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  1. For once, someone making their hacking skills actually useful.
  2. They were planning something called the SS Lazarus experience which was found in the code, but because of the lawsuit, not much info was able to come from it. It was probably something similar to the Virtual Cabin and a possible teaser for a Part 8 map.
  3. I'm sure John Carpenter would be willing to help out and back anybody who has the right idea for the game. He did mention before that he was a huge video game fan and supporter in the past. He even explained his history and nostalgia love for the Sonic franchise. Taking all that into account, I wouldn't really be surprised with the leaks and rumors suggesting Michael Myers coming to Mortal Kombat 11 roster turned out to be true.
  4. Except, most of the NES games felt finished before release and it didn't a have a toxic online group ruining the experience.
  5. Because they always kept promoting that it was going to be something eventually different, that's why. I thought that was already clear the moment they kept marketing Paranoia as alternative game mode. Regardless of how small illfonic was, Gun Media were the ones who invested in them and still did most of the promotion in surrounding the future, but there was a lot of information and some content advertisements that became too much false reassurance. The core concept is fine, but the problem is it still lacked that fulfilling horror experience. Which could've been fixed if future content didn't keep suffering from setbacks due to some ongoing technical issues or trolls/griefers searching for loopholes around balance changes to turn the game into some RPG boss battle. You'd be surprise with what effect a particular DLC character can have on the game for some players. It might not be different for you, but ever since they added Ghostface in DBD, I have never been more paranoid and scared heading into a match out of all my past experience with the game. Now imagine if F13 did this with Pamela and Paranoia combined.
  6. Haven't played during the beta era, but... Launch May 2017: Pretty much agree with you. The game turned out solid, but trying to bear with it in an unstable state was the problem. They kind of came in unprepared with the temporary database errors. Then after that was sort out, players have to soon discover matches getting dropped constantly because of quitters and also learn the news for dedicated servers wouldn't come until another few years. Not exactly a great way to kick off a launch title. 7/10. Halloween 2017 Server and bug issues still remained. Balance issues were on the rise. However, getting the Part IV DLC was pretty awesome and fun to experience. Not only that, because content wise, it was a step in the right direction of what F13 fans were looking for. The Halloween costumes and dance emotes...not so much and kind of unnecessary. 6/10. Ok...I guess? Christmas 2017 Server, bugs and balance issues, etc remained. New Virtual Cabin and the Uber/Grendel tease were the only positives. Oh btw guys, remember those little blue and black dot mystery images we kept teasing and stretching out for almost year before we finally decided to reveal it as Paranoia? Well, we're cancelling that now because we realized "it isn't fun enough." 5/10 Early/Mid 2018 The new engine upgrade just completely made everything worse. Then the quality just started going backwards the moment they were putting their focus on simplistic things like Roy's coverall changes and adding more emotes while Uber/Grendel was being held hostage long enough for the lawsuit to creep in and lock them away. 3/10 Late of 2018/Pretty much all 2019 0/10 Current/2020 0/10
  7. Those streams were actually just a limited series biopic and live screenplay adaption of the forums loosely based on controversial events that took place between the Gun Media staff, illfonic staff and it's forum members. The film is set somewhere between the years 2017-2018. You see, it was never meant to be about weekly streams covering a game with no future development or talking about common info we already see on their social media. No company in their position would ever do that. They're not Behaviour from DBD. Not much is known about which character one of the Gun staff is portraying from the forums or which forum member the chat users are cast as. There's also belief that any upcoming patches you hear them talking about were really just reenactments about the past updates from the forums. Whenever the stream ends and the live chat is still running, many believe that is symbolic representing the lack of communication from the Gun Media staff or their permanent decision to create a distant relationship from the community they have done in the past. The final episode of Beyond left many confused and full of questions on why the show didn't return without an explanation. However, this could've been done on purpose to symbolize how often Ben and Randy, who were important key members surrounding the updates/communication issues during the height of the game, would interact with the community and eventually leaving, cutting all contacts without a explanation. In this case, this would strongly support the theory that Ben and Randy was likely the characters being portrayed in only some of the episodes and the finale, but not all of them.
