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  1. * Progressive perk system for counselors and full jason customisation of strengths and weaknesses. *More ways to escape * remove shift ability, Ability power gained and durations increase with certain tasks within the game e.g kill the power and for variety of kills - reward the player in game. *sense is reduced to cabin detection only - instead make it an ability thats more a combination with stalk. more ability to hide outdoors due to reduced sense ability. *jason can detect any counselor blood trails until counselor heals. Counselor med kits reduced Torchs need to be found and light toggled to recharge battery. * final player left bonus system to help evade jason.
  2. I'm not arguing whether it's easy to do or not. I'm just saying that to gun, probably the only thing that indicates whether they think it's easy to pull off is the kill amount - if gun can see that the number of times is low, that the playerbase as a whole - which is majority casual qp haven't notched up the kills, then it's rare. They are unlikely to make it more difficult. Majority rules and all that. Overall there's really no point on speculating statistics. 8/10 statistics are made up.
  3. I'd perhaps would've liked it if the Jason's could be played as they are now by default - 'vanilla' or it was up to the players to customise, even down to movement speed and rage. It would be so you could make the jason perhaps better on a particular area then defaults. You'd have an amount of points to 'spend' on your jason. Each time you play, gain points, then you can unlock certain bonuses. so say you have x amount, means you could only afford to equip x amount of knives, traps, movement speed etc So all the strengths, weaknesses, plus perks like for if you wanted a particular stronger jason ability could be mixed and matched too. The higher you level up, more jason points, the more you're able to equip together, ultimately all the stats could be tailored by you, So the higher level Jason's could get pretty uber, and deservedly so, this is your reward for the hours you've put in. It would make it harder (or impossible) for counselor players to know what they're dealing with and if you really feared tommy and sweater kill squads, then you could be the ultimate defence stacker to make it harder for you to be taken out. Also each kill jason gets gives some sort of perk. You've got to be rewarded for a kill in game as you're playing. I just think customisation would make things a little interesting and unpredictable.
  4. I don't think the op should be getting blasted and condescending opinions toward him for his views. Sure don't need to agree but don't have to go so far.
  5. What I meant was that for the majority of players( on ps4 eu anyway ) which is a low level casual player base on quick play - they don't kill jason very often. The example you gave was saying low levels shouldn't be killing jason on their first day - that only happened because you helped them along. They probably wouldn't of got the kill without your help.
  6. But do you not think it would be harder and unlikely for less experienced players to get the kill if a more experienced player wasn't taking the lead on mics and giving them instructions. I've got to say, that situation you gave as an example is very rare with my time in EU. One way to make it harder for lower levels is matchmaker to fill lobbies with similar levels, not a level 10 and 150's. The only time I really see Jason deaths is with dedicated death squads in a lobby. With Every match, that is their sole objective, nothing else. This us ps4 BTW. Overall I don't see the jason kill happen much, gun can see on the server side how many players have killed Jason and its probably very rare.
  7. It doesn't matter what they do to make the jason kill harder. Groups that dedicate themselves to nothing but the kill will still master it quickly, and will start claiming its too easy again. For the average qp lobby it isn't the easiest thing to pull off with an uncoordinated group and I see it rarely tbh.
  8. At the time when there was a ton more pocket knives in the game, these sort of suggestions came up as it felt like everybody had one. Rightfully they got reduced in number, it's OK as it is now but I would've deffo gone with that it needs to be highlighted in your inv bar when jason grabs. There may be a few times somebody forgets to do this and jason gets an easier time.
  9. Yeah still doesn't work for me to get into a regular match eu ps4. it dumped me into a lobby all by myself, left it open while I did stuff at home and nobody ever joined. I bought nms on ps4 and since the beyond update dropped on August 14th, they've since released 4 patches to fix bugs....... Talk about on the case!
  10. I think 4 times, deffo twice this year. It doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things other than I die lots in games.
  11. I saw a few people commenting about the graphics quality, i dunno if it's me just being from the old skool but they look decent enough to me.
  12. EU PS4 servers are not working as intended right now.
  13. Ah man, this is a bit depressing regarding the eu server lock out on ps4. The day of the patch it took me ages but found one game with only 4 people in it, ever since cannot get a game no matter how long you try for.
  14. Honestly if you think it's hard as jason now, you're lucky you weren't around when it felt like it was about 30 pocket knives, 50 shotguns each game, no jason rage proof stun and he ran/walked % slower. All those things got reduced to as it is now and counselor players screamed literally bloody murder with the changes but facts are facts - it's never been easier to kill as jason as it is now.
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