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  1. CountYorgaVampir

    Best Screenshots

    Best guess is either at a liquor store or a gas station that sells ethanol.
  2. It was ridiculous. Usually if the car blows up randomly (which happens far too regularly) I just groan, but this one had me laughing hysterically. I wound up dying, of course, but it was worth it just for the snapshot. Jason was after me and I had to circle back to the lodge. I was right about Jason’s morph spot at the corner of the lodge when it happened. Could this be what happens when Jason morphs to a spot at the exact same instant that you drive right through it?
  3. CountYorgaVampir

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    In this case there is nothing left to do but wait for your morph to refresh. Lay traps at the car, smash a few doors, then morph back to the phone house and shift after the counselor running away (after sensing for others near the phone house). Or, if they’re too far away for shift to be worth it, take the time to do a more thorough job of smashing doors and windows before morphing in their direction. If it is Pinehurst I wouldn’t worry too much about the car getting started, particularly so soon in the match. Those parts are usually too scattered for quick repairs.
  4. CountYorgaVampir

    Best place to hide

    Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.
  5. CountYorgaVampir

    What's With the Hatred on Slashers?

    I got killed about a week ago. I knew what they were up to, but my main mistake was in not trapping the power box to Tommy’s radio when I had the chance. I only knocked out the power. I tried taking it out again when they repaired it but one person kept hitting me during the animation, and when my mask came off I didn’t even have the chance to morph away. I was actually fine with with it because they did a good job at it, or at least I was until they got on the mics and began mocking me for being a slasher. What, choosing Packanack Small and at least 4 Vanessas for your little Jason hunting escapade wasn’t enough of an advantage for you? I also had to give myself a handicap as well? Give me a break!
  6. Yeah, that’s an emote that you never want to use in that situation. You can’t break out of the animation like you can a dance move.
  7. So this happened last night. No rhyme or reason. I was just driving and “BAM!”
  8. CountYorgaVampir

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    Tunneling is definitely NOT a smart way to play before you have at least gained shift. You’re just wasting time. I wouldn’t even really recommend it until rage kicks in or there is only one or two people left to kill. I give each counselor my undivided attention until my morph regenerates, and if I feel like I’m getting somewhere then I’ll keep at them. If it feels like a fruitless endeavor then I move on. The only other reason to stick around is if an objective is in danger.
  9. Sorry, didn’t catch that you were talking about Higgins. Guess that’s what happens by speed reading.
  10. Yeah, I posted video of this in one of the threads about a month ago. I grabbed a guy in the closet and he glitched through the wall. [Video removed by moderator. Please do not post tutorials for exploits on the forums]
  11. It is never a good sign when an icon gets frozen on your screen.
  12. CountYorgaVampir

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I don’t have a set kill order. I don’t pass up an opportunity to kill somebody if one arises. First come, first serve.
  13. CountYorgaVampir

    What's With the Hatred on Slashers?

    That is a practice I had never done because the traps are too easy to walk around, but recently I had a looper that kept jumping from windows and going back inside so I gave it a shot. Placed two side to side in back by the campsite and then walked around the building. By the time I got to the other door one of the traps was sprung. Even shifting around the building he had managed to get himself free before I got there... but then he went and stepped in the other trap. That’s all, folks!
  14. CountYorgaVampir

    What's With the Hatred on Slashers?

    You’re not seeing the potential strategy behind it. In your particular situation from Jason’s point of view you could still have a health spray and a knife. If you’re limping and you try to use a spray then the first thing he is going to do is cut you down while you’re using it. However, if you pretend that you are out of spray, he grabs you, he gets a pk in the neck, you get a huge boost of stamina, use your health spray (that he thought you were out of), and you have one more shot at survival. I’ve seen it before.