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  1. He's not far off of being wrong. Depending on what on specific unlockables you're seeking and your state of progress in the game, besides the Double XP/CPs/Tape drop events, there's really not much incentive on going back to play the game once you've been through the process of the whole experience. Not to mention the re-release of the physical copy and price deals they've done in the past only introduced the game to a new group of players and it's part of the reason why you're still seeing active lobbies. I imagine it will be no different after the nintendo switch version drops. Now you can applaud and credit Gun Media for making it a smart business move, but when you look at the reality of it, it may not make the game dead, but it doesn't change the fact that the variety for the gameplay is without a doubt completely dead. There is no longer any replay value. It's not thriving like it did before because Gun Media is not really doing much to bring back interest for the game. Morale is completely down. If you need proof, look at the the popular twitch streamers/content creators that stopped broadcasting this game on a weekly basis. Guys like Ohmwrecker streams Dead By Daylight, a much older game, more often than F13th. It shouldn't be difficult to imagine why that is. Even Randy, their own team member lost interest on broadcasting the game. No one knew the reason why until suddenly the news of the lawsuit came up and from there it wasn't much of a secret. Even the number of members surrounding this site that use to be active are declining right now. And who can blame them for not coming back? Not much point in discussing a future for the game if Gun Media has no interest on giving it a big future to begin with. At least based on what I heard from Mattshotcha. He already confirmed there's no plans for a sequel. Also to say something like "There are other games that never got DLC and it's playerbase was still going strong." That's all subjective depending on what games you are referring to. Most game developers probably spent a crucial amount of time and money making sure that game got enough variety before release that it probably got to the point it didn't need much future content. I understand that Gun Media is not like others and there's always going to be publishers/developers that will struggle sometimes even if it meant sacrificing something for the game to move onto other projects, but it's the fact that they won't consider another crowdfunding to help them for future content, yet alone a sequel is dreadful. You figure they could do something like this to show some sort of redemption and bring up morale among everybody. Nobody's asking for their apologies or saying they owe us, just take some action to get around the issue. Even that had to meant US helping THEM. This is why morale is always down because it's nothing but disappointing news all the time. It's bad enough you can never hear the end of it when you want to post an idea in the suggestions/feedback without seeing "Sorry Henry, but making Lachappa get an itchy scalp or dandruff for playing in the camp too long will count as new content."
  2. Based on what took place from the lawsuit, do you or Gun Media feel this will be the last Friday The 13th game we will see forever? Sorry if this has already been asked towards you. If there's a thread or Beyond episode answer covering this, I'll be glad to search for the info there.
  3. Both Victor and Horror Inc still have to reach a settlement before the developers can add any sort of variation towards their work. Which is possibly taking place since Horror Inc decided to withdraw the appeal against Victor. The game use to be only property of Horror Inc, but as of the result of Judge's decision, there's also content in the game that Victor Miller partially owns as well(Example: child Jason from the VC, the Pamela character you hear from the tapes and inside of Jason's head.) I'd say hang there man. Trust me, I was just as frustrated as you are, but the best we can do is keeping the demand high. The fact they're planning to bring this to the nintendo switch I think is just another good example they want this game's legacy to continue. The longer the legacy continues, the better chance we're able to get the content we never got. Seeing it in a Part 2 game is probably the best scenario. Not to discredit Layers Of Fears 2 or anything, but giving more attention to F13 and keeping the demand high would definitely help. It lets Gun Media know what the fans really want.
  4. I feel like it's only it's doing job at keeping a lot of that remaining playerbase interested in the game and that's it. I think by making it permanent, everyone who wants to get those specific unlockables at a quicker rate, it's just going to make them get burnt out and bored more quickly than they already are. I guess to boil it down, it's not helping the playerbase, but at the same time, it's not hurting it either. Same similar main reasons why they decided to market a special re-release physical copy like the slasher edition along with the price deals and the later permanent price cut. It keeps the game and franchise on the radar. I think deep down, Gun Media wants to add more content and they're doing any promotional methods to keep the game more active so they can be prepared for that day. Think about it, after the 2009 film, barely anyone was talking about Friday The 13th until the announcement of the game. Granted the movie franchise created a massive following, but can you recall the last time the mainstream media was covering the franchise this much ever since the game was launched? Resuming content wouldn't be a bad way to get it back into the spotlight. I know others are going to say it's "It's not happening, we're more likely just going to have to wait for a sequel for the game or movie, etc, etc." Say what you will, but it's very rare we ever get a good F13th movie. Also, from the developer perspective, they could do a sequel, but logically, resuming content on the current game would probably be more easier for them. Factoring all this in, it's not much of a stretch on why fans would think or believe content would come back.
