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  1. People who spam ready/unready like retards.
  2. PartVI_legend

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    I lost My AJs glitched bikini outfit ??
  3. PartVI_legend

    Your first time as Jason

    I used and I was horrible at shifting, and I thought Stalk was a better sense back then lol, wasted it everytime. I killed 5 or 6 people because everyone was new at this.
  4. Now there's literally NO reason at all to use lmao. Will it cost CP to swap weapons or they're already unlocked for every jasons?
  5. He's great at map control but sucks at chases
  6. The pack is available in europe.
  7. Is that a digital bloody skin?
  8. PartVI_legend

    Jason buff

    Wasn't it fixed? I didn't have the chance to try the game since the last patch.