  8. The kind of costumes and emotes that should be sidelined in case of another lawsuit so that DLC's like Uber/Grendel doesn't get fucked over again.
  9. Even during the process of the final decision, they can't have the past derivative works separated from the IP again regardless of who will have ownership. From what I heard during the trial before the last ruling, Sean/Horror Inc tried to clarify this regarding adult Jason, but the Judge completely disregarded that and made it clear he's only giving ownership in regards to the first movie and is not concerned about the follow up derivative works.(the sequels/adult Jason, etc.) If this ongoing case still revolves around that and this new Judge follows that same decision, a new movie would be impossible and without a settlement, neither Victor or Sean would have the ability go forward with a new movie without infringing on each others IP. Unless they make Jason a completely different character and give him a retcon backstory, but I honestly don't think fans will accept that.
  10. This is why I think Asymmetrical horror is going down hill. The constant balance changes will just keep creating an ongoing chain reaction of divisive consumers and at the end day you're just playing hot potato with the game while wasting it's potential. Not to mention too much time investing in anime costumes or cartoony looking characters just to appease a fan base. All this combined, makes it truly difficult for the games to break out as a true horror. I've watched some of the gameplay of Last Year: After Dark from Laphin's stream where he was a killer and multiple times he encountered other players that were nothing other than premeditated attackers. That alone told me enough. The game just looks like a mature version of scooby doo to me anyways. Imagine if DBD was out in the 90s and later on F13th was being developed, then got released in its final form. I can almost guarantee DBD probably would've been dominated in terms of players and sales. Maybe even prosper years after that. Too bad today, it's that corporate side of gaming that just had to ruin it. Awhile back, there was a couple of good reasons why I called F13 the WCW of Asymmetrical horror(if you're familiar with the history about the monday wrestling wars, you'll know what I mean.)
  11. When you accidentally step into a bear trap, instead of calling the cops, give them the ability to call their lawyers instead. The voice dialogues will be counselors explaining how they're planning to sue the camp and claim ownership of it. After completing this action, have a countdown arrival timer in the form of a calendar. Jason will also be stunned and his recovery time will be in 3 years. The lore behind this is that Jason is IP of the camp and due to the legal battle between your lawyers and the owners of the camp, Jason must cease any further activity. You'll have 3 years to repair the cars or boats to escape before Jason recovers from stun. Once the countdown on the calendar finishes, the police escape routes will be replaced with men in suits and the escape cut scene will be a scene of the plaintiff and defendant reaching a settlement.
  12. Counselor play just needs some kind of rework honestly because the game just doesn't feel like a slasher anymore. The kill squad mentality wouldn't be an issue if they just had stalk and the stealth mechanics play a much bigger role in the game a long ass time ago. Plenty of veteran members on here had good ideas to rework these mechanics but they all got disregarded because Gun always felt changing something with the combat system was much a better priority, but never realized how much it always backfired. Now the game is either an arcade beat em up or summer camp tour simulator. They might just want to go ahead and to take few pages out the movie Jason Takes Manhattan because for a game that's supposedly based on the final act of a F13 movie, I'd say it's a more accurate portrayal of the SS Lazarus act. Everyone on the ship was pretty much aware that there was a killer coming after them. Granted, I know there are distinct differences between movie characters and video game players who know what they're doing, otherwise, Julius and his classmates would've probably tried to demask him while someone like J.J. activates the sweater. But did you notice how the scene always revolved around Jason's intimidating stalk and the character's attempt at stealth? That's one of the elements that's been missing from the game.
