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  1. Teaming really killed it for me too. The last time I played was with 6 damn friends and we STILL had Jason helpers in literally every lobby we hit lol I haven't played since. No idea how they could fix this but yea it's a bummer
  2. IMHO not as many players would have been having stun fest dance parties in the first place if the game didn't force everyone to learn how to fight Jason by making stealth trash. What else were we supposed to do when he can find us anywhere after rage? Now we just have no options besides gtfo in 10 minutes which isn't difficult with friends. But it does get boring af after awhile and makes me wish there were more viable playstyles for counselors. I'm fine with the rage buffs and I'd welcome regular buffs if they came with interesting counter play options.
  3. I have hypochondriac, medic and thick skin on everyone because I don't want 10 minute temp perks. I had to spend a stupid amount of time rolling and selling god knows how many epic heavy mover and legendary quiet swimmer perks to find something remotely useful and then half of those got fluffed to trash too after the rage update! Can anyone blame me???
  4. I usually have the car ready way before rage is active thanks to everyone else charging at Jason like he's full of candy. I'm really curious if this is going to change how I have to play. Might not have that luxurious extra 5 minutes while he's busy with the fight club and not guarding objectives.
  5. I've never used the traps quite like that. If I spawn near a car or phone box though I'm totally the asshole that lays a trap (not open!) to block Jason from setting any of his own.
  6. I get it on PS too. I think I've had it happen to every counselor now and definetly Tommy a few times. That's when it's most embarrassing. "Don't worry guys! Tommy is here to ... stand around and stare at you.."
  7. True. It used to be more of a risk to spend time finding the sweater and praying your Tommy cooperated. In November all the Tommys I got would hide, leave or refuse to put down the shot gun ... I spent every night for like 2 weeks chasing them in the sweater begging them to help me get my first Jason kill. They either didn't hear me, understand what I wanted or my mom voice wasn't on Pamela's level. I see way more Tommys and counselors in general now that want to kill Jason or just survive the night running him around.
  8. I started on being all about Jenny and switched to not really having a main. I try to balance out the lobby with either Deborah or Tiffany depending on how many repair vs runners are playing. I'm not allowed to play Chad ? @woundcowboy I desperately want the fuse and the sweater now. I used to be more laid back and would work on whatever objective people were into and try to buddy up with another counselor to wander around searching for parts together. I don't like guns but I used to hate dropping them for a part. Now I'd much rather have more hits with a stick than only one guaranteed stun. I don't mind being alone or repairing with peabrains when I used to avoid those things happening to the point of nothing getting done. Overall counselors have gotten more aggressive and efficient, or maybe Jason nerfs just make it feel that way. I expect the majority of quick play lobbies to be competent over bumblefucking around when it used to be the opposite.
  9. Most of the survival horror games I've played give you costumes for finishing a play through with different requirements or on higher difficulty levels. Fatal Frame 2 and 3 had maid costumes and kimonos. Silent Hill 3 let you dress up Heather in different T shirts or even as an anime character. 4 was pretty forgettable and I can't remember the name of the girl in the stupidly long escort mission but it let me choose her dress. Haunting Ground gave Fiona and her dog new looks, exactly the same for Rule of Rose. Resident Evil let me dress Leon like a mobster... I'm sure I could name more if I wanted to. I guess an argument could be made that those costumes were earned in single player games, but it's kinda silly seeing people claim they ruin the atmosphere when I've been jump scared and freaked out while dresed as everything from a dominatrix to a frog.
  10. I'm the world's creepiest Tommy that runs around going, "are there any ladies here?? Let's get you a sweater, I got a machete!"
  11. If I play a runner I get pissed I'm dropping parts at objectives but no one is installing them. If I play a repair character I'm pissed I see parts all over the map but have to go get them myself. This is how Jason mains are born.
  12. That's brilliant! More props and acknowledgement given to good players and less focus on who and what sucks sounds great.
  13. I love all the replies, they make me wanna play around with some of the counselors I've neglected. I'm not allowed to play Chad though ? @woundcowboy But I haven't heard about any matches made in hell yet! I just spent a game begging a 10-ish year old Italian speaking Buggzy to stop following my Tiffany. We're both too dumb to safely repair anything and he's not only loud as a counselor but as very chatty kid I couldn't understand. Somehow I convinced him to go install the battery and sprinted as far away as I could hoping to lose him or (as evil as this is) that he'd alert Jason and get killed so I wouldn't have a constantly pinging stalker attached to me. Somehow he didn't mess it up and came right back to me... I spent more of that match running from him than Jason.
  14. I'm hype for the creepy game From Software is teasing about with their vauge "Shadows die twice" trailer. Whatever it is, I'm prepared to die ♡ https://youtu.be/OAYhXKC0LJ8
  15. I scroll through dozens of names to see who is online and a very large chunk of my friends haven't played the same game as I am in months to years. There are tons of people on it I can't even remember playing with, have never spoken a word to, only see them playing things I never have, or they haven't logged on in forever. I'm scared it would be rude to delete them though :$
  16. I have an art nouveau style mural of a mermaid sitting in a goldfish pond covering pretty much all of my back. Maybe someday I'll get all of it colored in lol
  17. Which counselors work the best or worst together? I like to couple up repair characters with a body gaurd or a runner. Deborah with Adam or Tiffany with LaChappa, and so on. I try to balance out the lobby if it's loppy with too many nerds or peabrains, but I do prefer being paired up with someone specific. So I'm curious what combinations of counselors players have found that compliment each other well. Or clash terribly and die in the woods blaming each other.
  18. New players are a really good thing. I admit though, it's a little irritating when they don't know the etiquette of the game yet like to barricade doors, run or at least mark the parts, do not barge in and search a cabin someone else is already in looting, do not talk constantly, do not set traps in derpy places, do not come clomping after me with Vanessa like I've got candy then sprint away after showing Jason where we are . Rant over lol they'e a good thing even if they get you killed a couple times.
  19. I wouldn't freaking dare touch your fuse box without a scrubby pocket knife to disarm the trap first
  20. Ever since the patch I've been finding a stupid amount of pocket knives. I don't even go to the cabin I spawn next to because every bonfire has a health spray, knife and or shotgun. I don't play Jason (and I LOVE that I don't have to at all anymore) but it's kinda messed up when I'm apologizing to him for 3 shivs to the neck! That was part of the fun for me; don't get grabbed so I don't waste a pocket knife on the brute that I was saving to quietly disarm a trap. Especially with the counselors who suck at repairing, it buys extra time if I slip up and he gets alerted. They used to be annoyingly scarce and borderline sacred but now their numbers have tipped the other direction and I'm actually dropping them to be able to hold other items. Jasons are kinda forced to slash which I don't think they like anymore than I do. Gimping around whining sucks, I'd rather he end me quick or at least give me a chance to mash my way out or get saved by a teammate instead of that sorry limp... my inventory is too full of pocket knives to carry any med spray now lol I have no idea how to balance a game or make everyone happy. But I kinda wondered with all the shotguns now, would reducing the number of knives on the map and giving counselors the ability to disarm traps by shooting them be any kind of worth considering? I'm curious what other folk think. Are there too many now or is good? Were there too few before? Should there be another option for dealing with the traps since pocket knives tend to get hoarded by the distraction/ chase me style counselors ?
  21. I mostly play Tiffany so it's been really great. I just run all the parts to where they belong, so if people are talking and cooperating I tell them to just pick up and drop the item and I'll run it to where it needs to be. I don't want slow or loud characters at risk of getting spotted by Jason without a weapon.
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