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  1. Did you get your moneys worth?

    I got my money's worth and then some. Out of the game purchases that Ive made since June, this the only game I find myself coming back to all the time.
  2. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Exactly. The remake and Freddy vs Jason are both owned by the same company. The company was asked about using those 2 versions of the character for the game, and they denied the use.
  3. Daytime maps

    It doesnt matter my man. It all falls on deaf ears. It doesnt matter how many facts are given or how much logic you use, It's all a waste of time and effort. It just doesnt matter.
  4. Daytime maps

    I would post definitions of the 2 words to show you the difference but you would just interpret it the way that you choose anyway so there isn't really a point . You don't really want this game to be like millions of others do you?
  5. Daytime maps

    Here we go again, lol. The first line of your very first post reads as follows," Why can't there be daytime maps in the game?" You are asking a question. You are getting good answers, that are logical and easily read, given in a respectful way. People aren't necessarily being difficult just because you don't like the answer to your question. People are agreeing with you and also stating that given an opportunity to explore the map in the day time , they'd take it. Sounds like a cool idea. But as far as game play goes , it wouldnt work. There are reasons why it wouldnt work and reasons that it just doesnt make sense. You saying that it would be easy to do , doesnt make it make sense. You saying that cutting the power in the daytime would still be scary, sure maybe it would be, but not as scary as night time thus it wouldnt make mush sense. I agree that checking out the locales during the day would be neat. I would do it, but I wouldnt do the true exploration in game anyway, there 's just no time for that while trying to take care of objectives and stay alive. So for the record, I'm not trying to argue. I actually think day time exploration would be a good thing, just not during game play, for the reasons stated. I'm not trying to be difficult but I'm also defending the opinion that , however "cool" it might be , it wouldnt be "cool" enough to constitute the changes that would be needed to make or the differences in the fear mechanics.
  6. Daytime maps

    I can see the want to explore and check out the maps better , but it really would defeat many aspects of the purpose and concept for the game. If included, it should be "extra". Like a virtual cabin , but for maps. Or even have a tour information type display in the virtual cabin. Each map would have its own pamphlet, pick it up , read about it and have the option to roam around in it, aimlessly. even treat it like the cabin, and give tidbits and factoids about the locations and detail the inspiration or reason for inclusion. It's not a bad idea to want to get a better view of the map and its surroundings/layout , but to include a daytime map to normal gameplay would mess with too much in my opinion. Much more than a simple pallette swap.
  7. I am surviving/ escaping as much now as I ever did. Took a little getting used to, of course , but I'm seeing as much success as I was when Jason was super nerfed. I feel like the game IS balanced. I'm not saying it is easy to survive or escape, you've gotta try . You need to make good choices and you need to understand the difference between your good and bad decisions. The fear is back, but it's not a paralyzing, incapacitating fear either.
  8. ba dum tiss beat me to it
  9. Yes , but no other Jason can use his pitchfork
  10. Just saw the news. "coming soon" any Jason can have any other weapon currently designated for a different Jason, (other than the Savini pitchfork) I think that's pretty cool, Not necessarily a game changer but still pretty cool
  11. Counselors relationships

    Kenny & Jenny, Tiff &Chad, Adam & A.J., Buggzy & Vanessa, Lachappa wants Deb but she isnt interested. Mitch is too high to care. Fox doesnt want to be associated with any of them, Shelly annoys everyone.
  12. I started maining Tiffany about a month ago due to her speed , stealth,and ability to grab the sweater. When we had the last update I was getting killed a ton , many times early on depending on spawn locale. Now that the dust has settled a bit and Ive adapted some. I'm surviving at a better rate than ever. I dont get to play a ton still, been playing since early June, and average less than 5 hours a week most week. I'd say I'm at about 75-80% successful , which is higher than I was between October and December.
  13. How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    As excited as I was to get on, I only managed to play for 2 1/2 hours ish. level 40 up to 42. I did make some friends though, so at least there was that.
  14. What if Grendel is only a SP map

    Yeah, it looks like it'll be more akin to a Metal gear game , or something similar where stealth/stalk is key. But you are right, we wont really know anything until April at the very earliest.