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  1. Jason was closing in on my position when I tried to climb through a window. Unfortunately, a person died in front of it so instead of climbing through I kept picking up items on the ground. Somehow by some miracle I survived but damn it was close. I had to go around the corner to use another window. Pissed me off.
  2. Haven't you bored of those trolls?

    What did you do? I always close the lobby.
  3. A.I hiding right infront of Jason

    The thing that I noticed the last time I played is that the bots sometimes have unrealistic reaction times. I’d come out of a shift, for instance, and immediately get stunned. No human could think that fast, and it happened to me twice in the same match. It’s like I appeared and a billionth of a second later the AI calculated that it should swing. Still, it didn’t stop me from killing 7/7.
  4. Adventure Capitalist is a free to play phone app. That hardly seems a fair comparison.
  5. I’m not in denial of anything. If you can actually prove with scientific data that the game is dying then I will accept it. But just coming on here and saying that it is so without anything to back it up just creates skepticism. On my end, I have almost no problems finding a lobby to join, and the times that I do, I have a full lobby within minutes when I become the host. So if the game is “dying” as you insist, then I’m just not seeing evidence of it.
  6. That doesn’t mean anything. You need more than one small data point to arrive at the conclusion that the game is “dying”. If you’re trying to prove that then at least post a graph of how it is doing over time. And since you’re comparing one game against another then post a graph for that one, too. Otherwise don’t bother.
  7. People have been claiming the game is dead since before I even bought the game in October. People need to stop confusing their own personal interest and excitement with overall popularity. It may be dead to you. Not for me.
  8. It looks to me as if they are only tracking the members of the PSNProfiles site and not the entire world.
  9. "We've got a slasher!"

    There are too many people that can stun Jason with one hit, while on the other hand it takes several slashes from an obviously superior strengthed Jason to kill a councelor. I don’t care what the rationale is, but somebody with a low strength score like Chad (a 3) or Tiffany (2) should never be able to stun Jason in a single hit. Even with high luck. Even with a perk. EVER. Make them rely upon long distance weapons and evasion or attacking in unison if they want to survive.
  10. Letting female players live

    I don’t need to “let” them survive. Most of the ones that I have come across are just as capable of fucking me up as anybody else.
  11. Letting female players live

    I don’t need to “let” them survive. Most of the ones that I have come across are just as capable of fucking me up as anybody else.
  12. Let's be realistic about slashing.

    I am realistic that Slash will never be in as big a band as Guns n Roses was 28 years ago ever again.
  13. A.I hiding right infront of Jason

    I refuse to seek and destroy any more. I will either leave and come back or I’ll stalk and wait for them to come out.
  14. The only hidden trophy I have earned was by picking up Jason’s mask. I didn’t know about the square button. Sounds a bit like a cheat, but now that I know about it I doubt that I’ll be able to suppress the urge to look.
  15. Haven't you bored of those trolls?

    I’ve been saying this for months. Either give us dedicated servers with sufficient moderation by the devs or give us more control over our own lobby so that we can police ourselves. I’m sick of having to close lobbies because of cheaters and general asshats.