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  1. You're not alone, getting into an EU server is a terrible affair right now. Some nights after cancelling repeatedly and searching again, still can't get in no matter what.
  2. You really need to cover more ground now and go back into cabins that haven't been searched properly. Gas tanks and batteries are being overlooked or the new players simply don't want to give up their weapons for them. They don't pick it up to flag it on the map for others either. In some ways, all of this has freshened the game up for long time players imo lol.
  3. Yeah sorry I meant that it is available to download to your games library for psn subscribers just for October, but after this month is over, then any subsciber who didn't download it in this period would have to buy it. Once you have it in your library you've always got it but still need a psn subscription to play any game online.
  4. I don't understand what you mean by ps plus players decide to buy the game? It's free forever if you download this month. Of course you'll see some come and go but tbh before the psn drop I'd constantly find myself in lobbies of level 30 and under. I think the games always been healthy on ps4, but now more than ever.
  5. If there was no change, wouldn't they of just regurgitated previous statement on the subject, which wouldn't of needed reviewing? Just say along the lines of 'Our position has not changed'. Done, short and sweet. I'm hoping for something but if it doesn't happen, fine but it really does come across as a 'Chad being a dick' moment from Gun by unnecessarily Dragging it out ?
  6. I've noticed, a lot quit real quick, I've not finished a match with more than 3-4 sticking around.
  7. That's good. How was he to know pesky jason had hidden the battery.
  8. The winner of October's overreacting award goes to.. OP Congratulations sir, you are the clear winner and we are only 4 days in!
  9. You know i thought the same, like the first time bots were introduced. It's weird now though with all the newbs, next to nothing is getting done not even doors barricaded. It's presented a new set of challenges all round lol
  10. There's too many people playing that is the problem. I don't know when it will be fixed.
  11. Since the game dropped on psn its been hell trying to get into a server, well for me on the EU side anyway . Prior to this I'd get into a game within about 40-60 seconds.
  12. The most dangerous thing now are random traps being placed all over the map.
  13. I was thinking about the same, think the only thing will lose is the disc bonuses, clothing packs I believe.
  14. Well.... I can't seem to get into an EU dedicated server now . Anyone else?
  15. I hear you. Im UK also and have been in Iots of lobbies with East European or Russian, non English speaking. I managed to understand somehow that one guy meant don't pick up the fuse, I'll fix it...
  16. I saw the savini jason cut scene at the end of a part v match. I think some of the hybrids do look kind of cool. I always thought it would've been nice to be able to create a custom Jason by unlocking abilities, customisable masks and clothes as you progress, ah well . On another note, I'm anticipating server crashes when the game drops on psn tomorrow. It happened for DBD, so with all the glitches we get, id be suprised if this goes smoothly
  17. I used to go 3 or 4, I had this psychological fear of walking Jason's after my very first match getting 0/7 with part 6. But recently I've been playing as part 6, and I've got to say I think he's pretty good. His shift and stalk cool downs are quick and I like to use stalk a lot, I find it helps so much against groups of aggressive fighting counselors.
  18. Surely we could have all club together to buy the license for it. We'd probably only need to raise about $1
  19. Can we not make a Saturday the 14th game to get around the lawsuit? Not as catchy I know..
  20. As the title asks. What's the consensus on this from long time players? I had a bit of a break from the game prior to dedicated servers but since I've played quite a lot, and I gotta say, nearly every cinematic kill seems overly glitchy. Whether this is me killing as jason, being the victim or spectating, I'm seeing juddering and character models mistimed like jason will be grabbing someone's head but the characters in the wrong position. I know this has always happened but it feels like it's worse now or have I just misremembered ? Thoughts..
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