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    Community Events

    Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. Street Trash is the fairy tale version of my life. I completely blanked on the "no new content" deal. Oops. I'm still missing a few tapes and 25000 CP would be amazing as well. I vote for any of those.
  2. C Atkins

    Community Events

    Maybe it could've been an exclusive kill that only the winner(s) got. Nothing overly difficult but still worth playing for. So many possibilities.
  3. Not trolling, just voting for the one thing I want. This is why I don't want/have a voice on here. No more from me.
  4. I want a "client side save patch" for consoles. Back to lurking, laughing, crying and everything in-between.
  5. At least the offline bots only teabag you when you REALLY deserve it.
  6. C Atkins


    Hello friends. I'm Chris. PS4. I die a lot, while working on objectives, and sometimes try to kill as Jason. Everyone's opinion is appreciated. Thanks for being you. Back to lurking.