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  1. jason: Is that a pocket knife in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me ?
  2. The only things i can really think of is a better blocking without having to go into combat stance. It's way too clunky, feels non existent, especially if facing large groups all armed.it can be a brutally punishing situation. I also feel the knife throwing aim is a bit ropey, not very smooth.
  3. Tommy is mentally unstable, he was just staying in character.
  4. Im all for shooting dancers. But i can live with it, the devs put it in the game so i blame them really. It's a horror game not a Just dance game but hey ho what can you do.
  5. Dancing shouldn't be in the game full stop. It's dumb, serves no purpose and is cuntish.
  6. Agree 100 % with this. In my opinion QTE the pocket knives similar to fixing a boat or car. you fuck up you die , you do good jason gets it in the neck. It's the only way to fix this IMO. Automatic escape just cos you stumbled across one in a drawer is bullshit, just as hitting jason with a weapon isn't guaranteed , neither should a pocket knife to jasons neck
  7. I'd like to see Mark in a wheel chair beating the shit out of my jason character to put the cherry on the cake
  8. I think RZ missed the point of the original, you have this kid from a seemingly normal family, in a typical suburban neighbourhood that decided to kill his family without motivation. Now that's fucked up and unsettling. It could be the kid next door to you. In RZ, Instead you have white trash family and he hits you with the subtleness of a sledgehammer as to why the kids damaged. Even a little bit of sympathy. It doesn't work.
  9. As much as I like Halloween, I think it would be too similar to F13th, in some ways more limited. Michael doesn't run, just silent stalks. There could be some cool suburban and hospital settings but I feel texas chainsaw would be a more tense and frantic setting for a game. It could essential use elements of f13th gameplay. Leatherface is fast, so there would be plenty of exciting chases. He can rip through doors with chainsaws, environment kills like meathooks The map settings would be cool - Sawyer farm, slaughterhouse, gas stations, woodlands, it would be very creepy. You could have Dennis hoppers character work in a similar way to tommy jarvis. A lot of potential.
  10. I actually thought the first time i experieced escaping jasons clutches with a pocket knife, that you had to press a button. I couldn't understand why it wouldnt be so. I think that pocket knives should be QTE and not automatic when it comes to escaping jason's grab. Although im not a fan of QTE in single player games, for this i would. From the point of view of jason grabbing someone, there is a risk that the player has a free escape pass with a knife.Some people would say just start slashing instead if it's a concern but that limits the gaming experience. I understand that players lose it once they have used it to escape, but i myself have picked up two many times. I think it should play out as a little battle like this - Jason grabs you, now over to you - do you have the composure to hit the correct button in a tense situation ? yes you get the escape, no and jason breaks you. It shouldnt just be automatic, whilst yes, its still out of jasons hands whether the councilor escapes at this point, but there will be errors from some players and it isnt this lame automatic escape everytime. It ups the stakes for the councilor ,not to make it harder for them but to use more skill, balance the situation more and adding another element of tension to the game. It just makes sense to myself as a predominantly councilor player. Edit: Either this suggestion or at least minimum you have to have the knife selected in inventory and tap a button like other items.
  11. Hats off to these guys, good players. Thats the difference, to play as jason well you need to be skilled. As a councilor not so much.
  12. Well for me, i only got to play jason once before the patch so i cant compare, but i genuinely hate playing jason with a passion. I've tried slashing councilors because every fucker seems to have a pocket knife when i grab them, but slashing misses 9/10 . Coming out of shift, i still cant get close enough to grab or slash. They line up to hit me with weapons - block does absolutely fuck all. On the other hand playing as a councilor is great, easy to escape, few pocket knifes as a get out of jail card, laughing all the way to the escape exit.
  13. well all i got to say is hats off to the 8/8 killers out there, you have my respect. i just had a disastrous round group with 4 in a car parked up. got out and beat the shit out of me, cut scene tommy killing me and game over. i tried slashing but tthere buddies just heal them whilst you get fucked from all directions. it was pitiful. At least the guy in the round before me also got killed as jason so didnt feel too bad. Against an organised group out to kill jason he might aswell go swim off to the bottom of camp crystal lakerather than face them lol.
  14. I've tried hiding from jason, so far its never worked out good for me - interesting to know that his sense cant show you up until rage mode.
  15. Jason goes to hell director says Jason is a deadite.http://horrorgeeklife.com/2017/11/01/jason-goes-to-hell-jason-voorhees-deadite/ After the appearance of The Evil Dead’s Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the Voorhees basement during Jason Goes to Hell, it spawned a theory that Jason Voorhees is, in fact, a Deadite. This was further explored in the comics Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. We recently spoke with Adam Marcus, director of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, about Jason’s Deadite status during the film series.
