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  1. I don’t often get stunned. I’d say maybe 3-10 times per match? Something like that. However, it’s not a problem for me. I never get swarmed. I don’t want to sound like a “GIT GUD” douche but I think anyone who’s getting stunned a lot isn’t playing as Jason very well OR they just happen to be in a lobby with people who are good at the game. I mean, I’m still surrounded by counselors and then Jason grabs me and THEY STILL DONT HIT HIM to release me most of the time when I’m playing as a counselor. I don’t think I’ve seen any gangbanging of Jason at all.
  2. I mean, I prefer Part 9 for his shift ability and I prefer the overall look of Jason and he has better kills with his battle ax. (Doesn’t matter anymore since any Jason can have any weapon) I don’t care for the -Trap thing either. I only ever place one trap at the phone and one at the 4 seater. I don’t even use the third one unless the phone gets taken and I have to use that one there. I’m only doing Part 5 now bc I’m getting a little trap happy and placing them in very unusual spots . That’s hard to do with only 3 traps and I don’t want to have 7 traps like Part 2 Jason. 5 is enough for me: One at the phone, one at the car, and three anywhere I want. I LOVE hearing the trap sound and seeing I caught someone out on a trail by a campsite or right behind a cabin. It’s so satisfying that someone steps into one when I basically just throw them down randomly where I please.
  3. Before I left for a few months I only played as Part 9. Now I’m doing Part 5. I might switch between them.
  4. About PKs and Health Sprays: I rarely find them anymore. I left the game for a few months and I assumed they changed their spawn locations and how many spawn in the matches. PKs I’ve found maybe 5 total in over 30 matches over this past week. Usually in drawers but twice I’ve stubbled across them at a campsite way out of the way from any cabins are I was just wandering around being the last girl left. Health Sprays I rarely find. I’m still used to running to the Restroom Cabin on Camp Crystal or any of the indoor bathrooms in the Main Houses and finding at least two there. I’ve never once found any there and I spawn at the start of the match at these places and haven’t found anything. Maybe a map or a walkie talkie but that’s it. I don’t know how everyone else seems to find them or where they spawn now but I’ve never found one except for in an odd drawer in some corner cabin or at a campsite in the middle of nowhere. I’m personally fine with this as I’m usually running Tiffany and I have her set up to run circles around Jason and hide if I need to. I’m pretty good at surviving despite being gone for a few months but I think I’ve just run into some pretty novice Jason’s. I usually escape with the car, despite spilling gas everywhere at Tiffany haha. I’m fine with the number and frequency of PKs and Health Sprays in the matches I’ve played. They’re scarce but I rarely need them anyway. — As for Jason and how he is, I’ve noticed the grab animation has changed and the lunge is longer in terms of time if you miss but I’ve never had a problem with grabbing anyone. I don’t have extend-o arms anymore which I like but it’s not too short either. It’s perfect IMO. I’ve had no trouble playing as Jason and I wouldn’t change anything about him even when I’m facing off against him. The only thing I would change would just be some audio bugs and delays. Footsteps, the intro Chad scream, Pamela’s laugh at the end is missing, and I’ve noticed a weird animation thing when I grab a counselor who has a PK. Normally you grab, they are lifted, they stab you with the PK, you react and flinch as they are let go and they run while you take the PK out and Pamela yells at you. Now I’ve noticed every time it’s grab, stab, run, react to getting stabbed and Pamela yells. It’s very choppy and the counselor has a few extra seconds to run away than previously. Not that it matters much to me as I’m usually back on their tail in a matter of seconds haha. Just something I noticed.
  5. I played for hours today and only once came into contact with the endless match finding and endless canceling bug once. I just restarted the game and it works. It’s an easy fix for a minor inconvenience. The dedicated servers are new and the update is barely a day old so of course it’s gonna have its kinks and bugs. It happens. Good luck trying to find a match ?. It’s annoying but I’m still happy with the update
  6. I just had a weird glitch happen. I’ve been playing for the past week and haven’t had this happen until now. I’m set to play as Tiffany in the menu screen but I spawned as Mitch. Still survived though. Just wish I was Tiffany.. like I chose .