  13. It looks like Rob Dier from the intros have been popping up recently as a playable counselor too.
  14. I think that's just their coping mechanism to deal with the lawsuit that has been suffocating the franchise. Most fans have different ways of doing it and this is just one of them. It's why you're starting to see more fan films recently and now you got slash n cast in association with another one, while at the same time, striving Gun Media to do another horror franchise. I agree with you though, that a game like Nightmare or Halloween definitely needs to shift away from that streets of rage simulator that had tainted the F13 game for quite a long time and a better developer that knows what they're doing. It didn't take long for me to become unimpressed illfonic's new Predator game from their trailer. I don't even like the concept of it being a call of duty type of shooter while making the predator feel like a side character. Also, as far being stable, good luck to any future owner of that game.
  15. If you or another group combined already tried getting through them with this on multiple occasions in a Beyond stream, then unfortunately you might just have to accept on what their clear intentions are heading into the future of F13th since it's pretty much a waste of time trying this same ordeal communicating via the forums because the ones who have the final say will never have any plans of showing up here. If you want significant change, your best bet is to try your luck on social media to get in touch with those in charge. Message boards/forums are a dying technology anyways. Social media is the huge platform now for communication. Wes and even the others running the game's official twitter has practically freaking lived there posting more tweets regarding the game rather than the site itself in the past. Otherwise, you're better off hoping or supporting another company to take on the moniker of an retro 80's slasher game that can provide you way more better results.
  16. There you go with that again. Trying to twist someone's impression of a game just like you did with me when I was explaining why I thought Uber, Grender, a new game mode, alternative playable heroes would've been a much better focused priority over things like the engine upgrade or 30 dance emotes/halloween costumes if a bigger group of community could've help influenced the company's decision. Feedback is not the same thing as telling someone how to run their company. Anyone is allow to critique a decision they don't see eye to eye with regarding the company's service. That is not being in an authority position on ordering them what to do. In fact, this would've probably have a little more validity if one were to demand a certain change BEFORE THE COMPANY TOOK THAT ACTION and therefore making that decision go into effect. So why are you trying to enlighten someone's opinion of a company's action revolving around particular decisions that already took place? That is pointless to begin with. Everyone knew they never had that kind of power and never will. But they could still leave feedback which for the most part, really influenced some changes to be made( like the Roy coveralls for example.) You and some other companies may feel like this is telling them how to run their business and granted, a company doesn't always to accept anybody's requests but the reality is, if you want your product to go places, you have to put your costumers first.
  17. To those of you who seem to be against the criticisms, an important thing to keep in mind that this game is being planned to hit the nintendo switch platform really soon and considering the game's been stuck in this repeated debacle cycle getting filled with bugs for 3 years and counting, that is no good. Right now, you're looking at potential consumers to become victims of being exposed to similar issues that past owners have been encountering. You all have always been well within your rights to enjoy the game and continue to enjoy it no matter the condition of the game, that's fine. If you feel like you have an obligation to support the creators in hoping for a better future game, that's fine too. Disagreements aside, one thing you all have in common with one another, you want a better a future for the game at the end of the day. Just don't act all surprise from the current and future criticisms when you are fully aware of everything that took place since the game's release and then attempt to persuade others by forcing them to look at it from your perspective. I understand the good intentions behind it, but you are going about it with poor methods towards those who are complaining. Saying things like "Just stop playing" "Be patient, they're looking into etc." is about one of the worst approaches you can take because chances are, you are merely insulting their intelligence because there's a possibility they've already done their homework surrounding the history of the game and all they'll see in their eyes is someone who is basically spreading possible false hope or either advocating that it's perfectly acceptable to allow poor service for paying consumers based on saying things like. You don't have that much credibility as you think might do.
  18. I was in lobby earlier on PS4 today and oh boy...I can tell you for certain that players here are not exaggerating about the roof glitching on packanack. One game, a sweater girl and tommy player glitched on the roof pretty much influencing other players to kill the lobby. On a side note, the rest of the games I've experienced in QP were basically just griefers consisting of Jason helpers or Jason players intentionally letting the counselors escape. I think everyone's already at the point they've accepted that Black Tower Studios is doing them no favors. The fact that they hired a developer that's more obscured than illfonic ever was in the first place has to be concerning a bit.
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