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  1. The counselors got their ass kicked but Jason was hiding in the water.... Also yea, these are glitches that the counselors can't control. It's shitty but we no one can solve that problem except the devs.
  2. I have reached max level on PS4 and i'm usually pretty carefree when i'm a counselor; don't care about dying much. I usually try to help people. As Jason though it is still all business. I want to kill everyone.
  3. Hey man, I just got the game on PC, and I you have mentioned that you play with a good group. I'd love to level my game up, please add me on steam: woundcowboy.

    1. Tommy86


      Thanks for the invite man, I play on PS4 however. Also in Australia so ping would be pretty bad. But if you ever want help with anything let me know :)

    2. woundcowboy


      ah okay, add me on ps4 then haha. Same tag. For some reason I thought you were pc

    3. Tommy86


      Sure thing, will do

  4. I love a challenge, please add me on PS4. I'm leveling up my Jason. PSN: Woundcowboy
  5. Yes the company is small, but everyone bought and paid for a product. I love this game, even with its flaws, but I have never played anything as buggy as this. People have every right to demand patches because the game is broken, and we have all payed money for it.
  6. Hey man, my tag is woundcowboy on PSN. I'd love to play with the group and get my ass kicked as Jason. I'm trying to level up haha.
  7. Slashing question

    My experience has been similar, I have no idea how to avoid being hit. As a former fighting game player, it seems crazy to me that there isn't enough hit stun to avoid their follow up. You are getting punished for being right.
  8. Slashing question

    Yea that can be rough, part 4 is my favorite though lol.
  9. Slashing question

    So would you recommend mashing the slash once you've landed one?
  10. Hi there, I have recently been doing more slashing to help spread out counselors and avoid pocket knives. I have noticed that after a successful slash, there doesn't seem to be anything Jason can do to avoid their counterhit. Keep in mind that I need to test this more, but I wanted to see what other people are doing to avoid getting hit in the face lol.
  11. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    I can confirm that your guess about part 4 is correct. It unlocked at 126.
  12. At least you admit that you play broke
  13. So I've been playing a lot lately and I have a few thoughts on how much RNG and chance mean compared to just raw skill RNG The spawn locations of the phone and cars/boat can have a drastic impact on the match. Today I was using Jason and got a godly combo of the phone and care being near the big house, with the boat a little ways away. As Jason this makes tracking objectives much easier and it obviously makes life hard for counselors. Conversely, I have had many matches where the objectives spawn fairly far apart and trying to defend them is a total nightmare. Counselors must also hope for convenient objective items (battery, gas). Skill The biggest skill checks in this game are mainly (but not solely) with Jason. A good Jason must be aware of sound pings and objectives all at once, while also able to make good use of shift, morph and stalk. This is not to mention the proper placement of traps and good aim with the throwing knives. The biggest skill checks for counselors are coordination, combat, and the repair mini games. Fear and stamina management is also key. Question How much does skill vs RNG factor into the game?
  14. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy