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  1. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of the game

    The game could have Jason turn out great and put the friday the 13th name back on the map if they had made better business decisions. Even if we couldn't get any movies or tv shows, we didn't have to worry how long before we could see Jason in the mainstream media again, because the game was basically our movie right there. And before the lawsuit, there were so much BIG opportunities to make us re-recreate and relive the franchise as long as we wanted to without worrying about the credits rolling, but Gun Media couldn't be capable of even giving us that, smh. This reminds a lot like WCW, especially during their final days. Started off really entertaining, but horrible booking decisions is what led to their down fall. Right now, dead by daylight is WWE. They got a few top popular horror icons and planning to add more in the future to increase their audience while Friday the 13th(WCW) is trying to milk whatever revenue they can to keep the show going. If Jason, Shelly, Fox and Tommy Jarvis were added to dead by daylight, that would probably be the equivalent of when WWE signed Goldberg and the nWo lol.
  2. Liquid Swordsman

    Paranoia Idea

    They are probably still considering another version Paranoia. An automatic horn honking notification is probably being included to warn counselors and help them avoid car betrayals. Although, it's not a complete form of Paranoia, but a variant of it due to their inability of adding content. And no need to question if the automatic horn honking is considered new content. They'll probably make up another fishy story turning out to be something like: "While we can't call it paranoia in the game due to legal reasons, this was a glimpse of our idea involving a driver as the mystery killer." Car betrayals exists and we can account for many players online automatically honking their horn to warn a counselor standing in the road. That's something that worked properly in the early stages and was always intended to be in the game."
  3. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of the game

    A chase scene with a cliffhanger.
  4. Liquid Swordsman

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Interesting. I always thought the boat was meant to be the sneaky get out of jail free card option if you're careful enough. I didn't even know the startup alert existed before. I don't think I'll be bother by this all that much mainly because a boat play is quite rare for me these days if I'm not replaying a jarvis/pinehurst map repeatedly. You will often find players that will make the car/phone objectives their top priorities. I can't say I really blame them and it's hard to argue with their reasons. It's more essential to just work on the car and phone because it has the better progress. It's also the better experience. But, I think it's because like they mentioned earlier, it's made this way because the boat is suppose to be treated like a last ditch effort for surviving. Like the steps it's suppose to take towards killing Jason. These changes looks like their way of showing that. Putting back the necessary challenges on both ends.
  5. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of the game

