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  1. First off I am so so excited for this game! But I do have some fears that I hope the community and the devs can discuss 1 longevity. This game is a horror game and while a popular genre for sure dosnt usually last long in terms of longevity especially because it's mp only and only 1 mode so far that we know of how can we fix this? 2 appealing to mainstream horror fan's. This game is obviously for fans of Friday the 13th BUT that is not enough!!! This also needs to appeal to mainstream horror gamers and just gamers in general ! So it doesn't die in the first few months. So what are the devs doing to ensure this? What are some ideas the community can think of to fix this problem? 3 nailing the horror feel: this is the most important of all it needs to feel like a horror film . Do I think the developers can do it yes with the creator's of Jason working on the game BUT there is a few massive problems 3 A the fact it is mp but then it's just a single player game! Because the game is mp that presents a major challenge how do you fix this? 3 B. The counsellor gameplay This is critical and I'm not talking about just making them fun to play the playstyle shouldn't feel like you're playing a mp game it should feel like each counsellor is playing a single player survivor game (like alien isolation feel ) . since I heard that is a massive success in terms of recent horror games each counsellor should only be thinking about themselves until they come across another counselors. Their mind should be almost tricking itself into thinking it's playing a single player or at least 2 player co op horror game 4 the kills: the kills need to be gruesome (it is Jason after all) there needs to be plenty of blood. The counsellor should be thinking if there about to be killed (oh @$&@ no no no!) I want to say make them gory but then maybe not this is 80s horror so it was kind of silly But I'm kinda hoping there gritty and gruesome (that's just me though) Discuss reply waylay my fears and all that offer up your solutions Like I said before if they can nail this game which they have a very good chance of doing because they have the creators composers and actor of the films working on the game. This has the potential to be the greatest horror game ever made. I'm super excited yet I'm very very cautious about this game
  2. Personally I like the series overall and am curious to see if number 7 will redeem the series Favorites 2 and 5 5 I think had the best ending. I felt so bad for the final girl 2 had a better plot than 3 imo Worst 4 and 6 4 had a terrible origin story for the cannibals in my opinion 6 oh wrong turn 6 what can I say you are by far one of the worst horror movie sequels I've ever seen if I can even call it that. Was more like a badly disguised porno to me And the ending oh yeah let's re open the restraunut from the beginning but now the customers are eating human flesh and the cannibals are the chef's. wtf kind of ending is that? I hate WT6 with a passion horrible movie in my opinion What does the community think of this horror series? I'm curious to hear what the devs have to say if they have seen some of the movies
  3. I just finished watching the original f13 and I really feel bad for Jason and Mrs vorhease to be honest I can see where their coming from though I don't think murder is the answer Think about it Jason was bullied based on his appearance and I think for being mentally challenged? So the kids must have known he can't swim and while he's screaming for help the kids sit there and laugh (Freddy vs Jason) Now the counselors are not paying attention because their having sex or just being negligent And as far as I know the kids and the counselors where never changed and then they open it again and Mrs vorhease knows this could easily happen again and knows what teens are like and is distraught so does the right thing in her mind and tries to stop it Jason meanwhile has multiple reasons to do what he does 1 he hates teens for killing his mother who he see as doing the right thing 2 he kills the counselors to to send a message that he will never forgive what happened 3 he wants to prevent any kids from being hurt like he was (I'm assuming that is why he spares the kids in part 6 in my opinion anyway) 4 he kills cops etc because he sees them as protecting bad teenagers who need to be taught a lesson So yeah I feel for Jason and Mrs vorhease they were treated like crap (Jason for being different) and Mrs vorhease for nobody really punishing the people who killed her child when they were supposed to be watching him! Anyone else fell bad for our favorite killing duo? May I bring justice for Jason by killing all you naughty non caring teenagers in the game Shame on all you counselors for not paying attention and stopping this tragedy! Ki ki ki ma ma ma (cue mafradini music) see you all at camp in October and be ready to run! So excited for this game!!!
  4. I would say best intro is part 6 And best way he came back Even though it was a dream etc boy Jason leeping from the lake in the First movie
  5. What in your opinion are the best and worst modern scary /horror movie series?
  6. It's a fan film series of nightmare on elm street about Freddy while he was still human and holy crap the actor they got for Freddy is perfect! https://m.youtube.com/watch?debug_prerolls=false&sts=17015&utcoffset=-300&v=1S1tAaLZo9w&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fm.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D1S1tAaLZo9w%26itct%3DCA4QpDAYBCITCKP_gLbrws4CFQbQqgodYbcEfzIGcmVsbWZ1SM22pImema7kOg%253D%253D&has_verified=1&layout=tablet&client=mv-google There's also another different guy it's called the confession of Fred Kruger https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YKJh5e2aVbs Note I am in know way associated with either of these fan films just a big fan 1..2 Freddy is coming for you
  7. A few complaints 1 when Jason is near the music should not be just that 1 track that will get annoying 2 this may be because it was part 3 but Jason being stunned should be waaay shorter it's Jason! He should be able to take blows Of course the undead Jason's May be harder to stun Other than that it was AWESOME! Can't wait for beta
  8. Just talked to the fq3 Twitter account Ronnie made it !
  9. Must ...have......gameplay!!!
  10. Yes yes yes yes-dies by machete
  11. *stalks campgrounds impatiently* there hear Jason find them
  12. lunyspacelord

    Twitter Images Thread

    You know what you do after the beta ? Endlessly watch the YouTube videos that will be uploaded during the beta !
  13. excellent now excuse me I have to pack for camp I hear it's got a death curse!
  14. I unfortunately broke my Mic last week will there be text chat in game for the beta also is it mouse and keyboard compatible I don't have a controller
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    LAN support confirmed?!

    the beta main menu says differently.
  16. lunyspacelord

    LAN support confirmed?!

    Private matches in beta yes!
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    Twitter Images Thread

    New image on Randys Twitter
  18. Great idea this would be awesome for those of us who want to make f13 movies with this game
  19. lol picturing part 7 Jason showing up on Christmas scaring the crap out of children is hilarious!
  20. but what happens to all the naughty children ?
  21. lunyspacelord

    Tommy Jarvis unveiled

    bring it on Jarvis