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  1. TWD Season 4, Spider-Man and Detroit Become Human. I'm a big fan of quantic dream and any games where your actions have an impact to the future of your adventure! I'm hyped by this since the trailer at E3 2016, I can't wait for this game to come out.
  2. Pt 6. He's my favorite but the only "weapon kill" I use is the knock down. His two other kills are boring.
  3. I'm dead. Buddy in the car isn't even good at running people over and Jason... Getting killed with a teamkiller by his side. What a bunch of fucking losers.
  4. Lool I want to see that, is it on Twitch or something?
  5. What y'all think the ''Future Additional Content" is about? Hope it's a weapon swap feature for Jason.
  6. I was hoping for a prestige system but there's a lot of new shit to unlock so that's cool.
  7. It would be impossible to find a lobby with 7 counselors players, most of the players want to play nothing but Jay.
  8. I would love a Jason and Freddy team-up in a bigger map with 20 counselors but it probably won't happen
  9. "knife multiple stab" is sick.
  10. Steam community is ass too.
  11. Because they want to get killed first.
  12. It would be cool if you could unlock an outfit or something for Tommy by collecting every tapes.
  13. Yo I nearly got killed the other day, I wasn't mad at the host for leaving the game this time. Oh and something I always find funny is counselors plotting to killing Jason in the pre-match lobby. Like y'all know Jason is in the lobby too and he can hear you? First thing I do when it happens is trapping my shack (I never usually do that .)