 2017. Also, it was in the top 20 (at number 20) for best selling ps4 games in april this year. again, still doesn't prove anything but if you compare it to steam numbers on pc, if you were to bet based on those things I mentioned, i'd say its higher over 2 consoles v pc.
  8. This crops up a lot for the PC player crowd. While it's true it can't be proven, my opinion is console numbers are significantly higher. Certainly, you are going to have 20 - 30 million ps plus subscribers with the game downloaded from oct 02. whether they play it is another thing. If you are going to argue that potential 20-30 million subscribers still doesn't mean the player base will be any higher than PC then stop smoking meth, it's bad for you.
  9. kohagan

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    I wasn't expecting much before I watched the trailer, but I was wrong, the acting was good and It looks very well done. Glad to see projects like this with genuine passion for the F13 franchise.
  10. Marking the power box, I could live with that. I think it gives jason another option to consider whether he wants to take care of trapping vehicles/ phone or cutting power first now that he knows the radio shack easier. It also doesn't wildly make much difference to counsellor, other than they likely have another important objective to repair power if they want jarvis.
  11. You get the full game to keep in your library permanatly, not just for a month. No need to buy it. The month is just the time you have to download or add to your collection before it expires.
  12. And winner of September's overreacting award goes to...
  13. I called this last month hehe. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20867-this-cant-be-a-coincidence/?do=findComment&comment=326951 it's going to drive the population through the roof. Good move Gun.
  14. I'd also like to be able to mess around with customization and perks if I've been killed early, instead of just spectating. I know you can leave, but I want the xp and sometimes the lobby can be with decent players and might want to stay in it.
  15. kohagan

    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    Played a for a few hours, didn't find it that interesting tbh.
  16. I don't care about the sjw stuff personally. Sure, a female Chinese British sniper in WW2 is stupid, but for me I liked the beta a lot and I'll be buying it. I've played bf games since bf vietnam and BF2 in 2005 and I didn't like how the series got less about squad play with bf3-bf1 and more about lone wolfing. It became more like cod with vehicles. Bfv reverts back to squad focus.
  17. kohagan

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    I agree, zombie didn't really get the original depiction of micheal myers. That a kid from a seemingly ordinary family just snaps without motive and kills. That he escapes and returns to the town, wears a mask, stalking and killing teens for no reason makes it so chilling. He's a complete psycho. Rob zombies version was typical his style, with scum bag trashy characters. Making Michael a poor victim of a bad childhood etc. Was horrid. The third act which played similar to the original wasn't bad, but it just doesn't get anywhere near the brilliant original 78'.
  18. I've not any issues getting into eu server on ps4. How could it not be a dedicated server?
  19. Been playing round after round on EU servers this morning. No problems here. Had the player 'map selector' quit many times and the games stay open. I didn't even watch that video, they're wrong.
  20. Yeah don't worry bout it. I didn't know for ages you could knock knock on a locked door as jason.
  21. Yeah, I didn't really take that into account the first time i played when dedicated dropped. Thanks for clearing that up.
  22. Jason doesn't stand a chance!
  23. I wish they'd rework the perk system more than anything. I hate it, sitting there rolling and deleting, rinse and repeat x infinity. It's just so tedious and soul destroying. It could be so much better and interesting.