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  1. Why is he a tool? It was a humorous analogy. Jeez..
  2. Nah, keep it as. I wouldn't want to go all the way to the top of the map to get that dropped gas can only to get there and 5 other people had the same idea. All because you couldn't check position on the map. Makes for a lot of frustrating and pointless jollies around the map = not a fun idea, sorry - it's a big nope from me.
  3. It can't come soon enough, it's the main pain in the ass for me. It's a really horrible idea in the first place to have players hosting games. You can waste so many hours in total playing half games, madness.
  4. I'm fine with pocket knives as long as you have to at least have it selected and press x if using against jason just like you use any other item in your inventory Although not a hard thing to do, it shouldn't be automatic like it is now, and there will be errors from time to time giving jason a kill.
  5. It would be darkly amusing to see your player body being tossed around through windows to scare councilors.
  6. I've been having a lot of success killing people with traps in doorways etc. One host just rage quit cos he walked right into the one on a cabin he was trying do a run around on me through window and doors, so funny. but yeah, I'm all for more trap power
  7. I was driving a car the other day and similar happened except the car was spinning whilst still inside it. I was reversing from jason, fox player stepped out at the rear, I'm pretty sure I hit her then all the crazy spinning too place.
  8. Exactly. You can't expect to feel the same way as the first few times you started playing. I think a lot of people start saying the games not got the same atmosphere etc cause they've exhausted themselves out playing it. The biggest killer for me is no dedicated servers at this moment.
  9. Serious, if there's an Xmas costume pack that is.
  10. A santa claus costume for jason please.