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  1. I've not any issues getting into eu server on ps4. How could it not be a dedicated server?
  2. Been playing round after round on EU servers this morning. No problems here. Had the player 'map selector' quit many times and the games stay open. I didn't even watch that video, they're wrong.
  3. Yeah don't worry bout it. I didn't know for ages you could knock knock on a locked door as jason.
  4. Yeah, I didn't really take that into account the first time i played when dedicated dropped. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Jason doesn't stand a chance!
  6. I wish they'd rework the perk system more than anything. I hate it, sitting there rolling and deleting, rinse and repeat x infinity. It's just so tedious and soul destroying. It could be so much better and interesting.
  7. kohagan

    Debate: Jason Voorhees Isn't A Deadite

    It's a horrible idea imo. I don't like cross overs like freddy v jason. I could see why it would get banded around to get some weird Ash vs freddy v jason movie but thank goodness it didn't happen.
  8. kohagan

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    I really don't like the Halloween 4 mask on the left. His hair was all slicked back and the eyes were too big. It lacked menace. Looked cheap. I believe the blonde hair mask was the original mask used in Halloween 2 but as it was that long ago it had aged badly and the hair colour had faded to blonde. It was kept by producer Debra Hill who was a heavy smoker so it was in a bad environment.
  9. It would've been a 'shit' promise to keep, they probably came to that conclusion down the road. It is correct that the game ends when jason leaves.
  10. I've had the worst times chasing chad players.
  11. It's weird some are getting issues. I've been getting into servers superfast, now correctly on eu servers too.
  12. Bring back p2p, hahaha honestly!
  13. People leave and its not ended the game. There is no host with dedicated servers.
  14. Are there EU servers? I'm from the UK and I got put in a US server, still played excellent tbh.