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  1. Because there is nothing Jason can do to counter it. To be clear, I am not saying that they layed a trap and I stepped in it. They put a closed trap on the phone and I couldn't lay my trap because of it. This made the phone free for the entire match. If there is no counterplay to something, there is a strong chance that it's an exploit.
  2. This is really frustrating. It can be very difficult to stop the car and when you do, there is almost nothing Jason can do to stop counselors from abusing him. He is stuck in the grab out frames for a super long time and will constantly be hit. You had better pray the group doesn't know how to kill Jason lol.
  3. Hey everyone, So last night marked the second time that I came across a really annoying exploit while I was playing Jason. I morphed to the power box near the phone and then knocked out the power. By the time I got to the phone, someone laid a counselor bear trap in front of the phone and this made it impossible for me to lay my own trap. Naturally, the cops were called early on. Has anyone else seen this? @ShiftySamurai @wes
  4. I used to feel that way about water speed too, and in mid to low level lobbies, that is true. Howver, good players won’t leave. They will go near the exit and then back to waste a ton of time while Jason tries to chase them.
  5. 1. Part 8 2. Savini 3. Part 3 4. Part 5 5. Part 6 6. Part 2 7. Part 9 8. Part 7 9. Part 4 no Jason with - traps can be tops. Low hp and - shift are also big factors.
  6. That’s fine, and yea I agree that part 7 definitely had no purpose before. I also agree that 4 has to be played differently, I just think that what he does is ineffective against good groups. I suppose there has to be a worst jason in the game, its just a question of whether or not he’s weak enough to receive help.
  7. I disagree. Part 3 is vastly superior in every way, especially with the shift. Negative sense is almost pointless since you can recharge it constantly. i think you also overestimate can run. Last i checked it was around 12% faster than the fast walk, and it was bumped about 1% when it was buffed- you’re still not catching vanessa, chad, or bugzy. Even repair characters do fine with good stamina management. I play against competent groups with all jasons, and it’s always hardest with part 4. It’s a shame because part 4 is my favorite film and I think he looks the coolest, but he struggles.
  8. This thread is to note all changes made by the devs that were not listed in the patch notes. -spear/trident have replaced the overhead swing animation with a strike -pocket knife “double tap” now requires different timing ro hit Jason -sweater cancel has been removed -car now rolls after being stopped -breaking windows now requires different positioning with Jason -the two hand door breaking animation of the pig splitter has been replaced with the machete animation I will update the list as more is found.
  9. That’s wrong- both have normal weapon strength. The only difference is the shift which i’d argue is superfluous. A plus shift is nice, but it’s not a critical a difference as is the difference between negative shift and normal.
  10. I’d say j4. Negative shift and traps are brutal. Hot take, part 8 is the best jason period. Better than savini
  11. I’ve gone back and forth on this. Obviously the phone is a priority, but on the other hand, stopping the car can be hell with a negative shift. More recently I have started to think that trapping should work more based on the flow of a match and less on always trapping things a certain way (except trapping the phone at least once). I have had many matches where counselors push 1-2 objectives hard and thus require more attention .
  12. Part 4 is my favorite Jason, but he definitely struggles. For the traps, i’d recommend double trapping any objective areas if there are alot of people around, because good players will take these traps out with health perks. Double trapping at least buys you time. You also have to take risks. If you see the noise pings coming from an area like packanack lodge, you need to go there and tear things up; even if there isn’t an objective in the immediate area. Part 4’s greatest strength is keeping people moving, whic gives them less time to find supplies and parts. This is just my two cents p.s. Part 4 is the coolest Jason
  13. Not to add fuel to the fire, but this isn’t true. As someone who plays both, I would NEVER go back to ps4 if it weren’t for some friends that I have on there. Pc runs faster, looks better, and most importantly, doesn’t lag out, crash, and require reatarts every thirty minutes. Sorry to derail the thread lol. ALSO, dedicated servers where the host can leave and not kill the game.
  14. I was just curious if anyone knew how to trigger the Jason grab that doesn't require that SLOW lift up. Maybe it's lag but sometimes I pick them up and have very little delay between the grab and the kill. Anyone? @Tommy86
  15. The counselors got their ass kicked but Jason was hiding in the water.... Also yea, these are glitches that the counselors can't control. It's shitty but we no one can solve that problem except the devs.
  16. I have reached max level on PS4 and i'm usually pretty carefree when i'm a counselor; don't care about dying much. I usually try to help people. As Jason though it is still all business. I want to kill everyone.
  17. Hey man, I just got the game on PC, and I you have mentioned that you play with a good group. I'd love to level my game up, please add me on steam: woundcowboy.

    1. Tommy86


      Thanks for the invite man, I play on PS4 however. Also in Australia so ping would be pretty bad. But if you ever want help with anything let me know :)

    2. woundcowboy


      ah okay, add me on ps4 then haha. Same tag. For some reason I thought you were pc

    3. Tommy86


      Sure thing, will do

  18. I love a challenge, please add me on PS4. I'm leveling up my Jason. PSN: Woundcowboy
  19. Yes the company is small, but everyone bought and paid for a product. I love this game, even with its flaws, but I have never played anything as buggy as this. People have every right to demand patches because the game is broken, and we have all payed money for it.
  20. Hey man, my tag is woundcowboy on PSN. I'd love to play with the group and get my ass kicked as Jason. I'm trying to level up haha.
  21. My experience has been similar, I have no idea how to avoid being hit. As a former fighting game player, it seems crazy to me that there isn't enough hit stun to avoid their follow up. You are getting punished for being right.
  22. Yea that can be rough, part 4 is my favorite though lol.
  23. So would you recommend mashing the slash once you've landed one?
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