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  1. How many counselors is enough?

    Don't forget, The Dancer/Party guy (Jimmy from Part 4) The Babysitter(Paula from Jason Lives), The Shy Girl (Eva from Part 8) and The Teacher's Pet (Janessa from Jason X.) There's probably others I'm missing to include, but I can't think of them from my head right now.
  2. Will you still be here?

    I can't say I'm abandoning it. As for amount of playtime, I have no idea. The wait period for the next update seems like it's going to be infuriating, so I have no way of telling. During the mean time, entering lobbies just to have Chad like hosts banish everyone from the game probably won't help much either.
  3. Actually, as funny as that might sound, it could actually be a useful feature to stop players misusing Tommy. Imagine a Tommy player trying to go the cops all by himself only to end up tossed back into the camp entrance in handcuffs. Then the other counselors would have to find another set of keys to free Tommy before Jason kills him.
  4. Excited and waiting patiently

    I can't translate any of that for shit, but I think he was basically complimenting the Gun Media/illfonic team and saying thank you for all they've done.
  5. Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    When I clicked on the thread only to find out it's for a fix.
  6. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I like it. I just wish other players use team work more often so I can get a more feel and exploration. I don't think I've visited every location yet.
  7. Will they never rework Jenny?

    I kind of don't mind the way Jenny is and actually enjoy using her a bit. I think the fact that most of her stats are intentionally low is what makes it more challenging and fun. Sometimes when I get bored of escaping, she would be my main choice to go for the sweater and I managed to pull off plenty of Jason kills in the past. Most of the time I would either come close to death or end up failing, but I always like risking it with her. I guess it's her luck that plays a huge role, because most of the choices you make with her have unpredictable results. In a way, that makes the game a bit more fun, to me at least.
  8. Oh man, if I see Jason with that weapon in the game, I'm booking it. Sorry other counselors, you're on your own.
  9. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Nah...that's Maddy's specialty lol. But yeah, Shifty did mention there will content teasing before the engine update, so I'd expect a trailer or maybe at least screenshot of her standing near the Shepard house or something.
  10. Btw, @AldermachXI, @Tattooey, @Brigadius, @lHeartBreakerl, @TheHansonGoons @Alkavian You all had me crying with tears from those gifs. Thanks for the huge laugh, I needed a mood changer today.
  11. So since we have the tractor on pinehurst, it brings in some interesting theories and raises questions related to Reggie. Instead of a radio, something I like to see that will trigger a Reggie spawn is to have a limping counselor slowly make their way at a fair distance near the barn. The lobby will choose a player to spawn as Reggie. Once the spawn player enters the game, they will have an opportunity to drive the tractor for a short while and give them a one time chance to stun Jason. After that, the tractor will no longer be usable for the rest of the game. Reggie player will exit the tractor and proceed to play as a regular counselor. Also, he should come with med spray to benefit the crippled counselor. If Reggie happens to be a regular counselor, tractor can still work the same way. However, I was thinking, make the tractor a special interactive prop only certain counselors can access based on their tropes/backgrounds. (Similar to how only female counselors can use the sweater.) For example, only someone like Adam and Fox can use it. This is just to make it a bit more fair on Jason's side. Reggie can obviously use it since he did it in the movie. Plus, looking at it from the movie standpoint, it could even indicate that he had prior knowledge of using it in the past before he ever encountered Roy. These are just a few ideas that came to mind so far. But just to break it down, the tractor should stun Jason in some capacity, but that doesn't mean it's bound to be completely OP. Obviously it should have limits. I mean Reggie did have a limited time of using it before stunning Roy. You compare that to stunning Jason in the game, there's not much difference you'll notice. It's a vehicle basically acting as a melee weapon. In short, there's no overpowered fancy abilities really necessary, the point behind using Reggie along with the tractor is for fan service sake. Same can be said about Tina, (but I'll probably talk about that another time). As long it reaches that expectation, the tractor can be used in any appropriate way the developers can find. Tommy can't pull off some Macgyver skills to lure and drown Jason on the game, but the fact he's able to use the machete to stab Jason a couple of times, F13 fans appreciate that because it's a homage to his memorable classic Part IV scene.