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  1. great, we got your idea. Its been said a 1000 times. thanks. now we can lock this.
  2. Well I care and a lot of others here do too, maybe not for the exact reasons I listed, but still have concerns. I also don't think a minor tweak like that will generate player base, fixing the damn game of its problems will bring people back. giving a host the ability to kick will solve nothing and once dedicated servers come along for console, there wont be hosts anymore... so there goes that idea. :/
  3. I hear ya. Sometimes you have to go where the action happens to be to get what you want done.
  4. okay that's new. Jump in discord and ask the Devs directly in the live bug assistance chat.. they will respond rather quick. I've been in there lately and asked a few things.. and within minutes they respond at times.. which is amazing compared to the lack of communication here.
  5. I've found you need to restart the game if this happens.
  6. agreed, with dedicated console serves and new patch.. new music and new menu. Would feel like a fresh new game that way.
  7. Abuse and how it could be: host booting cause of no mic host booting cause of not a certain level host booting cause he doesn't like (insert issue here) Get a bunch of people like this.. and all it takes is a few times for new players to get this treatment and boom, there goes what could be a future great player due to the abuse. Seen it in various Ps4 games where the host has the ability to "boot".
  8. Its a really good idea. Most Jason characters already tunnel Tommy when they see him as it is, so... yeah. Maybe make it instead of can't sense/hear anyone else, the radius is narrowed down to the just the immediate area Tommy is in, for X duration when Tommy uses it against Jason. If Jason decides to shift or morph away, that range bubble of so many feet/meters/whatever still is in affect until the timer runs out.
  9. nice. I love when a game turns out great and you have fun, as intended. I LOVE this game, just makes me annoyed when I can't just play..
  10. That happens to me too. Wonder if its a console bug? Luckily, I've been getting into some good QP games with people, that have mics.. we play a round or two and get along..and then do a party bouncing from server to server, 4 to 5 of us. I try to suggest a private match when we get 5+
  11. there should be an option for host a public game on the consoles. When I jump into QP and I get that option to host a server, I literally jump for joy, cause I know that I will have a solid 3 to 4 hours of game play with zero issues. Sorry @Truthbut that club is dead for the PS4, it has like a 170 members and never has any activity other then a bunch of people saying hey, who wants to play. I've sat in a party on the community, waiting for people.
  12. That would be super awesome to have the ability to switch up Jason weapons and customize him a bit. I'm sure programming that would be tough, but hey I'm not programmer to know.
  13. I LOVE this idea, BUT...its hard enough finding a game on the console that the host sticks around for more then 10 minutes or you aren't sitting there waiting for a game, that you finally get into, that half the people drop because they aren't Jason.
  14. I agree with having an option for this, BUT its going to be abused sadly. I also thought about the host puts it up for a majority vote, like he selects the person and everyone on the server has to vote yes or no. Enough folks yes, the person is booted. BUT.. I can also see that being abused.. there really is no win situation.