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  1. The wheelchair character would fix everything right now distract everyone from this misstep backers get a rocket attached so they can fly to the moon and attend a alice cooper concert.
  2. Thats a great backstory! See we the community help further the lore of this game
  3. Actually you're right if you wanted to be any of those things nothing is stopping you from just role playing lol
  4. Clown child lol i hope I'm as youthful as you are when I'm your age sir
  5. That is what i said sir it could easily be changed to something else like flirty was i never said bitch was changed to flirty. I don't care about that. I was referring to someone else coming on the forums requesting that and other things like a gay character and gun making it clear they are not trying to make social commentary with a slasher game.
  6. Casual tryhard lol can't tell if you're mocking the people outraged or if you're actually one of them hmm
  7. Thats an interesting approach in all honesty and i know the having to be overly pc can be a little annoying but it really can make or break company's especially the little guys i doubt gun or ill want to ruffle any feathers lol
  8. I personally don't have a problem with either male or female but at lot of people would have a problem with this without a doubt. they already made it pretty clear when someone requested a transgender character that they aren't trying to make social waves. they're an indie team why would they potential bury themselves with a character type that isn't very interesting or important? realistically speaking what would it add to the game? What would the stats be on an anorexic male/female? Low everything because hes/shes always fatigue?.
  9. These two would be PR nightmares the last thing they need is another headache although "bitch" could easily be changed to something else like "flirty" was. on the subject of maps I think the hospital from 4 could be really cool.
  10. Wasn't there suppose to be a feature where at the end of each game it turnt all the kills into a mock Friday the 13th trailer? Am i the only one who remembers this?
  11. no movies on the calendar to see this year. there are no major franchises to look forward too or even solo movies there isn't really anything interesting going on doesn't seem like anything interesting is planned either, a new halloween movie that I'm not even optimistic about who knows how long it'll take for it to come out or if it'll come out at all the last two got canned same as friday the 13th. I mean this decade so far has been lacklustre a few decent movies here and there but nothing really spectacular other than babadook. At first I thought maybe tv horror was killing the genre but pretty much all of those shows are getting cancelled too. Someone (other than James Wan) needs to breath life back into the genre the demand seems really low.
  12. Meh. I'm interested in more horror games i just don't want to if be all from the same devs thats boring.
  13. These forums are more entertaining now than ever before
  14. That would be hilarious the forums steam and reddit would lose their shit lmfao that would probably end this game. do it ill and gun its the only way to kill jason once and for all.
  15. If there was a streamer to "name drop" you would have by now. you're just trying to restart the circle jerk streamer hate lmfao.
  16. ^ great movie probably my favourite zombie film of all time.
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