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  1. Didn't Alice live in a neighborhood area? I'm sure they can set up a scenario where they have the counselors start in different houses. A bar could work too. The intro can open up to something like the characters hanging out in different areas and hearing the scream of Alice. I'd like to see this included for multiplayer as well. Maybe give bonuses to players for something like helping Alice survive via escape or killing Jason.
  2. Liquid Swordsman

    AJ gets around huh!?

    Supposedly she's a possible addict too judging from those syringes found in her bedroom. They seem to be taking a dark turn now.
  3. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of SP challenges

    I think any sort of content related to offline/multiplayer is fine if the fun is there, even if something like the challenges doesn't have the same replay value as the multiplayer. What's important is filling the game with content to keep the player base in tact just so the game doesn't get old anytime soon. The multiplayer is the main core of the game, so it's understandable why most people here are eager for the devs to keep the ball rolling on the bug fixes and other important issues that need attention. But either way, I agree with you. This team bug fix seekers Vs team content seekers phenomenon can go on for all it wants, but I just don't think it's really necessary and won't matter much at in the end. The developers are always going to treat any requests equally.
  4. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of SP challenges

    SPC is cinematic in a different way, but it's not the best cinematic experience. Going with the flow of a basic F13 film to recreate scenes is a nice way to revisit the movies, but at the end of the day, you're not going to get a true cinematic experience if you're playing the role of the killer. It's why I mentioned in my other post, they should include other game modes where you can feel you are more in the antagonist territory. Imagine what it will be like to play the role of Alice, Tommy, Reggie or Tina. In multiplayer, I like the fact that you can spawn as Tommy or grab the sweater as a female counselor to benefit yourself or other counselors by escaping from danger or just basically killing Jason. What's more fun about this, is that you're not really following a plot, you're basically caught up in a final act scene where you are in control of how you decide the chase scene is going to conclude. In a cinematic sense, that's great. Unfortunately, due to the funny mechanics and troll players misusing the system, you're not going to see it much often. It kind of kills Tommy's purpose of even being there and it's not very often you will ever get to play with him.
  5. Liquid Swordsman

    Where Do We Go Now?

    For maps, most likely Grendel, but I could see either a Manhattan/SS Lazarus or Shepard house as a good possibility too though.
  6. Liquid Swordsman

    The future of SP challenges

    More challenges is fine. Although, I'm interested in seeing other game modes where you can take control of the antagonists/heroes.(Like Tommy, Alice or Reggie.)
  7. This 100%. I really don't think Fox shouldn't get any alternate outfits at all. One of the major reasons Fox was included was to reminisce of her character from Part 3. Changing how she looks will just defeat the purpose of her being in the game. As for Shelly, if they don't go too overboard in regards to a halloween costume, something like a mask man or bloody face makeup combination outfit would probably be ok since he did it in the film. Anything else, I don't think is really necessary.
  8. Liquid Swordsman

    The killing me is the wait.

    I'm just going to hop on the game and wait for a update notification like
  9. Liquid Swordsman

    The Tough Guy Counselor

    @Jason Todd Voorhees Bringing this thread on the front page, because I like this fresh idea for a counselor. But instead of just a basic tough guy, I'd be totally down if it was more of a "Wise guy" type character like from the Mafia movies/games. And just so he doesn't have to be too similar to Adam, perhaps they can take some influence from someone like Tommy Vercetti(from GTA Vice City) since he's a character from the 80s. Give him something like slick hair, clean cut clothing or a jacket with a white shirt underneath. Maybe give him a little bit of gold jewelry like a wrist watch too just to show he has a wealthy and serious background. Also, for the trope itself, instead of simply calling him the tough guy, I'd go for an alternative name, like "The Bronx Kid" just to pitch an example. Here's some pictures just to show what I mean:
  10. Well it looks like the PC/Xbox player count online has been extremely bad lately from what I reading. I think the players made it clear they're getting tired of playing the waiting game with this and decided to move on now. You have to wonder if they might go ahead and consider adding in the reckless guy to keep the variety going. I'm not sure what else they can do, unless they have a new map planned or something else kept secret we don't know about yet. There's more single player content, but quick play is still basically dead. Besides one new counselor, there really isn't much else worth coming back for the multiplayer side.
  11. This is what I don't get either. One of the lawyers from Horror, inc already mentioned that lawsuit won't affect the game. But illfonic probably still wants to play it safe anyways just in case. From what I understand, it seems Victor Miller is aiming to claim anything Part 1 related, so I could understand why possible playable characters like Pamela/Alice are not here yet. I'm not exactly sure what Victor did related to the sequels. It just seems like he's credited for the sequel characters because most of them could be based on the characters he originally created. Maybe someone like Shelly, Fox and Tommy aren't based on anyone Victor had come up with? Who knows. Also, from the thread Wes posted about Shavar, I'm not sure why some of them might think the Reggie character from Part 5(or an adult version of him) could be affected by the lawsuit. Him and Tommy were almost very similar from the movies.
  12. I think it goes way deeper than just the lack of focus on Jason. There's been plenty of people who described this game more 'intense" rather than just scary. Which I think is understandable because lets be honest, most of the final chases were never the really most scary parts of the films and that alone I think is the issue itself. The game was designed to be fully committed to the idea of a final chase. Of course I don't think it means the suspense/horror factor is impossible to be rework. It's just a shame that the lawsuit status over the film rights has to be their huge roadblock because they can incorporate characters and other stuff from the films to renovate things. Unfortunately, while that is happening, we have to be stuck in a state where the casuals have more control over the game's atmosphere and simply abusing it anyway they desire. It's like watching a vulnerable Gotham City police department without Batman to contain the Joker's followers infecting the city. No paranoia anytime soon either(or maybe never), just have to find a way to kill time or find a useful way to have fun with 30 emotes I guess.
  13. Yeah, but the question is though, will it even worth all this wait? Based on history, I'm only expecting disappointing news in the end(Hopefully I'm wrong though). Granted, Shavar and the developer team seem to remain on good terms, but so is Adrienne King from what I've heard and we still haven't got Alice yet, so if anything, the progress from both characters seem steady, but not much of a sure shot. The fact they're still in contact with each other is what's keeping me a bit hopeful. So yeah, these past few months have been exhausting for the game in regards to anything content related and we're probably not anywhere near close to this next "big" update anytime soon. This gif below just describes me on how I feel waiting for anything nowadays.
  14. Liquid Swordsman

    Stream Recap and discussions

    This is fine by me. I think the idea here is that they're leaving us with cut scenes that's open to interpretation for a story. I also think it's more about making the challenges a nod to the movies and make us recreate a scenario that took place during the film. The Buggzy/Adam car scene does seem like a homage to Vinnie/Pete from Part 5. Mitch/AJ is without a doubt based on Chuck/Chili from Part 3 and Jenny/Chad is probably based on Chris/Rick. Is Shelly not involved either? If so, him, Fox and Victoria will likely show up in another set of future challenges. Not sure what the fuss is about Mitch/AJ. Considering that the game is set in the 80s, I don't think it wasn't uncommon to see stoner guys and young rock girls as a couple around that era.