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  1. Private is good to get all enviroment kills......there's no way to kill a survivor on cemetery fence because no one hide in it
  2. A savini on ps4 , i have seen 2 times in 112 levels, and i repeat, if a car reaches main road is too easy go in the direction where jason not coming
  3. You know that you are the only one in europe who say to have it ?
  4. If the game was first person i wouldn't touch it, i'am still living in first person, gaming no, thanks
  5. I'm no good driver as some ninja-kid that go through woods , but if i reach the main road with fast/backward there IS NO WAY EVERY JASON STOP ME.........so to me car backward need more nerf, slow it
  6. Google : friday the game pamela record/ tommy record (search for images) As i said , black for pam's, sky-clear for tom's
  7. I put this on and it works, but if i change it the game crashes and still stuck, i can only close application, it happens all the time. You can check? I play on phisical edition, on ps4
  8. Very strange, i'm 101 level and for jason part 4 have two bloody skin, heavy (physical disk) and light. Of course ps4. P.s. sorry i checked, was part 3, part 4 has only one skin blood for my level 101
  9. Ouch, i'm level 99, never seen a stop-car backward Driving into woods in some map is too much easy, when a car arrives in main road even a low skilled counselor can go up and down avoiding jason without effort, please slow backword
  10. As title say, when the new jason 7 kills can be purchased on europe?
  11. Me too, tom's are ratest, i have all pamela's, and since the event started i found only pam, 7 of them
  12. Oh come on, found all pamela's and 4 tom's, but since the event starts found 5 pamela's and 0 tom's , not fair
  13. Pamela's records are black , tom's are white......sadly i found 20 pam and 4 tom, and after that i found another 4 but only pam
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