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  1. I thought it was my remote acting up when I couldn't hop out of the windows or open the doors sometimes. I'd spam the hell out of the button with Jason right behind me. I also struggle with setting the traps. I've died so much because of this. I hope they fix it soon.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Also thank you @DamonD7for the info on what groups to join. I've messaged on both!
  3. Adult: Have mic Xbox One player. Add me please! I'm sending Tattooey a message as I want to join the club. My old crew is hardly ever on F13 anymore.
  4. Xbox One Team Player Gamertag: Offjupiter1515
  5. I agree, before they disabled team kill I was getting shot or slashed quite a bit in quick play games. Then I played a few matches with folks working together and pointing out to Jason where everyone was as well as trying to injure my player to slow me down. Now that it's banned they are still trying to cheat. I had a guy today that jumped in a cabin where I was, trying to beat me to all the goods, then he set off flares and broke the windows to make a lot of noise. smh They literally have nothing else to do, then I see that a lot of trolls are uploading to youtube and people are subbing for their griefing.
  6. Hello everyone! I saw a quite few introductions so I figured I'd follow suit. I just signed up today, hoping to meet some chill, ADULT, people who play on Xbox. I recently started playing again after going on a hiatus due to the very common issues of not being given my CP points, being kicked from a match, and of course the always dependable host kick. I play on the Xbox One and I've seen some really unfavorable feedback from folks hearing that. I do want to get the game for my PC but not while its $40. Anyway, I'm your typical player, not great, but not too bad either. I'm the type that will try and hit Jason if he picks you up and I try to find the essentials for either calling the police or starting the car/boat right after weapon gathering. Nothing worse then someone who hides the entire game, imho. I watch F13 gaming as played by Typical Gamer, H20Delirious, and Ohmwrecker. My gamertag is OffJupiter1515 and I always have my mic at hand, though only on if there are others in the party that chat.
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