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  1. Either way you want to look at it, Beyond was one of their decisions they needed to help them save face. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to launch a weekly web show revolved around one game that no longer has any future development. When their next project comes, it's eventually going to come to a point that F13 will be seen as a low priority until they'll feel it won't be a priority any longer. That means less coverage for F13 on Beyond. When you put those pieces together, it's not difficult to see the show is clearly a set up for LOF 2 written all over it.
  2. The funny thing is that they'll probably just have another patch down the line where Victoria loses her ass. Over the course of 3 years, where they had all that time to tackle this reoccurring patch epidemic issue where a new major bug is being slipped through the cracks, I think it's safe to say these basic methods like JasonKillsBugs and the occasional monthly responses are just their way to save face for the company. None of the steps they take with patch does nothing but make it backfire because they're not bothering to aim towards the real issue. For whatever reason that is, anybody's guess is as good as mine. As of now, they're just luring players on living in this delusional world making them believe they're actually going to turn things around by playing wheel of fortune with the patches just to see which one will stick and they're using some pointless streaming show to give them an assist. Those Beyond streams are likely a ploy for LOF 2 anyways because everyone obviously knows that's what their sights are truly set on when they feel they're ready to distance themselves from F13.
  3. I don't want to give up, but anytime I think something will come around with some F13 news, it doesn't. Like I said, wishing them the best of luck is the only thing I can probably do at this point.
  4. I really don't have anymore feelings to share on this matter. All these business tactics in the past killed any sort of interest I had left with the game or the franchise. The only thing I can say is whatever happens, good luck to both of them. Something tells me they're definitely going to need it.
  5. I can definitely see a lot potential in this. The movie Sleepaway Camp never had any legal repercussions with it's similarities towards the first F13 movie, so I think they could go through with this if they wanted to. @Alien_Number_Six You nailed it right on the head when you said Gun Media has their fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema and I completely agree. While their development towards a game might be questionable and others can criticize them all they want on it, but when it comes to that atmosphere of an 80s slasher genre, they seem to know what they're doing. Not just for the 80s, but possibly 70s too. I remember first watching their trailer for Paranoia and it seemed like Gun Media wanted to go for a Grindhouse kind of feel. Something like that can definitely be suited for Slasher Vol 1. Imagine the amount of ideas others have suggested on this forum that could potentially be incorporated into the game. More map locations, game modes and character archetypes that didn't make it. Pretty much a lot of movie tropes you can definitely include to spice it up. The influence from the movies is so strong that they could even take a page out of Sleepaway Camp's book (or F13th Part 1 and 5) by making a random team mate the killer nobody's aware of. I feel like F13th really set the bar high and left a gateway wide open for that. I still want Nightmare On Elm Street more than anything at this point, but if we have to start at Slasher Vol 1 then I'm perfectly fine with that. We could definitely use more of this type of asymetrical horror game. The other games like Last Year: The Nightmare, developers always seem they have to throw on a gimmick and it gets tiresome. It always has to be a situation where the killer is portrayed like a comic book villain and the survivors play dress up or turn them into a Scooby Doo/Ghostbusters squad going on unnecessary scavenger hunts that just completely butchers what a proper horror scenario should be. It's elements you would never see in a traditional horror/slasher film. It's more like something you would find in a cheesy comedy horror streaming movie that you probably came across on Netflix.
  6. Lol. Would this be his chase music? Also, imagine DJ Pooh as a counselor.
  7. With the way things are going, an ideal solution for this would simply just for Gun Media to either start up a Halloween or Nightmare On Elm Street game because if you think about it, that is probably just about the closest we are going to get to a better version of F13th with more content. Personally I think Gun should start going for a Nightmare game next. The only downside about this though is that illfonic and Gun parted ways, which means it puts more pressure on Black Tower or another developer team as there's some big shoes to fill for them to try and follow up on another asymmetrical horror to be just as good or better than F13th was. However, it doesn't mean the potential is not there. If F13th had enough sequels to help them flush out some content and maps, then I'm sure they can do the same for Nightmare. There's no legal battle taking place with that franchise as far as we know, so great ideas for future content would be a sure shot. I know there's some counselor mains here who would love to see some of the movie characters like Tina, Glen, Jesse, Tayrn, Kristen, Kincaid or Jennifer be playable in a game. Also, possible hero roles can go to someone like either Nancy or her father Donald. Or they can just go crazy and put Ash in it.
  8. And it's really sad on what it came down to. Dead By Daylight is getting ready to receive Ash from Evil Dead and we're sitting here talking about a counselor's ass.
