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  1. wow.. this thread has turned into a lawsuit thread? its a fucking $40 game.. play it.. deal with it or return it to gamestop and get your $5 for it. and then grow the fuck up. I play on the console and deal with this shit constantly, does it suck? fuck yeah.. am I going to sue the devs? LOL NO, I'm not a fucking child.
  2. on the console? I know that if I mute someone in the lobby, they are muted until I unmute them.. in game or not. So.. not sure what's going on with you.. I am on the PS4
  3. its not 100%, they said it depends on the lobby, but if there are people are no preference or Jason only, you will not get picked. I went through an entire weekend playing many many games with my friends in private matches.. NEVER once Jason.
  4. BARRY? I knew there was a reason everything was fucked up in the game. Barry tried to go back and fix Jason and through the speedforce, fucked up everything.. .as usual of course.
  5. yeah, as a counselor... if you spawn next to the phone house or the 4 seat car, you have two decisions... Take the risk and loot the place hoping Jason doesn't come there right away or two, haul ass and go to another cabin. You literally have 10 seconds or less to make that decision.. depending on the Jason player.. I know a lot more Jason players are not caring about the car as much these days.. or at least in my experiences...
  6. honestly, all I did was power off and back on the Ps4.. because it never gets shut off, its always in power save mode.. and wait.. it started working..
  7. welcome to the forums, please take a moment to introduce yourself as its required here in the introduction forums. Also, please use the search function on the forums before posting up your topic, you will see this has been talked about, and answer given as to why we dont have it. Thanks!
  8. I've seen that happen.. did you get the experience for escaping/surviving? Happened to my friend, same EXACT thing, it even said you died.. but he got the full XP for surviving and escaping
  9. if you are looking for XP or a complete match, Offline is the way to go.. have to agree with @GhostWolfVikinghere... if you are a console (like me) you are lucky to get a solid 2 matches in a row with out some twat host rage quitting because he couldn't be bothered to wait around after dying early or just waiting in general. Don't get me wrong there is some good folks out there, but a majority are part of the snowflake, me me me generation that needs instant gratification, and waiting around watching others, just doesn't work for their "give me the spotlight or else" attitudes.
  10. I love F13, I love the way it works and plays, I enjoy the 3rd person POV. The thing that makes F13 annoying to me, is the trolling player base, those that just don't care about the game, the ones who just join to screw with others.. those players. I can deal with Jason's messed up hit detection or can do this or that, because, well its Jason and the experience is fun. Especially when everyone is chatting and planning. DBD, I tried it, I wanted to like it.. especially since it has Micheal Myers as a killer, but I couldn't take the First person POV as a killer, and as a survivor, all you could do was shine a light in the killers face, heal another person (or self) and repair generators to escape. When I was playing survivor, all matches tended to be was the killer finding the person, putting them on a hook and then smashing the crap out of them on the hook to kill them faster, rise repeat until he got everyone or they escaped. The maps for DBD also seemed exactly the same each time with no variety. BUT I am not putting anyone down that enjoys it and loves playing, to each their own, its just not for me.
  11. eh, I don't think they need off line counselor mode to be honest. Maybe a better in game "how to play" would a better idea for Counselors.. Just a quick 10 minute thing of this is how you run, this is how you place a trap, this is how... you get the idea. ... this is all optional of course and if you complete it you get to roll for a better then normal perk as a reward. Other then that, join a community for your platform, PS4, Xbox and steam all have communities for players.. Ask for some help, and get a few people in a private match.. have one of them tag along with you and show you the ropes. I've done this plenty of times for new players on the Ps4 as a counselor and then dying on purpose to help them with Jason.
  12. no, we dont want it back, go troll else where.. also. learn to use search, there is a bunch of team kill topics.
  13. ya know, I hated the dancing emotes at first and I still hate those who stand there and fucking dance at the police, wasting the time of us that are watching. But i'll do some sweet chad dance moves if I am in a cabin killing time or waiting for someone, but I'll never taunt Jason with it or teabag Jason. I think teabagging Jason is basically a shitty thing a player can do and a douche bag move.
  14. there is a huge influx of new folks. I decide to stream my game last night with a few friends and a guy watching told me he was getting the game tomorrow as gamestop was having a sale on the game, and it was $11.99. I couldn't find this said deal, but if this is true.. wow will we see a bunch of new players.
  15. yeah... no. team killing can stay with the trolls in a private match. Its bad enough we got fuck faces who lure people to the cars to run them over for kills.
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