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  1. 3. I feel you bro. In this situation I always switch to a counselor who has good repair.This is the only thing you could do... it proves to be quite effective nonetheless.Even a single high repair counselor could do miracles 10. This one is indeed frustrating, but easy to counter(only if the devs want of course). Unless you get killed during the match, you will loose CP if you quit(or suicide).LOTS OF CP !This should be in operation as soon as that Jason animation starts. 12. I agree that new counselors should have more relevant, more special stat distributions. How about a counselor with decent Repair and good Stamina?(even great Stealth why not hehe) 13. An interesting point of view. This could determine players to play as counselors like Eric more often lol.
  2. You have a good point there. This EXP mechanic should only work once per objective part however, in order to prevent other counselors from moving the same item from one objective to another(or simply pick it up and then drop it in the same place) so that they can get the benefit.That would be quite ridiculous lol.If for example someone takes one of the gas cans to one of the objectives, he/she will get the experience for it and that gas can in particular won't provide any EXP if it gets moved by other counselors to another objective(or picked up and dropped afterwards).Moreover, if you bring, for example, the battery, to a car that already has a battery within that range(or installed), you won't receive the experience.This is hardly an issue though, since you can see on your map whether that objective has the item in question or not.Finally, like any other action that grants EXP in this game, you won't receive experience for doing the same action twice.Bringing the Battery, bringing the Gas, bringing the Fuse, bringing the Propeller should therefore be considered as being distinct actions.That being said, if you bring both batteries or both gas cans to their objectives, you will receive experience only once. As far as scoring for each action is concerned :Bringing the battery -25 exp ; Bringing the gas - 25 exp ; Bringing the Fuse - 50 exp ; Bringing the Propeller - 50 exp I hope I didn't miss anything that could compromise this great idea of yours
  3. Buddy...*sigh* How should I tell you... My sincerest apologies for this, but that counselor of yours is so... SOOOOO FREAKING AMAZING !!! I don't even know where to begin First thing first, based on these pictures and the way I imagine this guy as being part of the game, I can undoubtedly say that he would be the most stunning and charismatic of them all ! Blonde hair?Blue eyes?Curly swept up texture haircut?Glasses and those clothes? He looks astonishing.Very impressive physiognomy there.(Not rough like Buggzy, Vanessa or I don't know who) Nicely done Now about his stats ... You might think that I am crazy but, I actually like how they were distributed.Germans are known for being efficient, aren't they? Hehe. This counselor looks OP because the others (some of them) have been built quite poorly, like Eric(who is just a worse Deborah) and definitely Sheldon (if you have high Strength you do not need high Stealth; you are supposed to confront Jason).Moreover, if you take a look at his stats you will find out that he is actually not OP: - 5 Composure is average so he will panic in less than a minute; if you get scared, your Stamina recharge rate will decrease - 1 Luck & 1 Strength make this counselor a TERRIBLE fighter; plus, even if he manages to fix the car, it will take him ages to get it started - 5 Repair is not that good, it's relatively easy to make a mistake; I sometimes have to reset the skill check even with 7 Repair - 7 Speed means he is above average BUT if he starts sprinting he won't be stealthy anymore; if he only jogs there is a chance he will be shift grabbed - 9 Stealth means that he won't be able to use the Lightfoot perk in order to sprint silently (this would indeed be OP) - 7 Stamina is actually good, but not as good as Vanessa's Personally, I wouldn't mind having to deal with 4 or even 5 such counselors during a round.(I am not a good Jason but I manage to kill everyone most of the time, even though sometimes I struggle to do so). I doubt that I would see more than 2-3 Heinrichs during each round anyway given that most people choose either AJ or Vanessa and there are very few people who fancy gentlemen :)) Although I am fine with his stats, they feel OP for the others. So how about these?: Composure: 4 Stamina: 7 Luck: 2 Stealth: 9 Repair: 7 Strength: 1(+1) Speed: 5 (-1) -Repair is less important than Speed, so now his Speed is lower -Even lower Composure for even lower Stamina Recharge rate -Since he looks smart it is a little bit more relevant for him to have above average repair Now he should be similar to AJ. In the worst scenario I would take 1 point from Speed and add it to Strength, but his lowered Composure and lowered Stealth balance things already. Unfortunately, as the others have already said, it is not likely for him to become part of the game.Why couldn't the directors add such an intriguing individual in the movies so that he could also become part of the game LOLThe devs could at least add a counselor from the movies with those Stats (either the ones The Specialist suggested or the ones I suggested) Jesus! I found that Heinrich of yours to be so cool that I wrote an outstretched commentary about him
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