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  1. I'd of loved a VR toggle option like resident evil 7 has to be able explore the map first person. Vr cabin would've been better perhaps with all the things you can pick up. Surely couldn't be too hard to convert, you had pc modders converting alien isolation into vr.
  2. Yes there is tons of little things I've been oblivious to. I recall last month the wire fence and path around the back of- I think was packanack, thinking where the hell am I here? haha
  3. Yes last ability, that is a good suggestion. That would work well imo.
  4. For me personally, and this is what I've been thinking for some time, is changing the sense ability on jason. It will never ever happen and people will scream bloody murder at a nerfish suggestion for jason. This actually comes from me as a Jason player and I know I'll get the usual but ' if you played high skill competitive counsellors etc you'd get destroyed etc - I'd make it so sense wouldn't be able to detect counsellors out in the open until rage mode. In compensation for that, the sound pings would be amplified and if you stayed hiding in some bush for too long like a few minutes you'd start to emit a shriek or nervous ping, so it forces the counsellor to be on the move. Jason would still be able to detect indoors from the moment sense is available. The reason, I think it would be fun to be able to hide using some of the natural elements and darkness of the maps at least for a short time in the early stages. hiding crouched near bushes, trees etc , just seems a wasted opportunity to me. Everyone lighting up like an xmas tree always annoyed me somewhat. It's never going to happen so nobody needs to get their knickers in a twist about it, just my thoughts on it.
  5. kohagan

    More buggy lately?

    I feel like there has been but it may just be that I've been playing a lot since the XP increase and i've noticed them, like being chosen as a random character.
  6. Medic sprays are now favourable to pocket knives in the slots because of all the low level slash tastic Jason's.
  7. Medic sprays are now favourable to pocket knives in the slots because of all the low level slash tastic Jason's.
  8. Ha colonial Marines, yeah I read about that fix. A lot of that game was outsourced which could've added to problems That's what this game feels like a bit to me, not saying it was, but chunks may of been outsourced.
  9. Just scrap rolling them, as I said, hate it. Just let people buy the perks they want. Epic /legendary level perks available as you level up but more expensive. Job done, ?
  10. It's not every time that the counselor is hiding that they are visible. I've not seen hands or legs sticking out, just one wardrobe door missing and exposing the hiding player, that's what I've experienced. It's inconsistant.
  11. They really need to fix this. I saw in a few games whilst playing as Jason, that hiding counselors are visible. It was on higgins in the wardrobe and the barn, both times one door is open and you can clearly see the player. Seeing as it's a game about evading jason, hiding not working is a real kick in the nuts. Hope it gets sorted.
  12. My least favourite thing in the game is the roll perk system. So any improvement and work on that gets a big thumbs up. I personally would like to see the system speed up, it's a bit monotonous. For example when you roll, ask if sell or keep straight away, as it is you roll then search it out in the perk menu to then have to select then delete. It's boring as hell.
  13. Exactly. It's called fortifying for a reason.
  14. This is a stupid comment, sorry but it is. Explain how this is an excuse when horror Inc said cease any new content? What are they supposed to do if they can't do anymore content?