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  1. I should get into the server rental business.
  2. Not being funny mate but the problem with a post like this is its making a lot of assumptions bordering on accusations. Too much of this - 'it seems like' 'they wouldve' 'if that is true' 'it sounds like' etc. It comes across as trying hard to discredit the devs but at the same time with nothing factual.
  3. You bought a game on promises? Also where does this game say its a paying service? Hmm
  4. Buying a game does not give you the right to access about everything that's happening with a companies lawsuit. Nor does it give anyone the right to know what the devs are doing every minute of the day like some people think. I really don't see why it's shady. Whether you knew about the lawsuit at the beginning or the end, the content we all got is the same. If people bought the game just because they thought uber was coming, then that's unfortunate, but again, it was extra content at no additional cost. You still have the game maps as it was launched. Why would you buy the game just for that anyway? The game is still playable (bugs can be fixed) there's more content than at launch. Even games like battlefield stop producing maps after a year or so. I doubt after uber there were plans to do anymore tbh, free game content forever is not exactly a brilliant business plan. The game has sold well, it's a financial success. So the proof is, that by not splashing information everywhere about a lawsuit from day one meant sales were higher and we still got the game we paid for. Everybody is a winner
  5. Pure speculation and a lot of assumptions. They did create content and release it, I don't understand this notion they were like sat twiddling their thumbs for several months. They obviously released as much as they could, in a rushed buggy state but got it out knowing they can fix bugs later. Why would any company pay for staff to sit around waiting for a lawsuit to settle with zero time frame to resume work on a game and it's for content that's at no extra cost or profit? What madness is this?
  6. Well perhaps. But the way I feel, if the game was completely shut down on the deadline and I couldn't access it as it was when I bought it, then I'd fully agree that it was false advertising. There's actually more content now. I also never buy a game on a promise of future content, especially when the content has previoysly been released with no added cost.
  7. Well, the deadline announcement was coming either way and it would affect sales. Are you saying that in the long run if they'd of said back in January or whatever time they knew about the deadline 'hey everybody no more new content ever from July'! ' that people would've gone, you know what, these are some really good honest upfront guys, let's keep supporting them and buy the game seeing as there's no future in it. I don't see it myself. I think they have made a lot more money by doing what they did sales wise, especially when Sp challenges dropped, as a lot would've bought for that. Again people probably wouldn't of touched it knowing it was a dead fish content wise a few months later.
  8. It would not make business sense to make it public about a deadline day until necessary. No business would've acted any different, if they would - give me an example please.. The game isn't closed down, just no new content, you've still got the product you paid for, just in need of bug fixes. You've not been tricked. To announce a deadline months ago would've affected sales, it's a business, they're in it to make as much as possible, not to be your best friend.
  9. kohagan

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Still no cut scene skip sp. That's a bit annoying.
  10. It's worth getting. There's not going to be anymore content that's true but at least there's more in the game than when I bought it on physical release and I enjoyed it just as much then.
  11. I'm just glad I don't give a shit about trophies cos that is one bullshit tall order.