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  1. So far in my experience this is all wrong. Yes, there are fewer sprays reliably spawning on shelves in bathrooms (found only one on a shelf over the course of 5 games) but I’m still finding them elsewhere. One round I didn’t find any but on another I found two. This is how it should be. I shouldn’t be constantly ignoring sprays that I find because I already have two slots worth filled with them (which was the norm until now).
  2. The match ended early with people still on the map quite a few times for me last night, once while I was Jason in as I killed the second of three Vanessas in a room, and another as a teamer ran over a Tommy. The former annoyed me. The latter, not so much.
  3. CountYorgaVampir

    How dare you . . .

    Neither one is particularly correct to my eyes, but I prefer the green one more because the blue one is TOO blue. Navy blue under many lighting conditions looks more grey or black than blue. It’s quite dark.
  4. CountYorgaVampir

    How dare you . . .

    It may not be the shade of blue that is usually depicted, but Roy’s coveralls are assuredly NOT teal (which is also a shade of blue). I’d say it’s more of a navy blue.
  5. CountYorgaVampir

    How dare you . . .

    Give Jason the ability to pick up anything a councelor can. Allow him to pick up and destroy health sprays, knives, and even repair items. THAT would make him scary again!
  6. CountYorgaVampir

    Jason trap exploit

    Meh. Just another case of a mod being over zealous on this site. There’s been nothing much said yet in regards to flaming each other to warrant an intervention, and yet here we are. Typical. I wish just once they’d wait and see if arguments would resolve themselves.
  7. CountYorgaVampir

    Jason trap exploit

    I also suggest this, but it isn’t as foolproof as you think it is. I have seen many savvy Jason players smash down doors without setting off the trap placed in front of it.
  8. CountYorgaVampir

    Jason trap exploit

    I’m unclear what the point would be to arm the trap after fixing the fuse. Well, yes, I do see the point, but if you fix it cleanly then you don’t need to because you didn’t attract his attention. And if you DID attract his attention you likely don’t have enough time to set the trap. It almost doesn’t seem worth it. I’d try setting the trap a little further back so that you can still fix the fuse, and then hope that Jason is too focused on smashing the box to see it.
  9. CountYorgaVampir

    Jason trap exploit

    It would be a whole new ball game if the devs updated Jason to be able to interact with/pick up counselor items, traps and weapons and to be able to reuse his own traps as counselors can already do.
  10. How did the person that set this trap get out?
  11. Small cabin by the main house on Packanack. Unless it is a screen door, all outer doors have bars.
  12. I still get that from time to time.
  13. I wouldn’t pay for them. Well, maybe a couple of bucks just to be a completist, but $10? Hell no. I don’t really care much for any of the films after the original Octology.
  14. CountYorgaVampir

    What Was “Cort” even talking about?? Lol

    You’re wrong. If you only see what is on the surface and none of the subtext in movies, then you are missing out on what makes movies most worth rewatching. You think that THAT was reading too much into it? You don’t know shit about Semiotics, then.