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  1. Whenever I'm in the main menu I always move the joysticks around thinking the Jason on the right of the screen will move around. I don't know why, it may be muscle memory from some other game's main menu. It's pretty insignificant but it'd be a nice little interactive device while you're waiting to join a session.
  2. That shit is so good. Gets me every time when the glass breaks and the groovin starts
  3. How about an ability that utilizes the traveling spirit of Jason device from Jason Goes To Hell? Not sure exactly how, but maybe when using it you have a window to possess a counselor and control them temporarily for your benefit (i.e. to sabotage other counselors, perform actions only counselors can...) Also, totally silly, but a cruise ship map from Jason Takes Manhattan would be pretty fun
  4. Find out how much money you would need to convince Crispin Glover to let you use his likeness as a counselor in the game, then start a gofundme and let us contribute to making it a reality.
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