  7. More music with KRISTINE. Theres another Mitch Murder remix they could use too.
  8. I’m digging the new update! Jason leaving and force quitting the match is just a price we have to pay. You can’t play without him. That being said, it’s SO NICE to see everyone with a good ping!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
  9. As someone who mains a -Trap Jason I have had no difficulty hounding objectives. One trap should suffice and it usually works for me. I disagree that my favorite Jason has been screwed over. To each their own, though. ✌?
  10. I think Jason’s damage radius could be improved with his weapons but no to the whole stamina thing. Totally against penalties against stamina. Its valuable and if you can’t manage to catch up to a counselor who is Tiffany or Vanessa with a well timed Morph and or Shift them keep practicing at that. You’ll catch up sooner or later and grab them. They DO run out of stamina.
  11. We’re not talking about pocket knives and those weren’t any of the things that have been nerfed or buffed. I’m not bitching about traps bc I can’t call the cops every game. I don’t even like calling the cops. Gives away your position. I’m not even calling for objectives to be a given. I’m calling out the Jason players who feel like they’re completely powerless now simply because they cannot place traps on top of each other anymore. If you’re (whoever is reading this) a Jason player who feels this way and that you need traps placed closely together to be a good Jason, then be a better Jason. I’m not trying to be an ass but I’m just saying that playing the game without traps is totally an OK thing to do. So is playing the game with seven traps total. Use them however you want. You all can still place them closely together, just not on top of one another. If not longer being able to lay traps ontop of each other makes you (whoever is reading this) think that the traps are useless, Jason is basically a baby locked in a crib, and all the counselors were given all the objectives, privately escorted off Crystal Lake by armed guards, and received 100,000XP at the end of every match then maybe you should stop playing. Go do a casual game, bc clearly it’s not good for this fan base to have a bunch of immature people in it who make a small adjustment into basically crippling the entire character of Jason.
  12. I completely agree with this post! I don’t mind Fox is like Adam at all. It’s gives a small wiggle room to get used to if you love Adam like I do and as stated gives basically a second skin for this type of character. I’d love to see a female Chad or a male Tiffany counterpart. That would add more variety to the game without breaking anything.
  13. When I said “spend less time setting up traps”, yes you are correct that it takes a few seconds to drop them. However, I meant in the whole broad sense. You have to think about where you want to put them, how you want to put them, do I want to save some?, do I want to trap my shack? Do I evenly spread it all out or layer them? Not only that but if you want to drop multiple traps on the objective you have to do that stupid dance Jason has to do to get the thing just right to place a trap that isn’t 100% on the trap you just placed. A lot of that adds up. I personally find that dropping a trap at the phone box or even just heading straight to the main cabin as it’s usually a main spawn point is easier at finishing the game. When I’m Jason I want to get in and get out and do it in style. Not saying that you are a bad Jason or you’re a dumdum bc you like P2J or like traps. Not that at all. I’m just saying that a lot of the people complaining seem to rely too heavily on traps to help them when it’s easier to just learn to live without. You like P2J? Nice. Good. I just think a lot of people here are acting like their crutch has been taken away.
  14. I personally really enjoy this update. Fox is a great addition to the collection of counselors. The helpful items to Tommy I think are nice as well. I think Jason’s grab range is perfect and as I’ve played through today I feel it’s very direction based? Not only does he have to be within reachable distance but he has to be facing you. I remember being able to grab counselors even if they were almost completely to my left or right and clearly out of my grab range. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed someone before and then all I hear “Look at that bullshit grab! Look at that. Man, this game.” in frustration and I agreed with them. They were clearly too far away from me to catch them and now they need to be closer and within realistic reachable distance. I love his new grab range. It’s perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. I also like that he can’t place traps on traps anymore and has to spread them out. To anyone who thinks this is dumb, you can still minefield the phone box as any Jason. I saw a P9J yesterday who did it. Granted, they weren’t exactly on top of each other thankfully but they were still laid in such a way that it would take at least two knives to take out. The only thing I don’t like about this update is the extra little glitches I’ve seen. :c Some players have told me in matches they only got 50xp and never killed anyone despite myself witnessing them beat Jason’s ass as Tommy. I’ve rarely seen the boat spawn on large maps and when it does there’s a (seemingly) 50/50 chance you get in and are completely unable to move, get out, do anything other than flash your flashlight. I had a P4J Jason grab me last night and when I thought I was a goner we both teleported out to the water and therefore Jason had to let me go. That was wrong and he should have definitely grabbed and killed me before the random teleportation. The other thing I’ve noticed is a bunch of Jason players dropping out. Not an incredible amount but more than usual. At least 10 games from last night into today I’ve played maybe 40 matches and 10 of those at least had a Jason rage quit in the middle of the match. I don’t know if these guys are sore losers and need GoGoGadgetArms to grab people and the ability to layer traps ontop of each other or if they just were having a bad day but it just seemed like it spiked in Jason players rage quitting in the middle of the match.
