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  1. A few complaints 1 when Jason is near the music should not be just that 1 track that will get annoying 2 this may be because it was part 3 but Jason being stunned should be waaay shorter it's Jason! He should be able to take blows Of course the undead Jason's May be harder to stun Other than that it was AWESOME! Can't wait for beta
  2. Just talked to the fq3 Twitter account Ronnie made it !
  3. *stalks campgrounds impatiently* there hear Jason find them
  4. You know what you do after the beta ? Endlessly watch the YouTube videos that will be uploaded during the beta !
  5. excellent now excuse me I have to pack for camp I hear it's got a death curse!
  6. I unfortunately broke my Mic last week will there be text chat in game for the beta also is it mouse and keyboard compatible I don't have a controller
  7. Great idea this would be awesome for those of us who want to make f13 movies with this game
  8. lol picturing part 7 Jason showing up on Christmas scaring the crap out of children is hilarious!
  9. Pff I'll just shove tommys face in a toilet and drown him like he tried to drown me! What would be cool is if you're part 7 Jason Tommy kinda freeks out saying no ! You can't be alive I killed you your dead!
  10. it looks like her arm is broken awesome! I wonder if Jason gets up automatically or if the Jason player can try and fake being knocked out so many cool little mechanics so many questions!
  11. Ps4 has the share factory a tool for people to create videos and trailers easily idk if Xbox has something similar And obviously pc has a million programs for that type of thing Gun media could you have themes openings endings and music for f13 added for share factory on ps4 and if Xbox has a similar system ? Devs do it for their games The evil within star wars battle front etc Plz I'm a creative storyteller and I would love for something like this to be added so my friends and I can make our own version of the f 13th movie series series I know that other forum user's expressed similar idea's And yes I know about the highlight reel you guys have planned at the end of the match I'm talking about having an opening like from the screenshot on Twitter The match itself and then end credits Plz plz plz ?
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