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    I'm waiting for new patches.

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow The patches you require is nothing worth being impatient about. The game is still playable. Future content is ceased and you're still complaining about small things. Personally, I would have been perfectly fine waiting for the engine upgrade and dedicated servers if it meant we were getting other content first. To be honest with you, I never really wanted or cared about Uber/Grendel, but I still understand the frustration of others who wanted them considering the inevitable changes of the lawsuit deadline that would have affected the game. A Grendel/Uber DLC would've still been better than an engine upgrade that made the game completely unstable for months and only to find out Uber/Grendel is no longer happening. It is Gun Media's decision, an unfortunate one to bear with and even though it's one of the few times I respectively disagree with them on this choice, I'm partially blaming half of the community here who were being so bitter. Which is why I agree with you that most of the negative feedback really likely played a huge role in this. If we were ever getting anything reserved for last piece of content, a more sensible thing to do would've scrapped anything map, clothing or emote related and just put all their focus on something like new heroes(Tina, Alice, Reggie etc) or an alternative multiplayer mode with a playable Pamela. Something like that would have been more beneficial to the game and expand it's replay value in the long term. Then MAYBE after the lawsuit and settlement between Victor/Horror Inc, I would imagine anything like the low priority content, IMO,(maps, clothing pack, emotes and an almost finish Grendel/Uber) wouldn't really be that difficult to add since it doesn't seem to cost a lot. At that rate, not only would we have dedicated servers, but also a game with new additional fun mechanics to complete that. The sad thing is though, most of the community here never really wanted to see that big part of the picture and not bother to go that route on campaigning for some of these ideas the multiplayer could be in dire need of. It's their extreme negativity, impatience and emotions of the game that got the best them. And for that, it came with a heavy price.
  2. Liquid Swordsman

    do you think Last Year: the Nightmare will kill F13?

    I don't know about last year, but this year has been the quite the nightmare for sure. Except Freddy hasn't shown up yet and probably doesn't want to get involve with the bloody fight going on between Jason and Michael right now.
  3. Liquid Swordsman

