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  1. That was a quality trailer, props to the guy who put that together. Looking forward to this, at no additional cost. Sweet as fuck.
  2. kohagan

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    If there's no news, that's just the way it is. I think it gets a bit much expecting it on a set day like a newspaper deadline each week.
  3. kohagan

    2nd crowd fund

    Only for a VR conversion mode similar to resident evil 7, as I could understand additional time & costs, but for anything else, no.
  4. kohagan

    PC has to wait for console

    I am perfectly happy as a console player, i used to pc gamer now its just for work projects, I also prefer hack free multiplayer. So no thanks.
  5. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who plays video games. All game studios present a more graphical impressive version of games at events like E3 etc compared to what finally gets released. Anyone remember the crisis demo or Sony and killzone at E3 ? Take practically any ubisoft game, they even said the watchdogs graphics showcase was a mistake as people felt let down with the release version. Its a plus they're going back and working on it, as that doesn't always happen. .
  6. Professional assessment - pfffft stop please it's just a video game. Stop trying to act all superior because you sunk hours of your life into a game about fixing generators.
  7. kohagan

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    Jason definitely needs a buff now to counteract this..... 😂
  8. I don't believe a game is indicated as bad just because of a drop off. Same with movies, just because the 2nd weekend has a large drop off doesn't suddenly mean its a bad film. There's other factors to consider.
  9. Depends what aspect of the game you are looking at as to whether you believe it pays homage or not.
  10. Yeah, well we all have are own feeling towards the game but for me it's pretty good homage to the movies. I think sp challenges should have more movie based scenario's to lean on for that aspect.
  11. I've never played dbd, Ive watched videos on you tube and I really liked the trailers to the killers, but when it comes to the actual gameplay footage, it looks a bit odd for the characters of freddy, leatherface and Micheal myers. The whole game looks like some knocked up mod of some sort. On the other hand when I first watched the videos of F13, I felt I really should buy it. It all felt more cinematic and great homage to the films.
  12. kohagan

    Who is your favorite Jason?

    I like Richard brooker-Derek Mears-kane hodder Poor Derek gets is own pain here https://youtu.be/f9sBr571y8o
  13. kohagan

    Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    I've been rewatching the series this past month, I haven't seen most of them for over 20 years and maybe part 5 I saw only once about 1988 so my memory was fuzzy on the whole film. These movies can't be criticised too harshly, they do exactly what you expect and were never Oscar contenders. Part 8 is the worst so far for me, I never saw that one before. I actually enjoyed parts 1-4 the most. I really didn't mind part 5, they tried something different, I found it amusing that they told you who the killer was in the toilet death scene from the graffiti on the wall. You see a shot after the victim was screaming like a girl in the toilet the camera showed 'be a man' scrawled by his leg. Then right before his death', Kil roy was here' at the side of his head and the correct place Roy was standing before he slams his spear through.
  14. I don't always take stock in reviews these days, not just for games but film s too. There's a lot of low scoring stuff I actually like.