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  1. Are you fucking serious? The man made II drunk and it turnt out better then all the sequels that came after i am so excited i will probably end up seeing it 3 times, at first i told everyone i could about the news then i started to ask my self if my expectations where too high but than I remembered it's Carpenter we are talking about and immediately got excited again hopefully we see a revival in the slasher genre. this year and next will be an exciting looking forward to all of this
  2. paranormal activity VR coming out soon, personally not a fan of the franchise but it would still be interesting checking it out
  3. Its an interesting idea for sure and would probably help a bit if it went towards the strech goals, but typically I've only seen Ads in Sports and extreme Sport games, like tony hawk had a bunch of ads in pretty much every game same as UFC obviously NBA etc, but I wouldn't be that surprise if they could work something out with someone because even the super indie yet super awesome free too play extreme sport game SNOW has a bunch of sponsors that are well known like QuickSilver etc but it makes sense why those companies would pay to have their snowboarding/skiing products in a snowboarding/skiing game i think their best bet for sponsors would be also something horror related like a Fangoria Magazine on a shelf? Although I don't believe they are doing so well as of lately considering they have being doing 10 magazines a year for quite some time and now they are only doing 6 physical magazine a year and 4 digital ones probably to cut the costs which is sad because they're legends the next suggestion doesn't make as much sense in an 80 based games but Loot Crate would DEFINITELY do paid product placement considering they pay every YouTuber ever too unbox the monthly subscription pepsi isn't too far fetch considering they had the old pepsiman game for ps1 lol
  4. I think an injustice type of fighting game would be really cool they already spend a bunch of money doing DLC and adding horror characters for Mortal Kombat why not just make a horror fighting game with a sick story line? A halloween game would be interesting though I would love to see Slasher Based Games become a mainstream thing it certainly would help hold people over with all the waiting we have to do for a Friday movie a Nightmare movie A Massacre movie etc
  5. Ideally the system would be like this before the game you pick a skin for a counsellor and for jason but you don't find out which one you are until you are in the game that way even if, say two people who wanted too be jason leave then its all good because the match already started.
  6. I think Kane would of been a for sure thing in the TV series because sean's smart enough to know, that alone would get people excited enough to check it out, with CW canning that and no word on sean pursuing it with any other networks realistically apart from mocapping I can't see him ever getting the chance again but hey, crazier stuff had happened like this video game being made.
  7. http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3391764/brad-fuller-updates-friday-13th-status/ “He’s a better writer than we deserve for this franchise,” Jeez tell us how you really feel about a franchise we are suppose to trust in your hands.
  8. To be fair, there is quite a bit of backlash when single player is brought up but usually on facebook though. theres this girl who lashes out at people who are most likely new to the page when ever they ask pretty much what we all wondered when we discovered the trailer, will there be a single player? I think being polite would be more effective and gun never tells her, that she should probably tone it down and not steer away potential backers with hostility no matter how frustrated you get i wont post her name on here as obviously 1. I don't want too post anything personal about well, anyone anywhere and 2 I don't know it by heart but I'm sure if you been on the page you've seen her replies, basically my point is alot of people who are potential future backers ususally don't know much about the game heck on youtube i see alot of people still asking if Freddy will be in it lol its much easier just to send them a link and say any information you need is on the kickstarter page then to yell at them or anyone who still wants single player and are vocal about it. Me personally I'd much rather more maps i can't see any credible reviewer bringing down points in a review for this game for the fact there is no single player because its been stated from the start that multiplayer is the main point of focus but only having two ( that we know about as of now) maps potentially could bring down points and be the center of critique because thats doesn't give players much of a choice to choose from especially for a game that is strictly multiplayer only (as of now) playing the same scenery over and over again ( even with switching the items in the map up every time) will potentially get tiresome, thats just my opinion though.
  9. after seeing trey songz in 3D id rather not have childish gambino in friday the 13th lol
  10. I'm not a fan of genres I'm a fan of story telling, i watch movies to be told a story i read comics/books to be told a story i listen to music to be told a story if its an art form of any kind , I want to be told a story.
  11. Yeah i think i know what he's talking about too, Rob right?
  12. i have an xbox one and will probably get the 4.5 when it comes out might give in before that though i was referring too that even if the servers do last years for call of duty on the older consoles eventually they will close when sony and Microsoft no longer support the last gen consoles like they eventually did with xbox original and ps2
  13. blondie isn't wrong, you are comparing AAA games too an indie game. they can afford too have the servers stay open until they need it too be closed or until xbox 360 or PS3 no longer supports online which would probably be awhile take evolve for example no one plays it anymore. The only way it could truly be in the friday the 13th franchise history book is if it had some sort of single player that people could play years from now like the first Friday The 13th game or else it ends up like the deleted scenes that have never been recovered expect not really, because if people 20 years from now want too see what this game was like they can just search it up on YouTube on their hologram 16K TV and tbh I'm kind of okay with that, it's like if you were one of the very few people too actually see the footage that was deleted and too this day never recovered it puts you in a special league of friday the 13th fans years from now, when jason is what the universal monsters are too the average horror fan right now because you got too experience something that will likely be a missing chapter too the franchise in the future so fuck the people 20 years from now they should of been born earlier I'd much rather Maps anyways.
  14. I hope the camp counselor's can jump out windows dramatically like in slasher movies which reminds me whats the back story for the camp counselors anyways is it the night before the kids are suppose too arrive?
  15. for some reason when ever i see your comments i read it in a yelling tune in my head
  16. Good answers Lgb the only thing I'm still unclear of is if they were trying too hide jasons body so nobody would do what tommy did why mark the grave stone:P
  17. Comic Book; Super Heroes Unmasked (Documentary)
  18. HBO is better then AMC if the target audience was people who are fans of the franchise i'd rather it be on HBO not the channel that has all the shows HBO rejected who knows maybe sean isn't done pitching it someone might bite this definitely the best time for it, I'm hoping for Netflix or HBO they have no one too answer too AMC still plays the censored versions of the movies, i do think it would of been interesting too see how the show on CW would have penned out though.
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