  5. Even if we will never get anything for this game, I just want to see Uber/Grendel and most of that wish list Wes was talking about come out one day in some capacity. Whether it's for a sequel or a re-release, anything is fine. It doesn't seem all that fair all that has to fade away because of a lawsuit. I don't think Gun Media is going anywhere anytime soon, but if Victor and Horror Inc settles, they both should try and back them up on this with a nice money deal. I'm sure Wes and the others wouldn't mind continuing content if they had the financial support. And if that can't work out and it meant I had to spend some of my money for Uber, Grendel, the SS Lazarus, Manhattan and many others, I'm perfectly fine with that.
  6. It looks like this might not continue any further. Horror Inc made the decision to withdraw the appeal. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4497508/85/horror-inc-v-miller/ Like Larry said, no settlement has been reached yet. But, for whatever reasons on behind the withdrawal, hopefully it means they're working on some kind of deal.
  7. So basically one of the main reasons of these complaints are "eventually when he gets to rage it's unlikely we'll regain stamina so we're pretty much screwed." GOOD. There's no reason to drag on a match any longer while wasting other players time in spectator mode. Especially if you're not playing the way it was intended. There are players that want to get into another round of a game, not watch a counselor do the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. By the way, I've seen others here using examples taken out of the films to support their arguments saying "well Jason always got stabbed, stunned, beat up and eventually killed in the final act." Here's the thing, the characters from the movies defending themselves were more innovative because they used anything at their disposal to try to get Jason off of them and most of the time they had a alternative plan to kill him. Overall, it made the final chase more interesting. What did the players make the characters do on the game mostly do before this patch? Group attack Jason, dance and marathon run until the timer runs out. WOW, very original. Seriously, these guys are so boring and bring nothing for the experience. Whether it's from the perspective of a Jason player, a spectator or a counselor who simply wants to on work objectives and escape with others. Can you imagine if Ginny, Chris, Trish or Tommy chain stun Jason and danced on top of him throughout the final moments of the film? I think the audience from the 80s would've walked out of the theater if that happened. If you're going to have a game that revolves and based on the final chase of a F13 film, we're definitely going to need particular changes that doesn't open a gateway for players to drag out a match while performing looney tune acts. Not sure why this a difficult concept to grasp for some users here.
  8. I feel like most the new members coming on here complaining about this are coming fresh off of the PS Plus free game giveaway and the later price drop actually believe that this game was intended for counselors to have offense variety for the majority of the game. Either you're seriously bad with team coordination, condone griefing or you just simply have the typical mentality of what a griefer is. Fact is, this change was needed and you really needed to be there around launch time to understand why Jason has to be the kind of threat he's meant to be. The game was designed for you to control how the final act of a Friday The 13th film will play out and end. Not take it under siege for marathon stunning and dancing while encouraging Jason players to kill the lobby. The fact that you believe that a face to face boss fight is crucial for the counselor experience is baffling. If you want to fight Jason so badly, go download and battle against him in Mortal Kombat X. There's more variety there in terms of combat. Although, you may find yourself disappointed that there's a shorter time limit and no dance emotes.
  9. That always doesn't have to be the case. If you time it right on baiting him into grabbing and melee attack during his grab animation, not only you get stamina regeneration, but you'll also gain enough time to evade him because he will suffer from a 1-2 second interaction lock from the hit. I did this with Kenny with no team assistance and I was able to survive 2 minutes before the game ended.
  10. Couple reasons why I like this update so far and how I think it can benefit the game going forward. This is based off from a couple matches I've experienced so far. 1. It eliminates Jason quitting. 2. Counselor players are no longer holding lobbies hostage because Jason is no longer taken hostage himself from the looping stuns or unnecessary marathon chases. As a result, the matches come to an end at a reasonable amount of time and players don't have to suffer a long waiting period. The only negative I've heard about it is Jason cannot kneel while he's in rage in order to activate the kill. Not sure if this was intentional or a small mistake. I'm going to assume it was a mistake since I witnessed him being demasked while in rage so the steps to kill should definitely be there somewhere. This issue is probably not much of a big deal if you're the kind of player who doesn't always like to do the sweater play, but I know there's others out there that definitely like to attempt once in awhile for fun(I know I do) so hopefully they can address this soon. Although in the meantime, I'm wondering if it's still possible to demask and kill before he gets to rage if you're running with a high strength counselor using the right perks. I only run epics and haven't reached any legendary perks to test to this. Has anyone recall seeing this yet?
  11. The idea is to encourage counselors on escaping not engage in a boss fight like a streets of rage video game. Being an expert with Jason or cleaning a lobby doesn't mean shit if you're not having fun at the end of the day.