  9. He's not far off of being wrong. Depending on what on specific unlockables you're seeking and your state of progress in the game, besides the Double XP/CPs/Tape drop events, there's really not much incentive on going back to play the game once you've been through the process of the whole experience. Not to mention the re-release of the physical copy and price deals they've done in the past only introduced the game to a new group of players and it's part of the reason why you're still seeing active lobbies. I imagine it will be no different after the nintendo switch version drops. Now you can applaud and credit Gun Media for making it a smart business move, but when you look at the reality of it, it may not make the game dead, but it doesn't change the fact that the variety for the gameplay is without a doubt completely dead. There is no longer any replay value. It's not thriving like it did before because Gun Media is not really doing much to bring back interest for the game. Morale is completely down. If you need proof, look at the the popular twitch streamers/content creators that stopped broadcasting this game on a weekly basis. Guys like Ohmwrecker streams Dead By Daylight, a much older game, more often than F13th. It shouldn't be difficult to imagine why that is. Even Randy, their own team member lost interest on broadcasting the game. No one knew the reason why until suddenly the news of the lawsuit came up and from there it wasn't much of a secret. Even the number of members surrounding this site that use to be active are declining right now. And who can blame them for not coming back? Not much point in discussing a future for the game if Gun Media has no interest on giving it a big future to begin with. At least based on what I heard from Mattshotcha. He already confirmed there's no plans for a sequel. Also to say something like "There are other games that never got DLC and it's playerbase was still going strong." That's all subjective depending on what games you are referring to. Most game developers probably spent a crucial amount of time and money making sure that game got enough variety before release that it probably got to the point it didn't need much future content. I understand that Gun Media is not like others and there's always going to be publishers/developers that will struggle sometimes even if it meant sacrificing something for the game to move onto other projects, but it's the fact that they won't consider another crowdfunding to help them for future content, yet alone a sequel is dreadful. You figure they could do something like this to show some sort of redemption and bring up morale among everybody. Nobody's asking for their apologies or saying they owe us, just take some action to get around the issue. Even that had to meant US helping THEM. This is why morale is always down because it's nothing but disappointing news all the time. It's bad enough you can never hear the end of it when you want to post an idea in the suggestions/feedback without seeing "Sorry Henry, but making Lachappa get an itchy scalp or dandruff for playing in the camp too long will count as new content."
  10. Based on what took place from the lawsuit, do you or Gun Media feel this will be the last Friday The 13th game we will see forever? Sorry if this has already been asked towards you. If there's a thread or Beyond episode answer covering this, I'll be glad to search for the info there.
  11. Both Victor and Horror Inc still have to reach a settlement before the developers can add any sort of variation towards their work. Which is possibly taking place since Horror Inc decided to withdraw the appeal against Victor. The game use to be only property of Horror Inc, but as of the result of Judge's decision, there's also content in the game that Victor Miller partially owns as well(Example: child Jason from the VC, the Pamela character you hear from the tapes and inside of Jason's head.) I'd say hang there man. Trust me, I was just as frustrated as you are, but the best we can do is keeping the demand high. The fact they're planning to bring this to the nintendo switch I think is just another good example they want this game's legacy to continue. The longer the legacy continues, the better chance we're able to get the content we never got. Seeing it in a Part 2 game is probably the best scenario. Not to discredit Layers Of Fears 2 or anything, but giving more attention to F13 and keeping the demand high would definitely help. It lets Gun Media know what the fans really want.
  12. I feel like it's only it's doing job at keeping a lot of that remaining playerbase interested in the game and that's it. I think by making it permanent, everyone who wants to get those specific unlockables at a quicker rate, it's just going to make them get burnt out and bored more quickly than they already are. I guess to boil it down, it's not helping the playerbase, but at the same time, it's not hurting it either. Same similar main reasons why they decided to market a special re-release physical copy like the slasher edition along with the price deals and the later permanent price cut. It keeps the game and franchise on the radar. I think deep down, Gun Media wants to add more content and they're doing any promotional methods to keep the game more active so they can be prepared for that day. Think about it, after the 2009 film, barely anyone was talking about Friday The 13th until the announcement of the game. Granted the movie franchise created a massive following, but can you recall the last time the mainstream media was covering the franchise this much ever since the game was launched? Resuming content wouldn't be a bad way to get it back into the spotlight. I know others are going to say it's "It's not happening, we're more likely just going to have to wait for a sequel for the game or movie, etc, etc." Say what you will, but it's very rare we ever get a good F13th movie. Also, from the developer perspective, they could do a sequel, but logically, resuming content on the current game would probably be more easier for them. Factoring all this in, it's not much of a stretch on why fans would think or believe content would come back.
  13. Even if we will never get anything for this game, I just want to see Uber/Grendel and most of that wish list Wes was talking about come out one day in some capacity. Whether it's for a sequel or a re-release, anything is fine. It doesn't seem all that fair all that has to fade away because of a lawsuit. I don't think Gun Media is going anywhere anytime soon, but if Victor and Horror Inc settles, they both should try and back them up on this with a nice money deal. I'm sure Wes and the others wouldn't mind continuing content if they had the financial support. And if that can't work out and it meant I had to spend some of my money for Uber, Grendel, the SS Lazarus, Manhattan and many others, I'm perfectly fine with that.
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