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  1. Just did some deeper digging and the Slash N Cast guys are friends with Fox as well as someone in this thread. So is Jason OP or are they just shit? Keep in mind these 3 probably played the new content early as F13 is pretty much all they cover.
  2. Another one who likes to try to dish it out but can't take it eh. You guys are EZER than Jason is to play now.
  3. You guys just need to grow thicker skin. If the banter that goes on offends you just save yourself the trouble and stay off the internet entirely.
  4. If you are the community manager you should already realize that these forums want Jason to run rampant on any group. If its good for Jason they want a buff and if its bad for Jason they want a nerf. Do you think sitting in a cabin waiting until Jason smashed all the windows and starts breaking down the doors is fun? The one good counter to this was nerfed bear traps which serve almost no purpose anymore since they can't be put directly in door ways anymore. The topic of pocketknives popping traps on Jason's map is a huge balance problem but that isn't touched and greatly reduces the usefulness of the item. Shifting into firecrackers and not stunning Jason hasn't been touched. Flares randomly bouncing off Jason in a clean hit was never addressed. Almost all perks being complete garbage was only mentioned once and it was said that they are basically supposed to be useless. The new maps being designed in a way that majorly impacts the slower characters worse than the meta characters. Ninja nerfing car speeds while making offroading impossible on the new maps. Sense spam not being addressed. Bad stat break points. 10 stealth being better on A.J. than Tiffany even though they both have a 10 in it. Removing advanced combat mechanics the counselors once had in attempt to fix bugs and not fixing the bugs but never reinstating the combat mechanics. There is just a laundry list of things wrong with the game currently which has been that way for a long time some even since launch. and you aren't going to get the real answers you need from these folks.
  5. Rest my soul. The devs just came out and admitted they don't know how to balance the game.
  6. Where is the none option? I don't think anyone would give Gun a license after the shitshow that was the handling of this game. DbD has already clean sweep the majority of these characters except Chuck and Ghostface so they would be on the list before Gun media if gun media even made it.
  7. I've never seen a car reverse escape a Jason that didn't deserve. Shift behind the car stopping it for free and then end the shift by the driver door for a free grab. Cars were slowed down so that -shift Jason could catch them and offroading the only skill involved in a car is essentially non-existent on the newer maps by design. Jason failed to defend the car but we need to give him another break and slow the car overall while making the main roads the only way out on the new maps because anything but a directly oncoming car would be too difficult. Concede that skill edgameplay shouldn't be rewarded? Not surprising. I think this is the only new item most Jason mains would agree is okay. Actually fighting has been massively nerfed for counselors multiple times. Attack canceling? Gone. Swing stancing? Gone. Good hit detection? Gone. Half decent stun duration? Gone. Less we forget that all these maps are in America the land of over-consumption and the first amendment where but the maps are barren of almost any items for some reason. "Using counterplay to items I don't like isn't fun so they need to be removed." The only reason to play Jason is to see the same repetitive kills every match? News to me. It seems you want Jason to be a cakewalk so that even a birdbrained mouth breather is dangerous to good players. If you win in this game it should happen because you outskilled them not because the killer is balanced for 2 year olds and the maps themselves work against you. Objective stacking on top of completely random objective item spawns on top of completely random objectives(excluding phone) that barely can get the majority out isn't fun.
  8. Literally what just happened in the patch for Jason. Lazy blanket buffs that adversely affected one side of the counselors much more than the other in an attempt to stop the meta stam/speed/luck while only making it that much stronger. I'm not the only one that remembers Gun saying making tables destructible would be too much work am I? Its the reason the new patch is so terrible because it was the easiest, laziest choice to make.
  9. Most forum goers are happy but we are in a extremely biased place where not even a fraction of the entire player base resides. So why is Jason being tailored so that anyone can wipe the board as him? Why doesn't he require skill? Do you only trap one objective on each car? Even still the fact that you can completely counter the usefulness of the pocketknife by just watching your map as Jason is silly. If that was fixed it would help a lot towards a better balance but its Gun so they have to do the laziest possible solution to any problem even if its massive overkill.
  10. Says the guy who earlier just dismissed a well thought out post because he can't see it any other way but his. It funny because you were proud of how ignorant you were.
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