  15. Nah, shift grab whenever is the way to go. Stalk is almost like a fun novelty. Some people use it right and some people don’t at all.
  16. I completely agree with all of this. I’ve experienced little to no added difficulty while playing Jason other than his GoGoGadgetArm isn’t a thing anymore for me which makes me happy. It’s lame to grab a counselor at least two arm lengths away from me.
  17. I just played 3 matches as Jason, full lobbies, one ended early due to host leaving, but I have had zero problems with the new grab range. I enjoy it. Before I could grab someone from quite a distance but now they actually have to be within arms length. I think the new grab range is perfect.
  18. Oh I do. I’ve made over 20 friends over the course of playing since early July and sometimes there’s a good amount of people on I can add who also know more people to play with. Usually everyone is over the level of 50 so they’re experienced and know what they’re doing. Sometimes I play public and sometimes it’s private. Depends on the availability of others. In any event I have yet to really find anyone that is capable of actually escaping with the car in private match or making it the last 5 minutes until the cops arrive. Maybe they’re going easy on me? ? Who knows but I do love a challenge and they provide it when public lobbies get boring.
  19. I quite like this addition. It forces Jasons, especially P2J, to either equally distribute his traps or just wait to catch someone at the first trap and then maybe retrap it. Unless you can’t trap near an already used trap. ? Regardless, I got tired of seeing a minefield by the phone or car. IMO if you’d spend less time trapping things and more time focusing on killing and getting better at that you wouldn’t even need more than one trap. I only ever use one and if I’m looking for a challenge I don’t use any at all.
  20. As someone who mains Adam I’m interested in playing as Fox! She might be my new favorite and I dig a badass female ?
  21. This happened to me too! I was running around as Tiffany and saw this hole by a big rock and thought “What’s this?” I dropped down in there and then quickly realized that was super stupid of me to do bc I can’t climb out. An AJ found me and I was like “Call the fire department!” but she just jumped in and joined me. Jason found us and grabbed me but couldn’t do any finishing moves as the terrain is uneven for it to be possible so he just slashed away.
  22. I’m coming here to defend my girl Tiff from the onslaught of negativity. I’ve had Tiffany put the car together by herself and never once saw Jason. Of course, the entire team was killed by Jason and I was the only one finding parts and I had to escape myself as corpses can’t survive.
  23. The price for the three kills for P4J isn’t that bad, but I can see where people are coming from. I don’t mind them releasing Jason Specific Kills in a pack and charging some money for it but I think they could’ve done this better. Maybe release P4J kills along with P7J kills. That way you have a choice. I feel like adding kills to a specific Jason and only that Jason will lead people to be disinterested, like myself, as I only really ever use P9J. If they added P9J kills for $4 you can bet I’d buy them and use them as I love P9J a lot and will only ever use that one. That or it’ll lead people to only use P4J as they feel compelled to get the most out of their $4 kills. Most of the matches I’ve played have been tons of P4Js running around 4 matches in a row. The only reason I can see them releasing this specifically for P4J now is that these kills are still locked behind the Level Wall. You have to be Level 42 or whatever to even use these new kills, I’m thinking they did this to sort of hopefully ensure a constant amount of people who aren’t leveled up that far to continuously play until they can use those kills. “Oh man! New kills! I’m only level 31 so I can maybe get there soon and get those new Jason kills!” In any event, I’m only interested in the costume pack. Call me when P9J gets some new kills and I’ll buy your pack for $4.
  24. Well if it’s only between Kenny and Adam then Kenny is probably the one. Adam is dating AJ, but it could be a cover. Who knows? Hahaha
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