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  1. Current Updates

    Update avalible for ps4
  2. Current Updates

    Same for PlayStation
  3. Current Updates

    Surprise, surprise nothing happening. Sony needs to get on the ball.
  4. Current Updates

    I’m excited as well, but as a paying user of their product I expect more and why shouldn’t we. I see and understand everyone who is defending Gun Media, I love the game they helped created. When you have played a game that is well managed with updates and patches it’s easy to slam companies that fall short of that standard. Thanks all...
  5. Current Updates

    Unfortunately for Gun and Illfonic it’s not about today’s update, users of this game have dealt with a glitched product from the beginning and by comparison to the other MMORPGs available they have a lot of work to do. Today’s update is users holding Gun to their word.
  6. Current Updates

    Just referring to the vagueness of the quote 3pm for event but no specifics on patches.
  7. Current Updates

    Don’t be to specific with times for the updates or we may get confused. Frustrating....
  8. Curious if anyone knows what is going on with 5e patches/updates? I haven’t seen anything yet...
  9. Hello...

    Hello all, love the game, hate the glitches!
  10. Hello...

    Hello, I am new as well.