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  1. All of the movies are crap, but by Part 7 it was obvious that they weren’t even trying to give even an illusion of putting out a professional product anymore. The producers didn’t even care that they didn’t have (or want to spend) the money to deliver the goods on what they promised, they went ahead and did it anyways. Jason Takes Manhattan should never have left script form if they weren’t willing to commit to the entire film being shot in NYC. They shouldn’t have committed to outer space if they couldn’t deliver what theatrical audiences expected for digital FX in 2000. It was poor choice after another after another.
  2. I thought about the same thing in regards to the map, but then again, if we really want to be realistic here, the characters that we are playing wouldn’t need maps because they would already know the area. The maps are solely for our benefit, not theirs. This is a third person perspective game, not first person. If this was a VR game with first person perspective, then the choice to not be able to “hold” a map while climbing through a window would make far more rational sense.
  3. You can say that about all of them, but parts 7 and beyond are just bad on almost every level and it’s no wonder why they began to suffer at the box office. Part 6 was the first to be intentionally tongue-in-cheek, but at least it had a competent writer-director in Tom McLoughlin to pull it off.
  4. By the same token, the Jason would be more than happy with making the trade to deprive you of all of the items you would need to use to escape your predicament. Using two traps likely won’t slow down an experienced player from cleaning out the entire lobby for very long. As I said, you won’t find newbie players combat stancing doors to bypass traps.
  5. “Waste” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s totally worth it if you’re one of the last people. I wouldn’t depend upon being able to stun a Jason that is experienced enough to combat stance the side of a door. Your scenario depends upon many factors that may not be in play in any one game. You’re expecting to have both a knife and a spray. Maybe you didn’t find one or the other or maybe you used them already.
  6. Yeah, but think about it: if you do this in a small cabin and he traps both windows he has you caught pretty good. He has just turned your trap to his advantage if he knows how to combat stance the door.
  7. What you see as how it should be, most others see as pointless. As in, there is no point in attempting to do it if it means certain death. There are far better methods of survival in the game. With the boat you’re betting everything for basically nothing.
  8. Wrong. They can combat stance from the side of the door and then shift inside.
  9. Sometimes you just have to ask. I finally figured out how to brake the car a few weeks ago. Still don’t know the horn.
  10. I don’t know. Lately, it seems for every lobby where the players have their shit together there is three or four lobbies where players don’t even try to accomplish a single thing. It takes ten seconds to call Tommy. Somebody ALWAYS seems to spawn close by it, but I will often find the cabin ransacked and the radio untouched. Sure, for those times when I come across a professional kill squad a Jason buff would be nice, but in most cases (for me) I don’t need the extra help. All they need to do is make it a lot harder to take the mask off. It should be a minimum of 10 hits. I’ve had it come off with two, and it wasn’t even by Bugzy or Tommy, but Fox. That’s bullshit.
  11. The sound isn’t just in the background either. When somebody started the engine when i was Jason I heard it very clearly.
  12. I don’t count knives as stuns, personally. They’re just a pain in the ass. There isn’t anything you can do about those unless you go around slashing everybody.
  13. Huh. Last Saturday I barricaded a door just as Jason began smashing it. I turn and run and i hear him say “hey the door is unlocked!” He then knifed me as i tried to climb out a window and then grabbed me. I thought it was VERY odd that he just opened the door and walked in, but I never turned to see for myself. I grumbled a bit but got over it. Maybe it wasn’t my fault after all.
  14. Not every lobby is the same, and honestly unless I am super drunk I rarely find myself in situations where I am getting swarmed. The last time I allowed myself in that situation, the lobby was under staffed and Tommy wasn’t called, so I figured.. why not? Entered the cabin and kept slashing until I depleted all of their knives weapons and health sprays, killed one, and then the connection was mysteriously lost. Coincidence? I think not. In an average game I am probably getting hit 5-10 times. I don’t really think about it unless they are using machetes or axes. One on one I almost never get hit anymore except for the freebies like busting through doors.
  15. CountYorgaVampir

    Your most satisfying kill?

    My most satisfying kill recently I have already posted in the Badass Jason thread. There’s a troublesome Fox with a sweater, I give up, go after Tommy, follow what I think is his sound pings and to my surprise got Fox instead. Didnt even realize it until after I grabbed her and selected the kill.