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  1. woundcowboy

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    If you are going against a squad that commits to killing Jason, then I don't think it is too hard to stop the kill because Jason has a pretty set strategy.. The groups that are really scary are those that prioritize objectives but also keep the kill as an option.
  2. I consider myself to be a good killer in both games. I think the counselors have an edge over Jason, but DBD is set up pretty much so that at least 1-2 people escape every time unless they try to be too altruistic .
  3. Compared to DBD, this game is more balanced for the killer (Jason), although counselors can still rule ass if they are good. It's also just fun and very different from DBD, so you should play it.
  4. Nah, Jason will check the map constantly if he knows what he is doing. That’s all the attention that he needs
  5. I think people are overreacting. Good groups use the boat to kite jasons (any non water speed jason that is) and waste time. That hasn’t really changed. Even without the boat noise, you are dead 99% of the time against a competent water speed jason. The noise barely matters.
  6. woundcowboy

    Ideal Counsellor?

    She's just it lol. No weaknesses other than an occasional stumble.
  7. As we know (and as the devs admit), the perk system isn't very good. One thing that stands out to me is that there are a few perks that are just head and shoulders above the others: Thick skin, Medic, Marathon, hypochondriac, and possibly swift attacker and restful. These perks will always be better because they are good in every situation. Other perks, like my dad's a cop and the fast car perk (I forget the name) are actually really good, but they just aren't worth picking over the "meta" perks. I think that the better perks should be either severely crippled or removed from the game. This would make utility perks and specialists become a much bigger deal; everyone has a role. We could have Chads with car perks, stealth characters like LaChappa and AJ with My dad's a cop, and even things like people who can repair faster and or get the boat running at crazy speeds. The game would be much more interesting and require more coordination. Thoughts?
  8. Roy's shift is shorter duration than the other neutral shift jasons but it is fast enough to catch the car. It is MUCH better than the negative shift. My list: Part 8 Savini Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 2 Part 9 Part 7 Part 4 IMO, the only Jasons worth picking against a good group are the top 3.
  9. While I don’t quit out, I also hate them. If the team is competent, at least two are getting out no matter what (unless they commit to one objective). I also dislike jarvis and pinehurst, so when I am host we’re getting packanack, crystal lake and higgins.
  10. yea i usually take the risk though. It's relatively easy to prevent death if you sell out for it, but it lets people go.
  11. Yea that’s the thing about the anti tommy stuff.... I don’t want others escaping ?
  12. woundcowboy

    Demasking Builds

    Maybe i’m confused, but why would Jason use “one on one you can’t take me” as a talking point? Even a bad Jason will almost definitely kill a single counselor one on one. This is a team based game....
  13. “We spared no expense”
  14. woundcowboy

    Just a Word of Encouragement...

    Would it really shock you if it fell through?
  15. woundcowboy

    Just a Word of Encouragement...

    I doubt any content will ever be added to this game. Lawsuits take years and this will probably extend beyond the life of this game. However, no new content doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been 150 on pc and ps4 for awhile now. The gameplay and experience are what keep me playing. The only thing that worries me is that the devs will probably leave this game in a near unplayable state. Every single patch has broken the game in a new way and even though I want to believe otherwise, we have no reason to expect the next patch to be different. That’s if we get a patch at all.