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  1. CountYorgaVampir


    I’ve had badly timed stumbles happen while I was taking a swing at Jason that caused me to die, but I’ve never really whined about it. It isn’t an exploit. It is what it is. The Jason player takes any advantage he can, just as the OP does.
  2. CountYorgaVampir

    The Car

    Your last paragraph just proves my point that nothing is guaranteed. Even the best drivers can become over confident, or not notice subtle changes in topography that will hang a car up. The person that you describe is like one percent of one percent of one percent of the people that get behind the wheel of the car in this game. I’m not going to worry about them. If they’re that good then good for them. I’ve always thought that they should introduce movie accurate vehicles, like Ginny’s VW Beetle from Part 2 or the van from Part 3.
  3. CountYorgaVampir

    The Car

    Nothing is guaranteed. Even if you know how to drive there is such a thing as bad luck for the councelor and good luck for Jason.
  4. Still need 15 more plays as Tommy to earn that final councelor badge, and 10 more boat flips for that final Jason badge. So it’s going to be a while. Also need #9 and #11 of the Tommy tapes. I went a few months without finding any but then found 2 in one night recently. I have no idea where I am with the trophies, being I’m on PS4.
  5. CountYorgaVampir

    Fun making Jason quit

    Well, a thumbs down to me is fairly meaningless without knowing why it was earned, but at least it signifies that the clip was watched (probably). I like saving clips for not only my own entertainment value, but so that I can critique my own gameplay and see in what ways I should improve. In this one I see at least three of them.
  6. CountYorgaVampir

    Fun making Jason quit

    lol Somebody here gave my vid a thumbs down. Thanks, dude! I realize that it might not be the most interesting video, but figured it could get the ball rolling with similar clips like in the “badass Jason” thread. The guy playing Jason actually wasn’t terrible. He just needed to stop slashing every chance he got and go for grabs. Also, if you’re going to be Part 4 then you need to keep the pressure on. He may have got me had he devoted even 20 seconds more to the chase before morphing away. Also, very surprised he quit at the end when there was still four viable kills on the board. But then, I don’t know what was going on over there. They may have been making him a piñata.
  7. I had a lot of fun with particular match. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a badass player in this clip because I made waaayyy too many mistakes that would’ve gotten me killed if the Jason had more experience. He had a chance to shift grab me early on but opted to slash instead. I also run out of stamina twice that left me a sitting duck. But he had his attention divided which saved my ass, but over all he was on me for all but about 2 minutes of game time. Had a chance to escape but decided to mess with him instead. Good times! https://youtu.be/GfTCgWxwgsI
  8. CountYorgaVampir

    How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game

    It worked really well. I had just mastered the quick block/grab technique when it was taken away. They need to bring it back, asap.
  9. CountYorgaVampir

    The Canadian server

    I was placed in the EU server only once. The lobby was strangely empty so I left rather than wait around for what I assumed would be a laggy experience anyways.
  10. CountYorgaVampir


    I may be wrong but I think that stumbling is tied to your character’s fear level. If you don’t like that then there are perks to compensate, which is an option that is unavailable to the Jason player.
  11. CountYorgaVampir

    How To Make Jason Scary In F13 The Game

    I heard a similar story about Halloween, that nobody thought the movie was scary before Carpenter added the score.
  12. CountYorgaVampir

    The Canadian server

    This is on PS4, and in the lobby it’ll say CA instead of US. And no, that isn’t CA as in California as one player assumed. But every American I talked to at least came from a state on the Canadian border.
  13. CountYorgaVampir

    The Canadian server

    But only in the US?
  14. CountYorgaVampir

    The Canadian server

    I was told that that game wasn’t multiplayer.
  15. When the dedicated servers were launched I was appropriately put onto the US server, and that’s where I had been up until a week ago. Since then I have been consistently placed in Canadian lobbies. Not that I mind necessarily, but still. What’s the deal with that? Anybody know?