  16. Ive only been jason around 6 times and in the heat of a frenzy of campers running around Its so easy to forget to combat stance then block, i'll admit i've never used it., i'd prefer if you could just block without entering a combat stance when you're surrounded from multiple angles. Not only can they hit you once you do grab a player, then once you've dropped them you take hits from everywhere. grab them again then they pocket knife, grab them again someone bats you, Rinse and repeat. Obviously It's great when players use teamwork, but i think the devs need to at least change a jason vunerability when ganged up on. Is it just me but im more nervous playing jason knowing what may be to come than getting away as a councilor
  17. I've seen a good few matches recently including when I've been jason and it ends up similar to this scene. https://youtu.be/W4tVH7BPb-Q I was in a cabin with 5 other players all taking turns, nobody was scared. As a jason player it seems you cannot avoid taking a hell of a beating once the councilors club together. How do you overcome it?
  18. I was thinking of a scenerio the game could have a map outside of the camp, and seeing as jason ends up in the morgue in a couple of the movies, why not start there. For a single player Jason map, he would have to escape from the morgue in the hospital and make his way back to Camp Crystal lake. The game would start with a cutscene, something along the lines of the coroner is checking on jasons body lying on the slab, he goes to look at his notes, notices that the scaple knife on the table is missing - arrrgh too late ! jason's slashing his throat from behind with it. (he's beeeeehind yoouuu!!) ( in the multiplayer scene, the nurse would walk in on jason attacking the coroner and would let out such a huge scream, the councilors would shoot up from their beds, ohhh craaaap hes still alive !) Single player Jason mode Jason's objective is to get out of the hospital and without the cops being called, but wait , whats that ? - the injured councilors who are responsible for you being in the morgue are also in the hospital rooms upstairs being treated for the horrific onslaught you put them through. Mommy tells you that you cant come home until theyre all dead first, FINISH IT JASON!. All new environment deaths would be available, defib to the head until it explodes, Large syringe to the brain through the eye socket, anal probe death etc you get the idea haha So jason would have to be stealthy, sneaky, cutting power,leaving only flickering back up lights as jason stalks the corridors. If he is spotted too much the cops will be called, he must then kill everyone before they turn up or his cutscene will be blown away by a rain of bullets as he bursts through the hospital entrance doors. If he makes it out after successfully killing everyone, we see him silently walk through the woods back to his familair stomping ground. Come home to mommy! For Multiplayer The player characters could have new additions like nurse, doctor alongside the usual councilors. The objectives would play out like a normal round. Certain hospital doors would be locked and finding keys around the hospital to open up access to other areas. Phones to call the cops would randomly spawn at one of the desks across 2-3 floors. Escape by ambulances from the rear fenced off car park or an underground section would be similar to the camp maps except you'd need the gate key to drive out too. Jason could also knock out power to sections of the hospital. There wouldn't be any bear traps but jason could pick up scalpels to throw. I think in a more tighter corridor led map, a succesful jason would fare better with stalk and morph ability rather than shift, it would make for some jumpy encounters.
  19. Don't worry about it, just enjoy yourself, never care what other people think. I'm level 21 and have played as jason only 4 times 1st time I killed 0/7 second time 3, third time 5 and last time there were only 2 players and got them both. You will get better if you put into practice tips and advice. First game I was beaten silly, I didn't know how to do anything properly, I didn't know how to break shift so was zooming around the map like crazy. The third game as jason, I got battered again, came very close to dying. Mask off and had to resist sweater wearing councilor, luckily tommy, who was present didn't get the final blow. Very lucky and would've been a downer to die third attempt. It is tough but just try your best.
  20. i think there should be a mechanic to make it a little tougher , i feel once the cops are called its like a sigh of relief, relax a bit and its a pretty much game over for most jason mentality. To make it tougher,perhaps another element to fixing the phone, extended time or jason could nulify the cops somehow - it could be that if the councilor that called the cops dies, then the timer stops until the call is made again. So jason would be wary of the councilors needing to get back to the phone. or If if he killed x amount of campers he then gains an ability to morph to the police location and kill them ending any hope of police rescue. It gives more strategic choice as a jason, go after the cops ending that escape route but potentially give councillors a extra time to fix the car/boat. ignore the cops and continue to pick them off or can do both if you're a good jason. At the same time, you dont want to be the councilor who gets killed and gives jason his cop kill boost. Jason kills cops too.
  21. It sounds intriguing but first I'd of preferred the news of 'dedicated servers now available on console' hehe:p
  22. Jason rage mode activated >commit extreme angry complaints frenzy>End of round>No badges achieved.
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