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  1. We went a long time without really discussing this. i even assumed we all had an unspoken rule not too. So basically Jason was just trying to make Chris his wife that night if it was successful we would of gotten a shitty leprechaun 2 like sequel called Bride Of Jason: The FINALE chapter for real. But luckily what we got was a much better story about a homicidal "ex husband" jealous of wife's secret lover Jasons a reasonable guy, we all know that. If Rick hadn't show up stuck his nose where it didn't belong Jason and Chris would've had a heart to heart, talked it out Kiki round' abit and brought her home to meet the fam.
  2. I want too see jason fuck a pie and as a camp counsellor i want to make sweet love to stifler's mom that is all, thank you.
  3. Show me your gentials! It's weird seeing him do actual music now lol
  4. Branson is not dead. Ironically they mentioned saw II and if you remember in the first one after the doctor cuts off his foot then he cauterized it, the killer did the same thing to Branson if the killer wanted him dead they would of let him bleed out so what does this mean? Branson will obviously think it was brooke who did it and that's probably why the killer let him live so they look in the wrong direction.
  5. 1 million dollars in preorders alone is pretty damn good this game will be successful I suspect which is a good sign.
  6. you couldn't be anymore wrong. They saw the $$$ in being overly PC just like almost all networks have because its the thing to be now a days they always do, they adapted to the times. the movement is to large to ignore they have blogs on their website now, they have MTV Braless which is a super feminist youtube channel they have girl code not to mention mtvs real world was kind of ground breaking in PC Culture having gay men and woman on really, the first ever truly popular reality show and than having a transgender on that same show long before the PC movement ever truly took off they've always been a little PC but now that theres money to be made they dialed it up to twenty TLDR: you can't be fighting the negative stereotypes for the LGBT and Feminist movements but than have the most negative stereotype there is for people suffering from something as traumatic as PSTD thats bs either all stereotypes are bad or none are MTV can't pick and choose which are acceptable and what are not.
  7. I'm a little more suspicious of the teacher i forgot all about her when i made the list. Mtv is super PC so i doubt they'd make emma a killer or one of them because thats super stereotypical and probably not the message they want to send too people, probably get a bit of backlash as well especially if Vets found out, or really anyone who supports the troops.
  8. actually, if your theory of them not being able to kill the most beloved character off is true than by default brooke can't die. (I even saw people say thhey wouldn't watch the show anymore if brooke dies) She has the most followers on social media out of all the original cast members and gets talked about the most on the message boards across the internet I personally don't completely understand why, shes not a favourite but at least she actually has personality Kieran and Emma are for sure the least popular out of the remaining 5 which is kinda funny considering the emma character has top billing.
  9. 1.Zoe 45% 1.222:1 2.Kieran 25% 3:1 3. Haley 10% 9:1 4. Branson 5% 19:1 5.Stavo's dad 2.5% 39:1 6. Noah?? 2.5 % 39:1 7. Eli's mom 2.5% 39:1 8. Brandon James 2.5% 39:1 9. Eli 2.5% 39:1 10. Stavo 2.5% 39:1 11. Emma's Dad 2.4% 40.667:1 12. Emma, Emma's mom, Brooke 0.1% 999:1 -------------------------------------------------------- My Betting Odds
  10. Smashing the laptop would of done nothing, it was saved on his sd card he would just stay what the hell and put it in another laptop she was either going to kill him or knock him out lets not forget she had no problem having her girlfriend killed and even worked with piper after that. She is not a sympathetic character she is not a victim she is a psychopath.
  11. the additional maps first, more jasons and tommy second, Pamela third and single player. I haven't looked at the stretch goals in a look time so those are the only ones that really stick out in my memory
  12. if the slasher backer doesn't end before the beta starts we would almost for sure a huge spike in preorders from big youtubers who are already planning to play the beta when its ready.
  13. i liked the fourth game on ps2 of crash i thought it was pretty fun
  14. If you were on the team what would you've done differently? Personally i think when the counsellor was hiding under the bed I would've had jason throw a dead body through the window i also noticed after the first kill theres a window to an upstairs room so maybe we will be getting more than one level in some houses/cabins ? I hope we can hop out the window from far up too if we are cornered
  15. It was just really awkward and uncomfortable watching they tried to hard
  16. I'm not saying that can't happen but they have said they aren't big on jump scares and that's pretty much what it would be, but on the flip side if he can't teleport to close too us, say two feet and we click on a spot we can't teleport to, that would pretty much give us a rough idea as where somebody is. The only complaints I've seen thus far are : "Ps2 graphics, whats Action Bronson doing here? why not first person:(, dead by day light dlc?, Jason looks fat,teleportation, and so pretty much dead by day light the dlc" but alot of those aren't actually new complaints i do hope it brings in more backers though and oh yeah another complaint was people wishing it was longer but from what they've said alot of stress passion and work went into just getting this together and they've had some bad luck (not surprising considering the title of the game) with IGN not telling people the first bit of game play we got a few months ago was pre alpha and thats why it was so dark, this time around the video shown on the pre pre show was darker then it was intended to be but im pretty sure that's fixed with the new video and also twitch wanting too show the game earlier than Gun intended which resulted in alot of people being pissed they stayed up and went at the correct time they were told too which isn't Gun's fault the hosts were alittle jumpy to show the gameplay me personally i have nothing to criticize the game about at this time its actually how i envisioned it to be, I don't mind if jason ate a few babys before he showed up all the power to him
  17. Man that twitch chat was Brutual. I feel teleportation is a good idea and kind of a wink to the horror community since everyone in it always jokes about how its like jason just teleports, one minute hes somewhere else the next hes behind you plus on a game play level the game would drag on to long without it, and you would barely get any kills because jason moves fairly slow i thought it looked really good for pre alpha but the internet likes to bitch about everything.
  18. http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3393016/new-friday-13th-feature-jasons-father/
  19. Kind of.... http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3392836/friday-13th-moving-forward-new-origin-story-pamela-voorhees/ I don't know how i feel about an origin story, that is usually a formula for disaster when trying too overly explain something that doesn't need explaining in the first place.
  20. No offense, those people are low tier youtuber's 25,000 views = 25$ i highly doubt they make a living off youtube, there has been bigger youtubers who have been supportive of this game like NES Punk and Alpha Omega Sin no sweat no worry, this won't stunt the growth of the campaign people who are looking for a reason too hate this game-before it even comes out, wouldn't need this video to do so, and someone who was looking in this game and looking for information i highly doubt they would click a shitty reaction channel with 25,000 views over a video with 100,000 views no need to worry.
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