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  1. Life at level 150

    Is anybody keeping track of their “true” level? I notice since becoming level 150 this week that even though your status doesn’t change, the XP bar still fills up and then resets. It has happened to me one time already and will happen again if I play one more full game which means that I am actually Level 151, going on 152 (even though, obviously, stuck at 150 like everyone else).
  2. The second timer is a perfect solution, but I suggest that the timer should be thirty seconds to a minute, and that those players should be marked once they enter the proximity, that way they can’t cheat the system by leaving and reentering thereby restarting the timer. The reason why the timer should be longer is for wounded players that enter the proximity but don’t actually have the speed to make it to the exit within 10 seconds and escape legitimately.
  3. I think that they should develop a new way to kill Jason altogether. They should still have the shack and the sweater to use as a stun item, but when it comes to the kill they should have it stop working. And on top of that they shouldn’t even tell people there is a new way until people start complaining about the “glitch”. Or maybe even keep the Tommy kill but add a second kill and then randomize which of the two will work every match.
  4. Actually, funny that you say that, but you kind of can. I still need 40 points to earn the final bear trap badge. What I have been doing every single match since last weekend to get there is to go to one of the smaller cabins with one entrance and place the trap OUTSIDE the door. Eventually, unless the 20 minutes are up he WILL show up and either have to decide to let me live or eat the trap. I haven’t had one choose to let me live yet. Even when he traps the windows it’s pretty simple to escape out a window, particularly running the thick skin perk. If I wanted to I might even have time to jump out a front window and chain stun him while he is in the trap, but I don’t know if I’d want to take the risk.
  5. I don't know. I'd have to think about those a little longer. There's already a badge for entering Jason's shack though. I don't have any real ideas for new badges. Maybe a "decathalon" badge for completing more than one objective in a single match (repairing boat singlehandly, fixing and calling the police, etc..), but that's about all that I have at the moment.
  6. I don’t know. I’ve been playing since mid October and now getting less than 6 kills in a match has become a rarity. The only time I have a bad round is if all of the counselors are more experienced than I am (I just hit Level 150), I’m too drunk to see straight anymore, or my enthusiasm is too low because I just finished playing Jason two matches beforehand.
  7. Forgive me if this has been discussed. Couldn't find a thread on it, but it seems like a fairly simple thing to introduce in the grand scheme of things. It'd be cool if there were new tasks to work towards during the main game. On the similar note, today I got the award for 100 boat repairs. The funny thing is that I still only have 84/113 points towards earning the boat repair badge, so either the game is including both gas and propeller in one match towards that total, or it is still counting the repairs toward the reward even in the event of a host quit. Which case is it?
  8. I think you spoke to soon. The ritual haze of the newbie player is still in full swing. The one game I just hosted before it crashed ended in a dance party/Jason whack a mole session.
  9. The game is dying? I call Fake News. For real fake news, not the kind that you call fake news just because you don’t like the story. If you’re going to make claims then you better have evidence to support them.
  10. If removing team killing also caused toxic players to quit and move on, then how is that a bad thing?
  11. I’d like like to kill somebody against the piano.
  12. Damm I am tired.

    I’m in your boat and it is definitely long hours at work that is messing you up. I have a job where if you work a 40 hour week you’re lucky. It isn’t uncommon to be scheduled to work 10 hr shifts 5 days a week with a 5hr shift on Saturday. Sometimes it is 8. To make things worse I work third shift so my sleep patterns are even more disrupted. I sleep 3 hrs before noon usually with another 3 to 4 in the evening. I’m also a parent but fortunately both have reached middle and high school age so can mostly look after themselves. If I play this game it is usually after midnight est Friday and Saturday Nights. with a few plays peppered through the week early afternoons before school lets out. I’m tired!
  13. Jason too easy to kill?

    Uh... no. When it is obvious that the gang has their strategy down pat I am not going to simply sit back and “let it happen”. Screw that. If they need my assistance in order to kill me, then they have already failed before they began. Maybe they should try the cops, car or boat instead if they want extra XP at the end of the match. Oh, and I reappeared back in front of them with 15 seconds left in the game just to spite them. Plus, these are the kind of people that choose to suicide if the plan fails.
  14. Jason too easy to kill?

    I increased the salt content of a Jason kill squad tonight because I morphed away once the mask was off. To me it was obvious from the beginning that was the way it was going down because the first person died way too easy. Also the lobby was filled with strong and fast characters. No fixers. They were sending me measages and everything trying lure me out. After the match I told them to not be so obvious or go after newbies. Denying them the kill was infinitely more pleasing than the potential kill or two I might have gotten out of it.
  15. Jason too easy to kill?

    I’d be concerned that 9 different kills would be too complex and introduce more bugs into the game. It would be better to focus on one and make it as good as it can be.