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  1. I think that's just their coping mechanism to deal with the lawsuit that has been suffocating the franchise. Most fans have different ways of doing it and this is just one of them. It's why you're starting to see more fan films recently and now you got slash n cast in association with another one, while at the same time, striving Gun Media to do another horror franchise. I agree with you though, that a game like Nightmare or Halloween definitely needs to shift away from that streets of rage simulator that had tainted the F13 game for quite a long time and a better developer that knows what their doing. It didn't take long for me to become unimpressed illfonic's new Predator game from their trailer. I don't even like the concept of it being a call of duty type of shooter while making the predator feel like a side character. Also, as far being stable, good luck to any future owner of that game.
  2. If you or another group combined already tried getting through them with this on multiple occasions in a Beyond stream, then unfortunately you might just have to accept on what their clear intentions are heading into the future of F13th since it's pretty much a waste of time trying this same ordeal communicating via the forums because the ones who have the final say will never have any plans of showing up here. If you want significant change, your best bet is to try your luck on social media to get in touch with those in charge. Message boards/forums are a dying technology anyways. Social media is the huge platform now for communication. Wes and even the others running the game's official twitter has practically freaking lived there posting more tweets regarding the game rather than the site itself in the past. Otherwise, you're better off hoping or supporting another company to take on the moniker of an retro 80's slasher game that can provide you way more better results.
  3. There you go with that again. Trying to twist someone's impression of a game just like you did with me when I was explaining why I thought Uber, Grender, a new game mode, alternative playable heroes would've been a much better focused priority over things like the engine upgrade or 30 dance emotes/halloween costumes if a bigger group of community could've help influenced the company's decision. Feedback is not the same thing as telling someone how to run their company. Anyone is allow to critique a decision they don't see eye to eye with regarding the company's service. That is not being in an authority position on ordering them what to do. In fact, this would've probably have a little more validity if one were to demand a certain change BEFORE THE COMPANY TOOK THAT ACTION and therefore making that decision go into effect. So why are you trying to enlighten someone's opinion of a company's action revolving around particular decisions that already took place? That is pointless to begin with. Everyone knew they never had that kind of power and never will. But they could still leave feedback which for the most part, really influenced some changes to be made( like the Roy coveralls for example.) You and some other companies may feel like this is telling them how to run their business and granted, a company doesn't always to accept anybody's requests but the reality is, if you want your product to go places, you have to put your costumers first.
  4. To those of you who seem to be against the criticisms, an important thing to keep in mind that this game is being planned to hit the nintendo switch platform really soon and considering the game's been stuck in this repeated debacle cycle getting filled with bugs for 3 years and counting, that is no good. Right now, you're looking at potential consumers to become victims of being exposed to similar issues that past owners have been encountering. You all have always been well within your rights to enjoy the game and continue to enjoy it no matter the condition of the game, that's fine. If you feel like you have an obligation to support the creators in hoping for a better future game, that's fine too. Disagreements aside, one thing you all have in common with one another, you want a better a future for the game at the end of the day. Just don't act all surprise from the current and future criticisms when you are fully aware of everything that took place since the game's release and then attempt to persuade others by forcing them to look at it from your perspective. I understand the good intentions behind it, but you are going about it with poor methods towards those who are complaining. Saying things like "Just stop playing" "Be patient, they're looking into etc." is about one of the worst approaches you can take because chances are, you are merely insulting their intelligence because there's a possibility they've already done their homework surrounding the history of the game and all they'll see in their eyes is someone who is basically spreading possible false hope or either advocating that it's perfectly acceptable to allow poor service for paying consumers based on saying things like. You don't have that much credibility as you think might do.
  5. I was in lobby earlier on PS4 today and oh boy...I can tell you for certain that players here are not exaggerating about the roof glitching on packanack. One game, a sweater girl and tommy player glitched on the roof pretty much influencing other players to kill the lobby. On a side note, the rest of the games I've experienced in QP were basically just griefers consisting of Jason helpers or Jason players intentionally letting the counselors escape. I think everyone's already at the point they've accepted that Black Tower Studios is doing them no favors. The fact that they hired a developer that's more obscured than illfonic ever was in the first place has to be concerning a bit.
  6. @mattshotchaYou're probably already aware this, but if not, just in case, a quick reminder that Tommy Jarvis intro dialogues are still missing. For more info related to this, here's the thread I created awhile to give a breakdown of the whole thing. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25458-thom-mathewstommy-intro-dialogues-are-missing/
  7. The thing that's make it a huge low blow for me is, according to Matt, even after the lawsuit is done, Gun Media has no desire to continue to this franchise whether it's a sequel or in any way shape or form. That just gives you a general idea on what so so interest they've always had for the game and pretty much explains the past random double xp events and streams that went unnoticed. You're right that folks will get antsy over the negativity, but if your company is going to operate as a team with low morale then your community is going to follow behind. Simple.
  8. Either way you want to look at it, Beyond was one of their decisions they needed to help them save face. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to launch a weekly web show revolved around one game that no longer has any future development. When their next project comes, it's eventually going to come to a point that F13 will be seen as a low priority until they'll feel it won't be a priority any longer. That means less coverage for F13 on Beyond. When you put those pieces together, it's not difficult to see the show is clearly a set up for LOF 2 written all over it.
  9. The funny thing is that they'll probably just have another patch down the line where Victoria loses her ass. Over the course of 3 years, where they had all that time to tackle this reoccurring patch epidemic issue where a new major bug is being slipped through the cracks, I think it's safe to say these basic methods like JasonKillsBugs and the occasional monthly responses are just their way to save face for the company. None of the steps they take with patch does nothing but make it backfire because they're not bothering to aim towards the real issue. For whatever reason that is, anybody's guess is as good as mine. As of now, they're just luring players on living in this delusional world making them believe they're actually going to turn things around by playing wheel of fortune with the patches just to see which one will stick and they're using some pointless streaming show to give them an assist. Those Beyond streams are likely a ploy for LOF 2 anyways because everyone obviously knows that's what their sights are truly set on when they feel they're ready to distance themselves from F13.
  10. I don't want to give up, but anytime I think something will come around with some F13 news, it doesn't. Like I said, wishing them the best of luck is the only thing I can probably do at this point.
  11. I really don't have anymore feelings to share on this matter. All these business tactics in the past killed any sort of interest I had left with the game or the franchise. The only thing I can say is whatever happens, good luck to both of them. Something tells me they're definitely going to need it.
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