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  1. Hi there, I have recently been doing more slashing to help spread out counselors and avoid pocket knives. I have noticed that after a successful slash, there doesn't seem to be anything Jason can do to avoid their counterhit. Keep in mind that I need to test this more, but I wanted to see what other people are doing to avoid getting hit in the face lol.
  2. I can confirm that your guess about part 4 is correct. It unlocked at 126.
  3. So I've been playing a lot lately and I have a few thoughts on how much RNG and chance mean compared to just raw skill RNG The spawn locations of the phone and cars/boat can have a drastic impact on the match. Today I was using Jason and got a godly combo of the phone and care being near the big house, with the boat a little ways away. As Jason this makes tracking objectives much easier and it obviously makes life hard for counselors. Conversely, I have had many matches where the objectives spawn fairly far apart and trying to defend them is a total nightmare. Counselors must also hope for convenient objective items (battery, gas). Skill The biggest skill checks in this game are mainly (but not solely) with Jason. A good Jason must be aware of sound pings and objectives all at once, while also able to make good use of shift, morph and stalk. This is not to mention the proper placement of traps and good aim with the throwing knives. The biggest skill checks for counselors are coordination, combat, and the repair mini games. Fear and stamina management is also key. Question How much does skill vs RNG factor into the game?
  4. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy
  5. Underestimated The counselor's ability to fight Jason. I'd say this is probably a mix of the combat system not working well and a general overestimate of Jason up close; the blocking system definitely does not help. This patch was especially devastating to Jason because most people are FINALLY getting better at the game, which means that old, undiscovered weaknesses are being exposed and further amplified because of the grab nerf. Too much faith Stealth. It is way too hard for a stealth character to last throughout the game. QP accentuates this weakness because often times other people don't do anything, and stealth characters are not able to run and gun very well.
  6. I was just curious if anyone has tips for reliably morphing to different places on the map. There a few times in particular where it has really cost me. * When I morph to a car (I think it's on crystal lake) I ALWAYS end up morphing behind this white fence, which I have to then walk around to get to the car. * When the car has started and I try to morph well ahead, I sometimes can't tell where I am and end up letting them go. * On another map I tried to teleport near the exit and it put me in the water lol. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I'll start by saying that pre patch, there was NO doubt in my mind that the best Jasons were the ones who had the better shift and not running ability. Post patch, however, I have had a lot more success with running Jasons. Here's why: Morph With the pre patch grab, it was very easy to catch up to people and grab them. Now it is much more difficult because of the nerfs. Weirdly enough, I think the slower shift is better in many respects because it keeps pace with the counselors and burns stamina. The better morphs will shoot you straight past them and make it difficult to set up a kill. Discussion I still have a lot of room to improve as Jason, but I was wondering what you all thought of this. I'm pretty lost with the undead four haha.
  8. My favorite thing about this game always will be playing Jason. Although he was nerfed, he is still a blast to play and I feel very rewarded whenever I do well. As a counselor, I feel like it's more luck based; you can piss around and still manage to escape. If you piss around with Jason, you lose badly. I love the strategy.
  9. Hey guys, i'm new here and looking for people with mics who play straight up (no helping Jason and things like that). Me and my girlfriend need friends! My PSN is WoundCowboy
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