  12. To @ShiftySamurai @mattshotcha(Which by the way, I want to say congratulations on your position and welcome the forums! Wishing you the best for your work and dedication here.) A little surprised no one caught on to this yet, unless someone did and there is a thread covering this issue, then forgive me, disregard this thread and I'll direct this topic to the appropriate place it needs be. Since we were able to get Pamela's voice back, I figure this issue was worth mentioning and needed attention. I know Thom Mathews played a huge role behind the scenes when it came to getting his character into the game and I've got to say, it does feel a bit gloomy not hearing his voice that much often aside from "Come on maggot head!", "Come on chicken shit!" etc. I don't know if this applies the same for Xbox or PC players, but as a PS4 user experiencing this, I can't remember the exact patch/update that occurred for this to happen, but I'm pretty sure they've been absent since 2017. I don't remember every single dialogue Tommy said, but these are the best I can recall going by memory and game play videos from last year. Current record of missing dialogues after Tommy's cut scene intro so far: "Oh god! What am I going to do?" "Jason is alive, I dug up his body. He's even more powerful now." "Jason's alive. He killed my friend. Now he's coming for me." Tommy while in Jason's kill animation: "He's killing me!" is replaced by Chad's voice. If anybody else can remember any other lines or notice other dialogue issues regarding Tommy besides the intro, feel free to refresh my memory in this thread and I'll gladly add it to the list.
  13. I'm not sure if there will ever be any kind balance patch to revamp this game. You'd think there already be an update that consist of such changes that would solve the group attack issue, but there isn't. Frankly as a result, it's looking more unlikely and probably too late as well. The culprits already took hostage of this game and at this point, they've gain enough experience to counter any past, present and future Jason buff. The game is operated by multiple ventriloquists(troll players). They're the ones who gets to decide the curtain call and fate of camp counselors. Jason is merely the muppet. That's what comes to mind every time I see a game end early or if Jason is drifting away from the others. It's seriously sad we're going from 2017 heading near towards the end 2018, STILL both game and immersion breaking. I appreciate Gun Media for making this game happen and don't doubt it's a huge success, but they're just victims due to the outsiders. I guess when you're a new indie company, hitting some bumpy roads is to be expected I guess. Regardless, I can't look at it as a fun game to go back to anymore. Right now, I just look at it as a great game taken under siege, but still hoping it'll influence one of the following: 1. The settlement can arrive sooner and some type of content can revamp this game. 2. It becomes a successful enough predecessor to open a gateway for big companies to green light Gun Media for a sequel or another slasher title. A specific balance update don't mean shit to me if the core of the game will continue to be simplistic years to come. Most new players and veterans are probably fine with that now, but a change is in desperate need eventually at some point.
  14. No. YOU assumed Grendel/Uber would create some complications if it was included before the engine update. Yes, I understand from the comment you posted saying "ALL parts of the game had to be touched" was in reference to what Shifty stated and him narrowing it down, but there's a good possibility that it doesn't mean Grendel/Uber would be much of an issue it came first, however, there's NO source referencing any Gun Media member with an explanation to state otherwise(which I've asked you to link backing up your claims and you never did) and also considering the fact Part 4/Jarvis house and Roy/Pinehurst didn't develop the type issues you've brought up, my reasoning bringing this up is strictly base on those two factors there. Just to note, I'm not trying to say everything you're stating is wrong or attempting to prove you are regarding how the company operates on the game in the past. You're free to believe what you like, but I would think if if you're going to make any attempt to try and prove anything I've said is invalid, you would have some shred up evidence to back up the information you've provided. You speaking as if you know what is actually going on behind the scenes at Gun Media HQ doesn't make most of your assumptions any more credible. Especially when you're trying to use that to debunk my statement regarding the community feedback ideas influencing the company's decision making. Never did I say my opinion of that was valid or more factual than anything you've said. There's a reason why I said I'd dismiss this if someone from Gun Media wants to say this is certainly not the case in my earlier post. However, I still feel this is a popular opinion most can get behind because the majority of us are aware that Gun Media does indeed listen to everything they can, so I certainly don't see the harm on assuming a huge amount of negative feedback played a role in this and influenced a business decision. Speaking of which, how difficult is it for you to really understand the big difference between "community feedback" and "telling those how to run their the company." Again, another reason why you continue to imagine yourself in the shoes of a Gun Media employee and assuming everything you know that's happening behind closed doors. I never said I felt that certain individuals should lecture more on what they should do with their company at the time when content was in the current state of development. I said it would've been better if a more rational group within the community could present more ideas that could heavily influence those that work in the company and motivate them more to work on ideas that would've likely been in the list of content labeled next to top priority. Honestly, if they were concerned of encountering these types of ideas like and they perceived that as you claim "telling them how to run their business". Do you think we would have Suggestions/Feedback section in the first place? Besides the time were developers working on Victoria or Roy's new color of coveralls to be added. How else did you think that was possible? It came from a long lasting thread of dedicated fans campaigning for an idea that influence the creators decision making.
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