    I just wish there was something they can do to breath more life into it. Putting the bugs aside, It's too much of a fun game to let it go to waste.
  6. It might sound like crazy and wishful thinking, but honestly, if Gun Media is ever looking for a way to redeem themselves, this is honestly the best route they should take.
  7. Whether by some chance they don't come OR if they do happen to come, but then they just plan on axing online for this game altogether at the end of the day anyway, then I really don't have much words them anymore. Best scenario I'm hoping for is that: 1. They get the game into a bearable bug free state before it even hits that launch date of the Slasher's Edition, then perhaps "maybe" it'll see an increase in more sales and console players. I can see this happening just because they're really lucky and fortunate enough that their console player base still has a decent amount of players to find online as of now. Once that's settle, it's reasonable enough to just go ahead and drop the dedicated servers. 2. Hope that all goes well maintaining a steady console player base for a good long time and if by some miracle the lawsuit is resolved soon, finish up Grendel/Uber and resume making content. Watch as your player base grows more than ever possibly keeping up with the likes of Last Year or DBD's new possible license killer.
  8. I'm just past the point from apologies from the Gun Media/Developer team at this point. I'm not saying I don't appreciate or accept them, but at the same time I have no desire to speak on it. They've done what they can and it is what it is, I'll leave it at that. @wes @GunMedia_Ben I don't want anymore communications, no longer care for that and I don't care apologies for either. Just do whatever it takes on keeping this game expanding. At this rate, that's probably the best way you can "sorry" to the fan base. I know Jason X was never anyone's favorite film, but even Uber could be enough for that. I'm assuming this new upcoming edition of the game is one of your ways of doing that and hopefully not a last ditch effort before cutting off the servers like the speculation I'm hearing about. If that's the case, good for you guys.
  9. I felt they should've spent a little more time including other type of counselors before launch. Maybe a few more tropes that were missing from the movies couldn't hurt. Examples: 1. Babysitter. 2. Hitchhiker. 3. Waitress or bartender. 4. A medical professional(Paramedic or Doctor.) It wouldn't eliminate clones completely, but at least it could've gave us the opportunity to see more lobbies bring in a fair balance between defensive and fixing counselors.
  10. Agreed. This was one of their biggest setbacks. Too much focus around Fortnite like content when it should've been strictly Friday the 13th related. It's nauseating to think, they couldn't at least scrap the unlockable emotes and kept their attention around Grendel/Uber before the lawsuit was catching up to them. I would've been perfectly fine if Uber Jason was the only thing unlockable by completing the challenges.
  11. They've decided on plenty of things in the past. It doesn't mean it came true or that they've always stuck by it for long. I'm not saying content returning is a sure shot when the lawsuit is done, but it can't hurt to keep throwing your voice out there. Information from Gun Media wasn't always reassuring.
  12. While I understand to my knowledge, Alkavian, the original creator of this thread has made the decision to move on from the forums, as well half of the people in here who contributed to this thread that have most likely done the same(or perhaps already banned) due to recent unfortunate events that took place. I've considered myself included on deciding to step away. I've decided to post/bump this thread because not only do I think it's an appropriate place, but what I am about to post feel like it's necessarily important and it also might definitely go in contrast to what Alkavian was always explaining, especially since it's related to what seemingly feels like a never ending controversial topic surrounding the issues around Gun Media. Everyone is here to freely express how they feel. I personally was never was a fan joining the flame/bash Gun Media or the developers club constantly, maybe I've had a few criticisms here and there to give out once a month, but I never had that kind of energy in me to constantly complain only because I knew it would not resolve anything for me at the end of the day. Ever since the cancellation of content and all this forum catastrophe taking place, the forums has been nothing with people showing mutual feelings of disappointment and locked threads. I think the fact Gun Media is remaining absent from this is starting to leave me with worry about a lot of things. You can't really have a fun discussion of suggesting something anymore because that's been overshadowed by the lawsuit. You're really coming here for bug reports now or unless if you have an agenda to discuss balance changes, then the forums is for you, but how long can that keep going before the devs realize any patch they release will never live up to everyone's satisfaction? Topics will continue to be duplicates and a clutter mess based on past complaints. If they keep catering to one side repeatedly, it's going to get old soon. Taking all of that into account, it gave me no more desire to come back here anymore, which means I'm likely to leave my last post off of this note. With that being said, while I'm not the most memorable person like the other veterans here. Some of you probably recognize me from the Reggie thread. I've participated in some discussions or said some things regrettable. Even though we may have not agree on everything, I still apologize if I got out of hand or didn't post in the right manner. Either way, I still enjoy the times I've spent in the threads regardless. Same goes to other people that I've met, thanks for the interesting forum experience and memories to the following people. @CPLhicks31 @tyrant666 @Alkavian @Armaniđź‘‘ @RoyBurns @TyroneKing @Redcat345(Sucks that we couldn't make our dream of Reggie and Pamela happen for the game. It feels like we were so close, but then it just slipped away. Maybe for another F13 game for another time. I'm still hoping for it one day.) @Truth @WashingtonJones @Bropollocreed79 @Tommy86 @GhostWolfViking @Alien_Number_Six @Dolemite @Ralph_E_Fresh @J.J. @TheHansonGoons As for the others I'm missing, thank you as well. @GunMedia_Ben @wes Rest easy and be assured this will not be a bashing post. My only hope is whatever time you have available to read this, please do so. No response necessary. Just looking here is enough for me. It pains me to see the community in shambles as of late and I have the fear regarding the same fate with the game. Part of that fear could very well be related to the reasons behind backlash comments people have presented due to the fact they are uncertain about the future regarding the game. While yourselves and us as a community may have a difference of opinion or may never see eye to eye, I do believe there are a couple of other things we all can agree on. We want this game to stick around and we want it to grow. It's part of the reason we're hoping the lawsuit revolving around the franchise can settle down. While I don't expect content to resume after the court battle, you should at least try and renegotiate with the IP owners with something to keep this game title moving forward or do anything necessary to revamp it. Although I might be leaving this part of the community, I will continue to stay on the game and enjoy for what it is, especially since it really helped me cope during stressful and dark times, but it's important to know that I will be enjoying with concern as I am unaware what the future holds, but I'll be counting on you to make that concern go away, as well for other fans who enjoy this game. Take care.
  13. Liquid Swordsman

    Questions About Future Content

    Content or not, I think it's more about giving the game a secure future. That is what's important right now. The lawsuit needs to come to a resolution in order for this game to have any kind future, period. The servers can go offline tomorrow for all we know and any negotiating deals regarding the license of the game is all thrown out of the window because no company is allowed to touch this for the time being.
  14. Liquid Swordsman

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

  15. This is kind of how I see it as well. As of right now, the best thing we can hope for is their commitment to keep the servers running for a good long time. While I can't see content returning, but the chances for a predecessor can be very high if the demand is there and more people will continue to stick around playing this. I think the dedicated servers and patches really need to come out soon right before the lawsuit comes to a resolution. It's probably the only way we will ever see this game in some other form. S