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  1. Why the hell would you want a game to be easy? They’re only fun if they are a challenge. Buffing Jason wouldn’t make killing him impossible unless you’re not at all interested in improving your gaming skills. A shit ton of games out there have final bosses that are many times harder to kill than Jason. He should be tougher.
  2. Sounds like it may be something that would correct itself if you simply reboot your PS4.
  3. I think in comparison to the other counselors she is very much overpowered, that’s why she is disliked as much as she is. She has too many of the necessary strengths and her weaknesses really aren’t all that detrimental. Her repair skills should be the worst, but they’re not.
  4. I always wonder why nobody ever screams when you stumble across his body in the bathroom. Seems like a missed opportunity. And his name is Rob.
  5. The only problem I find is that there is always another person willing to spray the wounded guy if he cant do it himself. Wounding everybody is a valid strategy, but a time consuming one when everyone is running thick skin and medic.
  6. I’d be more interested in reading about effective maskless Jason strategies against a sweater girl/Tommy combo.
  7. The only thing that I might recommend that they do about medic is to increase the time it takes to use by 50%, and make sure to make it impossible to cancel out of using a cheap button trick. Using sprays out in the open should be highly risky to do. Vanessa players shouldn’t be able to immediately use a health spray after a running Jason hits them with a throwing knife and still be able to get away with several feet to spare, as is what happened to me last night. He didn’t even need to use the health spray either. He was simply showing me that he could just to be a smartass.
  8. I’m level 150 but I’ll never be among the best players simply for the fact that I just don’t have time to play every day like a lot of others can. I usually work 55 hours a week. I’m purely a weekend warrior unless I get an extra day off.
  9. A person last night was exploiting the secret room behind the closet glitch, too. I thought all of these things were supposed to be fixed last patch but i guess not.
  10. Sure it does. There has only been one time when I haven’t been able to morph away the second the mask gets taken off. Now, if the shotgun takes his mask off they don’t even have to wait to initiate the kill. They can just do it.
  11. Jason is supposed to be invulnerable while stunned. You’re not supposed to be able to use a sweater on him while stunned because that counts as a stun. Hitting him with an ax to drop him to his knees also is a stun. So basically this is three stuns for the price of one. Now imagine this in normal game play without the sweater if people could stun him and then keep on stunning him while in stun without being able to protect himself. He’d soon lose his mask with even the weakest damage inflicting weapons you can use. It’s bullshit.
  12. If you weren’t so new here you might actually know what you’re talking about. Some of the people here complaining about this are likely better at being Jason than you are.
  13. Not really. It is often difficult to track down the last survivor.
  14. Yeah, and making sure that all of the stuns that aren’t happening in rage aren’t just being converted to damage points. That would be nice too.
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