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  1. Throwing knives are definitely his best tool. They recover fast enough to let him block, take damage from a distance, and can single-handedly prevent a counselor from being able to tank traps and win the game. A throwing knife can be the difference between killing everyone and getting killed.
  2. I’ve had lobbies like that.... it doesn’t end well for counselors lol.
  3. So people are still denying Vanessa is OP? Lol yea she is the best, easily. Infinite stamina, decent luck.
  4. Although most Jason’s are bad, it is unfair to say that they are stupid for not preventing the kill. Tommy house is rng, so you need to be somewhat lucky. The biggest counter to what you are saying is that kill squads have a massive advantage over Jason players, at least the first time you meet. Jason has to play to protect objectives most of the time, but kill squads have set plans in place and will often ignore objectives; jason doesn’t know this. Killing Jason is the easiest way to win if the group is committed.
  5. I’m still having problems on pc. I start the game, get the green bar that says it’s loading and then nothing happens.
  6. It's also possible that it was supposed to be in the game at launch but was broken until recently, lol
  7. I'm torn on 2. Extra taps and the + morph are great tools, but yea, good luck if the car gets started.
  8. This list is....puzzling. Maybe theh are ranking based on how cool/effective and easy they are? I don’t know how you can logically put 4 above 3.
  9. The problem is that she can do more than distract. She can repair and fight, as well as waste time.
  10. Hey guys, I thought it would be good to start a thread for our community to discuss its thoughts on the current state of the game and suggestions for future balancing. First of all, i'd like to thank @mattshotcha and @wes for continuing to show support for the game that we all love, even though the content has ended. The game is in a much better place than it has been in quite awhile. I'd also like to reiterate that this thread is for everyone to voice their views on balance, myself included, so feel free to disagree Counselor adjustments: Vanessa: In my opinion, there is very little reason to play any character other than Vanessa. She can waste a ton of time because of her stamina pool. A competent Vanessa can easily waste 10 minutes, and possibly even more with thick skin, healing perks, and a pocket knife; she also has a workable repair stat. She would be tricky to balance but I would say to nerf her repair, stamina, or luck (so that she gets fewer weapon hits) Bugsy: This counselor has no purpose. His best stat is strength, which serves no purpose other than to demask slightly faster (which Jarvis can already do). His terrible luck also means that he gets very few hits with a weapon. He needs slightly better repair and/or luck, which could be done at the expense of strength. Shelly: The worst counselor in the game (sorry, Larry). He is another character with high strength (a garbo stat) and is lacking the more important strengths (stamina, luck). I would also suggest taking away strength to improve those other stats. Jason adjustments -Jason's mask comes off too easily, especially considering that he can be stunned and then immediately hit for extra damage. More HP would be good -Part 4: Most would agree that part 4 is the worst Jason in the game. He is clearly intended to be an aggressive Jason but, unfortunately, that does not work well in this game. It is still going to take alot of time to catch counselors. Jason catches people with a decent shift, which this Jason lacks. It is almost impossible to stop the car with a negative shift, especially against an experienced driver. I think he should either receive a regular shift or more traps. -Savini: Much like Vanessa, there is no reason to use another character. He gets an insane number of shift attempts, as well as having strong map control and pressure. I would suggest taking away destruction and replacing it with sense or more HP. As I said, I think that the overall balance of the game is good, but could use a few tweaks.
  11. Definitely the car because driving is fun. Killing Jason is cool too though.
  12. If you are going against a squad that commits to killing Jason, then I don't think it is too hard to stop the kill because Jason has a pretty set strategy.. The groups that are really scary are those that prioritize objectives but also keep the kill as an option.
  13. I consider myself to be a good killer in both games. I think the counselors have an edge over Jason, but DBD is set up pretty much so that at least 1-2 people escape every time unless they try to be too altruistic .
  14. Compared to DBD, this game is more balanced for the killer (Jason), although counselors can still rule ass if they are good. It's also just fun and very different from DBD, so you should play it.
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