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  1. It was like 2nd or third game after buying physical release. 0/8, I got gang banged on camp crystal by bat and wrench welding councilors, mask knocked off. Was horrible experience. I signed on these forums to ask tips afterwards.
  2. I'm fine with how sense is, leave it as it is.
  3. If people don't like being slashed then that's just tough shit.
  4. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    This looks great can't wait.
  5. Sometimes, and this isn't saying was the case with the OP game, the connection just fucks up for the host. I've hosted games and all of a sudden - bam! Blue screen and an error code from sony. I've had it happen quite a lot as host.
  6. I don't get angry so I don't quit.
  7. I've mentioned this on the forums before, I agree. Vr is awesome it would be a fantastic experience to actually be inside camp crystal lake escaping jason, it would be mental. I don't think it would see the light of day though unfortunately, same as alien isolation - that would've been a great one for vr.
  8. This Thread Is Done

    More free content incoming? Think I'm gonna do a sex wee.
  9. Deffo, I don't pc game anymore but when I did, fps gaming on is just so awesome with keyboard and mouse. Controller is clunky.
  10. Toxic Community

    I can block the first hit incoming from a melee weapon welding councilor, then it seems to take forever to come out of combat stance block to be able toslash or grab and the councilor. If the councilor runs its OK, but if they come in for another immediate hit, which most likely happens, then I'm stunned which made blocking pointless in the first place.
  11. I think the OP has put out some good questions. This past month has been really bittersweet, a good patch followed by two pretty disappointing outcomes for the game.
  12. It's not long to wait, desiccated servers on April the 1st.
  13. Yes I've been having this and simply cannot climb through a window.