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  1. I was reading the discord thread and was kind of taken back by the not very welcoming towards new members comment as the only time I've seen some one get that kind of treatment is @Darrin Howard. Which has been happening since the beginning of this forum. So i was also caught off guard when @JPops said "There is a fine line between an opinion and taking time to bully or shame someone or something. That in itself as I have already stated is a violation of the rules. " not to call him out as i do appreciate all that he has contributed not only on the forum but I vaguely remember him being quite helpful in the very beginning of the kickstarter also. however when is this rule going to change from "taking time to bully or shame someone is a violation of the rules unless its towards @Darrin Howard" to "taking time to bully shame ANYBODY is a violation against the rules" nothing is ever said or done about this even though it started happening in 2015 he's still the butt of every joke, every reply to him is always condescending. now we are almost half way through 2017 he's not even around anymore and he's still being brought up is it necessary? No its not, it's pretty fucking childish. Just my opinion.
  2. This forum has gone to shit lmfao you guys are always arguing over the most minuscule things that's how you know the game is coming along well since all the negative feedback are nitpicking over personal annoyances like stats and the vhs effect yet nothing game breaking. So i say if these things bother you so much and will ruin your experience protest by not playing it, your missing presence won't be felt. The Devs going against The Norm and allowing us involvement has lead to alot of unwarranted entitlement, You can't please everybody... Don't let the vocal minority speak for the majority who could careless about these non issues and just want to play the fucking game that ALL of us have been waiting years for, i feel alot of you have lost sight of that. so if these are the kind of things you're bitching about give your head.
  3. GonzoThe912TH


    Really fun movie. Why is this in off topic and not all things horror?
  4. Heard the Sequel was coming out next week, paint ball level from part six confirmed.
  5. i know, thats why i found it the funniest when people said friday the 13th wouldn't be as good as summer camp
  6. i honestly think it was emmas dad who was the killer he was the only who was "attacked" but survivedz in how many scream films have we seen the killer try and pin point it on someone who was innocent? maybe emmas dad was the only who pulled it off successfully it wouldn't be hard to convince everyone a disabled freak was a monster
  7. the other thing about last year is it was actually announced pretty close too summer camp so I don't think either of them ripped each other off if anything i think evolve set the ground work for most of these games. 1v X amount of people is cool in concept but without an interesting character i think it falls flat and feels more like a gimmick or a fad that doesn't last long in popularity i think Jason is the right choice for a game like this i can see it out lasting last year and dead by day light and They only have to maintain full servers for about a few months to beat evolve lol I really do think this will be the first really popular one out of the three that get mentioned all the time, it does get to annoying to hear about dead by daylight all the time when literally no one on this forum even heard that it was being made prior to it coming out of no where most people would talk about last year or even more hilarious summer camp lol I remember seeing alot of people on youtube saying this game wouldn't be as good as summer camp and that always made me laugh and even though it gets annoying like at E3 when everyone was basically calling it an dead by daylight clone with jason i think gun and ill did the right thing its better they continued to work on it than just release it in pre alpha just to say they released it first they didn't rush it like dead by daylight so all that matters is that friday the 13th does it best which I'm betting they will dead by daylight and last year has one demographic pc gamers it wont be a surprise when Friday the 13th surpasses them both.
  8. I'm kinda over zombie games until someone can add something new and fresh to them but this such a strange direction for Metal Gear to go into can The Metal Gear Franchise SURVIVE without Kojima?
  9. Glad they are finally doing something with the Brandon james character at the very end excited for the 1 and a half (when you take out commercials 2 hours in total with commercials) Halloween special Just in case you haven't seen it yet https://youtu.be/LGJ8oyaN468
  10. apparently teen mom gets really good ratings not to mention reality tv is much cheaper to produce so even if they got the same ratings as scream shows like real world cost significantly less because the cast gets paid next to nothing however all hope isn't lost, theres plenty of shows that get low ratings but manage to stay on thanks to netflix and from what I've heard scream is very popular on netflix (over seas) all they need is for netflix to share some of the production cost like they do with other shows and season 3 very well could happen. I do think its kinda sad that the show got better this season yet the ratings haven't been as good as season one.
  11. Season 3 is still up in the air, nothing is confirmed yet the show has been getting low ratings hopefully netflix can save it, we never saw her phone call with kieran they both show up at the same time i think it'll either be Kieran Stavo Maggie or troy james/emma's dad I'm willing to bet my left nipple it isn't Eli just by the promo for the last episode. last seasons promo tried to make it look like branson was the killer this seasons final promo is trying to pin point it on eli when all he is a con artist
  12. that was months ago dude, you're a little late most of us have moved on from this thread don't relight the flame
  13. Meh, Can't say I'm a fan of his height but at the same time it kind of makes me wonder what a godzilla size Jason would look like dear god...
  14. I thought when ever October was brought up the mods/devs/pubs always say they only said fall did i miss something or is that still the case? October would make the most sense but if it would benefit the game I'm cool with Nov
  15. Friday the 13th part 6 turnt 30 today. Wish it well.
  16. lights out and the original predator
  17. Not surfing but there are lots of cool extreme sports games one that is called SNOW which is a free too play snowboarding skiing game on steam its sick!! It's coming to playstation also probably when the VR launches because its going to have VR support on PS4 which will be awesome can you imagine putting a fan infront of your face and playing a snowboarding skiing game in VR? Holy shit but back to my point there isn't much surfing games I've heard of I've only played kelly slater which sucks because I'm a extreme sports junkie sadly there isn't much of a market for those games anymore which sucks because in the early 2000's there was tons of extreme sports games.
  18. Did you hear the news? Next year, October 27th I believe
  19. I've heard nice things about it but never seen it on tv here in canada so I don't think its in syndication yet i could be wrong though.
  20. http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3397903/saw-legacy-film-september/ here you go bud!
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