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  1. Yes. I pretty much only use AJ and I use the hiding spots in this way. My biggest issue with hiding spots, is the hold breath function. It doesn't last long and is noisy, it's a dead giveaway for jason. Again I'm speaking as an AJ player and it seems better to just not use it. Maybe fir others it works. After rage is activated, then hiding spots are useless, which is a shame because with all the talk of balance and buffing counsellors or jason blah deep blah. I think a fair addition that favours counsellors is to not enable jason to see hiding spots in rage mode. But if you decide to stay in it all match or for too long your character has to wear a chicken shit hat for a month haha.
  2. I kind of like pine Hurst as it is, it feels quite risky out in the open compared to other maps as the locations are more spread out. Of course I wouldn't object to a smaller version if it happened.
  3. Yeah, I mean in games like battlefield on console you have 64 players connecting in a match filled with pure carnage and it performs well. Just 8 players in this game should not make for a choppy experience.
  4. I sold this game shortly after purchasing it, something I never do but I didn't find it fun at all. Going straight into a game of battlefield 1 after playing star wars battlefront showed how inferior everything felt from guns, movement and overall gameplay. Such a shame.
  5. To see 7 mark counsellors riding in a circle around Jason outside packanack Lodge could be a new way to troll jason as he wouldn't be able to teabag.
  6. Yesterday, whilst I was spectating I saw the last counsellor get grabbed for the second time, cue death sounds and then continued to run away. Eventually he was caught and it registered something like 7/6 deaths for jason.
  7. I'm all for equal opportunities but I can't see a wheel chair working too well in any of the existing maps
  8. I've recently been rewatching them and surprisingly I've never seen part 8 before. I watched part of it last night as I got tired but so far it's my least favourite, It feels out of all of them, despite it being part 8, it's aged the worst. I will finish it tonight, I left it at jason has just killed the girl with the guitar on the boat.....
  9. Had a handful of games last night and this morning. Played as jason once and got a 7/8,no tapes. I decided to call it a day after discovering a new game breaking bug after I went inside a closet and whilst in there I decided to mute this guy who wouldn't shut up moaning and cursing non stop. After I muted him every time I tried to press circle to get back to the game my councilor would just hold their breath so I was stuck on the mute player screen. Couldn't even select leave just had to hard quit from ps4 home screen. Just when you'd seen it all bugs wise lol.
  10. For star wars fans you can have : grooming the Wookie, scratching yoda behind the ears and lightsabre practice with captain solo.
  11. I'm currently on level 66 in the game and I still have some kills to unlock but I got the question for those at level 150 already what else is there and what should the Devs do to make the game still appealing to you? I think new weapons for jason would be cool but what else?
  12. The 2009 remake only cost about $20 million and made nearly $100 million. That's excellent return and must be way above studio expectations for a F13 movie. It's very surprising at least another sequel hasn't been made since based on that. Same with noes, similar numbers. Given the game has made a ton of money, this won't of fallen on deaf ears at the movie studios, I expect we will see a new movie in the next few years but in what shape or form due to the messy legal issues remains to be seen.
  13. I've never seen a jason hiding in the water all the time I've been playing, not to say it doesn't happen but to create a water hunting party mechanic for something that's an extremely rare occurrence would be a big waste of time for the Devs. If he is hiding like the Loch Ness monster, just do the objective and escape, you've won.
  14. That's super messy. It's a shame it's got to that point, we were lucky to get a new F13 movie nearly every year in the 80's. Same with elm street. What's weird is that these films are still cheap to make. The remakes of Noes and F13 didn't cost much and made good profits so its a bit odd we didn't get more.
  15. I get this. I've started rewatching the movies it's been a a long while and the characters , getting completely naked swimming in the middle of the night and wearing bad 80s fashion. So it kind of does fit in with the movies still when you see the councilors in speedos etc in this game. On the other hand I never saw deliberate dancing in front of jason to taunt him.
  16. I just sit down whilst playing VR, I know it would result in an accident otherwise
  17. I haven't played for a while, it's just got to a point with all the host quitting and wasting my time that I'll probably wait until the ps4 servers and new patch come.
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