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Even those changes arrived by then, so...what? What then? It's still not content, so it'll be nothing new. Look, I hate to sound like that debbie downer person, but let's be realistic, assuming Black Tower Studios work methods aren't much different from illfonic, you're looking at a possible waiting period of the usual every 4-5 months/or an eternity for this magical patch you guys are seeking to turn into something fun. It's the patience and wear from the players you have to consider. Factoring all that in, it's a boring ass hope to lean on to. Especially judging by the history. The game is balance when it wants to be. It's just you have to go through lobbies like a slot of machine to get the jackpot. Maybe I don't play enough asymmetrical games to get it. I feel the same about DBD. I'm not saying content is always the pinnacle and savior of every game and that this game can't be better.(Although, at the same time, I wouldn't possibly rule it out. Part of me can potentially see a predecessor years from now once Victor and Sean put their issues to bed.) The game is not dead. How should I say.... the best way for me to put it is that it's a great movie/TV series left off with a permanent cliffhanger because the network canceled it. It's bullshit. Telling everyone to just enjoy for what is now is like saying go rewatch the old episodes over and over again. It's not the point. It won't be much of a difference maker in the long run. Fans like to watch how things evolve. They also wanted DLC because it was something different and it was able to hold them over with patience while the important issues were being looked over. At least they didn't halt the fixes and we knew they were NEVER going to. This wasn't the case with content. Most of us kept pushing for the devs to put out more content because we knew eventually there was going to be a time where they could no long afford to create anymore more content and that they would start their next project more soon than we would have thought. This is a similar reason to those who most wanted the upcoming DLC never cared about the fucking engine upgrade over Uber/Grendel in the first place. That's why some times I never understood most of the constant bitching about how content was always a huge priority over bugs/balance changes etc. Especially from a lot of Jason mains. Yes, I get how extremely annoying they were and how it needed urgent attention, but it's like most users never had a dam off switch to use about the same topic instead of just relaxing for a little while and enjoying some of the content they provided while waiting. Especially some of those same users here who were against the idea of Armani's suggestion for Reggie and had nothing better to do than to antagonize his thread along with the others. Although, with their hostility aside, I agree with them on a couple of their views regarding pointless content like the costumes and emote dancing. Stuff that should've never really been even top priority. It wasn't just about Reggie being some fan favorite or how he's superior. You didn't have to be a fan of the character and yes, I get the fact given his age in the movie, it creates some obstacles, but you still you could've just rolled with it, pitch some ideas to the devs that could've potentially made him into a fun mechanic similar to Tommy Jarvis. And also, make to where he "doesn't have to be killed" as I've repeatedly suggested a few times. There were even similar ideas shown in the Muffin thread and way before that thread was even created. Which I can't believe and more surprised to see it was received more well than Reggie. Not me being salty nor do I have anything against Muffin, but the ideas were presented in that thread shared almost a couple of similar visions I had in the Reggie, yet some of the same group of users who were bashing the Reggie thread and the OP seemed to be ok advocating and presenting ideas for Muffin. Strange place this forum can be sometimes. Unless the thread was meant to be satire mocking the Reggie thread or something. Nonetheless, we could've very well had arguably probably one of the greatest additions added to the game. But no, instead, a lot of folk's minds were clouded with ignorance and eventually in the end, we got an unstable engine upgrade and a 30 emote pack. Not only shoving Grendel/Uber off the cliff, but overshadowed a potential fun alternative playable hero next to Tommy. *claps* Good game. @Armani? Didn't Halloween just come out? Talk about sad timing lol. I do feel for F13 fans though. This ongoing legal battle is really unnecessary.
  4. I'm worried that Horror Inc kind of screwed it up when they mentioned they were contemplating on an appeal in their public statement or maybe before that. It probably spooked Victor Miller and his legal team, which is probably why they're not responding because they want to stay as safe as possible in case they have to go into another legal battle. Probably not the case though, it's just a bit of a concern I have considering the circumstances that took place between the Miller and Cunningham. I hope I'm wrong about all that and they're actually working out a deal as we speak. @Armani? I really really hope so too. Hopefully with the huge ongoing promotions of the game(Like the free Playstation plus for October, bonus XPs, tape events and merchandise giveaways) it'll be enough influence to convince both parties(Miller and Horror Inc) to come to some sort of an agreement. @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben This October event you guys are doing is working out nicely by putting the game and franchise back on the radar. Keep this going and show it to the rights holders the best you can. I'm not saying that Gun Media and the community needs to always shoot out e-mails constantly to Miller and Horror Inc requesting their support(Harassing is never cool) but promoting the game is a good way to give you guys some pull from the F13 owners, create better influence and give you a better chance on getting back permission to add more content.
  5. It's funny, I was kind of sad we couldn't Grendel, but at the same time, the more I think about it, I'm kind of glad. Chances are, Tommy would've still been the hero showing up on the map and it just wouldn't feel right. I kind of want either an SS Lazarus or Manhattan Part 8 type of map more than anything. Plus a few other memorable movie characters that can fill some tropes.
  6. Seriously? Announcements like what?
  7. I'm both when it's necessary since my main player is Kenny. I like to throw in a little protection/savior role in the mix too. Basically I just like to play like the final guys from the movies lol. My influences comes from Part 7: A New Blood and the fan film NHA. I'm a mix between Nick and Kyle.
  8. Liquid Swordsman


    Well whatever it is, it doesn't seems like he's saying it's a definite "no" on more content, so I'll take it as something rather than nothing. It's also better than being hit with news that'll be disappointing again.
  9. Liquid Swordsman


    Update from Wes's twitter. https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/1047585417875415040
  10. Liquid Swordsman

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I don't think everyone would be happy without Pamela. As for the Jason X content, definitely yes. Pamela's connection should be removed from Roy though. I prefer some kind of Joey reference.
  11. Liquid Swordsman

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    There is no doubt Jason is in desperate need of some kind of mainstream media attention. If not then, definitely right now. Bringing back content to this game would be a good start to put the Friday The 13th name back in the spotlight in some kind of form. It's not a movie or a television series, but it would be better than nothing. It's a perfect opportunity right now too given it's October and the horror craze is all going to be focused on the new Halloween movie.
  12. Liquid Swordsman


    Well Wes mentioned the statements and press releases have go through the rights holders first so I assume that means Gun Media is still in talks with either Horror Inc/Cunningham and they're just waiting on the information from them.
  13. Liquid Swordsman

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I don't expect anything good with the upcoming statement(still wishing I'm wrong). Odd timing though for this to happen around the same month with the arrivals of dedicated servers and the slasher edition.
  14. Depending on where the state of the player base will be after the lawsuit, one of the two certainly couldn't hurt.
  15. It's up to gun media if they want to change their minds. Honestly, the closest we will ever see to any new type of new content is if Horror Inc and Victor Miller can finally settle their dispute and Gun Media gives Black Tower the green light on developing a sequel.