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  1. Looks like you were on a turntable lol not seen that
  2. Nice, I will jump back in and finish that platinum trophy
  3. For me the best one is when someone is dancing at you as time runs out but you grab them as the screen goes black and quickly hit one of the kill buttons. You hear them getting it as the game ends and that is so satisfying, especially when you have been playing ring a roses around a table with them and they think they’ve done enough
  4. Seen this a few times and wondered how they do it. Are they pressing block (L1 on PS4 I think) as the sweater is used?
  5. Balance Was fine but now you can’t pick up a Counsellor and shield yourself from a hit with them while a group is having a go, you are stuffed. I had 5 on me last night and was killed in the end. I picked one up, another hit me, picked another up and another hit me. It just went on and on and got pretty tiresome in the end
  6. That’s great. I need the 500/1000 as Jason and 1313 kills trophies. As long as I get the platinum I’ll be happy. I am amazed I haven’t done the 500 matches one yet though, must have been the amount of times host has quit over the past few months whilst I was Jason
  7. Rubber banded twice in 2 games and right at the end of both matches. Also spraying myself but not actually healing, not being able to pick up dropped weapons etc etc. I got so annoyed last night I decided to take a break until this weeks bug fix patch is released and bedded in.
  8. Since yesterday there have been a few occasions where everyone is dead or escaped, there’s no one to spectate, but the match continues until the timer runs out. Really frustrating. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. Just wish there was a little bit more us rank 150’s could work towards
  10. I don’t believe Tommy counts towards the trophy but even if he does, play as each, make sure the match finishes properly, you will get the trophy even if you die or come back as tommy. when I did this I was missing one and wrote them all down and went through one by one. I was actually missing Vanessa which baffled me because I had def played as her but couldn’t be sure if host quit at the time etc etc
  11. Thanks for this. I will add these guys on PS4. I play seriously myself too on PS4 (tintin_57) together with @thecadmanfan and @vincentgatlin
  12. You just need to play as each of the counsellors, survive or die. The match has to finish though. If host quits etc it won’t count, same for most of the other trophies
  13. Problem with Pinehurst is it seems big but also it seems pretty bare, a bit too spread out. Anyone with me there? Its growing on me slowly. I voted Jarvis House though. Packanack I like but after so many games there it can get a bit boring
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