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  1. The only thing I think that I’d pay extra for right now is a playable Crazy Ralph character.
  2. I understood. I still don’t think the counselors needs any more advantages than they already have. If anything they need access to less perks at this point.
  3. Jason has a hard enough time killing counselors with the 3 they already have. I say no.
  4. I actually quit as Jason today. It was going to be my last game before bed (work third shift) so of course that meant I had to be Jason. I didn’t want to play him to begin with, the sun was reflecting off my screen and into my eyes and I had a terrible match. I only killed 2 people and one of them came back as Tommy. The police were called, I gave it the best half hearted try that I could, but they all made it to the exit. But then all 6 of them decided to hang out to get their jollies on me. I morphed to the other side of the map, and waited a few minutes. Morphed back, still there? Yep. Oh well, I gave them more than ample time to escape. Click. Off to bed. (I was the host at the time so no XP for them. Tough shit, dont feel guilty in the slightest about tea bagging fuckwads.)
  5. Yeah, better hurry up on that before somebody chimes in to agree with me. Jeesh.
  6. Again, and I dont know how often to say this: DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. if you dont want trolls to have power over you, then dont play with them. Pretty damned simple. Who cares if trolls have ultimate power over their matches? Go elsewhere. Whole parties voting is a ridiculous notion. Hosting isn’t a democracy. Lobbies don’t last long enough to form any bond between random players, and if I have the ability to end the games at any time, then I’m certainly not going to bend to the will of the majority of players in my own lobby. Not to mention that a vote to kick is suicide if the troll is the host. Just leave. As a host you already have the Godlike power to end everything. All booting and banning people is doing is refining that power so not everybody has to suffer.
  7. I find it mildly humorous how so many people bitch and moan about the game, but when someone recommends a new idea, it’s like: “Oh no! We cant do THAT!!!”
  8. Ah yes, the “dedicated servers”. That’ll happen.
  9. Again, I don’t care. You are taking the negative position that trolls vastly outnumber the people that want to play a good game. I disagree. Are there trolls? Yes. But I have dealt with far more good people than bad, even in quick matches. Maybe giving players more ability to tweek the game to their liking will excite players rather than drive them away. If the game is going to force hosting on us then they may as well give us more variety.
  10. I honestly don’t understand why “abuse” is such a problem. If it gets abused then you leave and host your own. Problem solved. The only people that would stay in a game to get abused are morons. Good hosts will have great games. Bad hosts will have bad games full of trolls. If a jerk host boots you for petty reasons then you’ll be better served elsewhere. The only thing he/she CAN do is boot you, and lets face it, it would probably time out anyways. Banning can be abused, but the way that works is, the more people you ban, the more segregated from the community you become.
  11. The first thing I do is trap the phone. The second thing I do is bust down the door(s) and locate where the phone is so I can get to it immediately when they bypass the trap. If you don’t do this then it is going to take you twice as long to bust open the doors after they lock it and by then it’ll be too late.
  12. Maps are good. Knowing where people and items are at every moment isn’t. It removes a huge part of the fear factor of the game.
  13. This has been used as an argument before, and my answer to that is... So what? Who needs people like that? Do you want to play with them? I don’t. They can ban and block me all they want to and that will only make games in the future all the better because I wouldn’t have to put up with immature little stains ever again. Let trolls be trolls among their own kind. I don’t care, just don’t do it on my time.
  14. Just a suggestion to clean games of Trolls. I could've used this earlier today instead I was forced to shut down my lobby entirely to get rid of him and boot everybody. There should be an option in user preferences for hosting, if it comes down to you, just like there is in choosing preferences over which you'd like to be, Jason or a councilor. A simple check box next to all contestants for the moderator to click on to boot and/or permanently ban. I've mentioned this before in other threads but decided to make one special for this topic. Because nobody should have to suffer fools.
  15. I was hosting today and when it was my turn to be Jason there was one guy that was egging me on with dances and tea bagging. He definitely had skills and stunned me quite a few times (although some I walked into intentionally just to get doors down) but it was clear that he had no focus other than trolling me. I left a few times to deal with others but came back and eventually wore him down (he was clearly using the thick skin perk given the number of hits he took). But like a typical coward he killed himself by climbing through a broken window rather than dying by my hand. And then to top it off he still tried to troll me via IM and told me that I sucked and that I still didn’t get him. Talk about fooling himself. I may not have gotten XP but I still defeated him by default. He still lost by default. I told him that the only reason I didn’t get him is because he was a pussy, simple as that, and that since I was the host I was kicking him from the game. Of course, since there is no way to single out individuals for banning that required shutting down the lobby, but better that than allowing one troll to ruin one game after another. I was doing everyone a favor.