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  1. You can just think of them as if they were real. If...that helps. Or Chris and Violet, since it's basically their counterparts.
  2. See, that's why I think Kenny is a tough call for me. Being a head counselor, it'll seem like he has an obligation to look out for the younger group and leave him no choice but to show humanity throughout the whole movie, which can possibly make him survive. But at the same time, he strikes you like one of those teachers(assuming by his look he's a bit older) secretly sleeping with a student, which has happened a good plenty of times in horror movies. So his fate can probably go either way.
  3. I had to edit my post there. I forgot about AJ lol. I wasn't really serious about this casting, since I know there are some actors that'll probably do better. Most of these just came to mind. But Buggzy definitely reminds a lot like Lewis from Final Destination 3.
  4. My idea for the game's live action cast. Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things as Jenny Myers the girl next door. Shannon Purser from Stranger Things as Deborah. Jonah Hill as LaChappa. For Buggzy. I would choose Texas Battle(aka Lewis from Final Destination 3). Especially in the scene below. He nails the Jock trope perfectly. Meagan Good as Vanessa. Amadeus Serafini as Adam. He portrayed a decent Edgy guy in the Scream TV series. Alexz Johnson(Erin from Final Destination 3) as AJ. And for the American Horror Story co-stars. Evan Peters as Chad. Although, I can see him as Adam as well. He does a good job acting out different character types. And a lot of people's favorite, Emma Roberts as Tiffany or if the game was to ever have a "mean girl." The return of Thom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis) Taraji P Henson as Fox. James Franco as Mitch.
  5. @NthnButAGoodTime Oh god, what have you done? You've started another civil war thread! lol Joking aside. Great post. I've said it awhile back on here, that it's great we actually got this game, it's unfortunate it had to come at such a heavy cost. I can't say I disagree with the way most of the community feels, since I understand it, but their actions is another story. How they control their feelings and react to the situation of the game is entirely up to them. Same goes for the team working on this game. I'm still pulling for both sides to survive this dilemma at the end of the day though.
  6. New Game Mode - Kill Jason

    And you think killing Jason every single time won't be? Jason players will have to keep shifting away and hide since their already fed up with being group attacked. Not to mention counselor players will get tired of looking for him. It will get old fast. Unless the updates in the future can make up for this, it's not going to be fun for either side.
  7. Not unless the chain is for the sole purpose of attaching it to a boulder. You combine those two, then got yourself a single carrying item. You may not even have to do that. It can already be a item itself in the game. I was actually proposing and relying more on the boat and propeller as the last piecing puzzles towards killing him. With that alone, you don't even have to be in the water. I forgot to mention this, but yes, Tommy would have to leave and enter the camp first for the kill to occur. Also, note I never said this had to take place on the current maps we have since I could understand why it would be a lot of work from the developer's point of view. It could be a whole unique map or game mode for all I care. It might sound difficult and senseless to do, but I don't think that makes it impossible.
  8. Same. My recent game sessions were about 3 games all ended by hosts. Really strange, it feels like it's happening more and more than usual for me lately. It makes me ask myself is it even worth waiting a long time for another game just to have it shut down again.
  9. Matches would be cool if the game ever gave Tommy an alternative way to kill Jason, but I think in order for it to make it a appropriate balance is by leaving Tommy players with only two options. Couple of examples could be something like. A. Enter crystal lake and help the other counselors? B. Search for the following items first: Matches, the boulder and a chain. Tommy can be somewhere outside the map trying to search for the items. The gas you can already retrieve from the camp. This choice would be a bold move, since your leaving the counselors for a brief moment. Take too long and Jason will eventually find you as Tommy.
  10. Players in the Sky

    Maybe it's the space ship Grendel trying to save the counselor. They must be teasing Jason X content.
  11. If this game is going to be killed by something, it's definitely not single player.
  12. Lol. This game is turning almost everyone into Part V Tommy.
  13. Haha! I posted that shit before I walked in the room!
  14. New Game Mode - Kill Jason

    It's fine if killing Jason is your only main course of surviving, but if you're taking away the escape options then you need something to substitute for that, otherwise the replay value will be dead.