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  1. yea i usually take the risk though. It's relatively easy to prevent death if you sell out for it, but it lets people go.
  2. Yea that’s the thing about the anti tommy stuff.... I don’t want others escaping 😡
  3. woundcowboy

    Demasking Builds

    Maybe i’m confused, but why would Jason use “one on one you can’t take me” as a talking point? Even a bad Jason will almost definitely kill a single counselor one on one. This is a team based game....
  4. “We spared no expense”
  5. woundcowboy

    Just a Word of Encouragement...

    Would it really shock you if it fell through?
  6. woundcowboy

    Just a Word of Encouragement...

    I doubt any content will ever be added to this game. Lawsuits take years and this will probably extend beyond the life of this game. However, no new content doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been 150 on pc and ps4 for awhile now. The gameplay and experience are what keep me playing. The only thing that worries me is that the devs will probably leave this game in a near unplayable state. Every single patch has broken the game in a new way and even though I want to believe otherwise, we have no reason to expect the next patch to be different. That’s if we get a patch at all.
  7. woundcowboy

    To The F13: Game Community

    I don't know how to classify the game ending early as anything but gamebreaking.... Getting locked out of interactions also makes it impossible to play, especially as a counselor.
  8. woundcowboy

    it sucks to be Jason

    I still like playing Jason. It’s harder than it was but still fun. Also, 99% of people have a Jason preference, especially those who complain lol.
  9. Yes this patch is terrible. Either people at illfonic are REALLY bad at their job or they knowingly released a broken patch. Both are unacceptable.
  10. Trap was placed vertically, in the center of the phone. I tried playing around with the positioning but the best i could get was the trap indicator to light up. I still couldn’t place one though
  11. woundcowboy

    Jason trap exploit

    If the counselors were smart they would have started attacking the car, or splitting up. Even if they were all there, they should have been able to get some hits in and work towards demasking and setting up the kill. Camping one objective as Jason backfires if people know what they are doing and/or are supported by RNG
  12. woundcowboy

    Jason trap exploit

    Setting traps around it is not a good strategy unless the counselor is oblivious. Traps are easy to spot. The point of Jasons traps are to alert Jason to an objective and to cost the counselors resources (either sprays or knives). Blocking off the objective means that they have to use neither to attack it.
  13. woundcowboy

    Jason trap exploit

    There have been exactly 0 good ways listed to overcome this. Placing a trap next to the phone box isn't going to do anything if the counselor is able to repair without stepping in it. I'm also not the only person saying this is dumb, check the thread. I suppose you are also okay with counselors doing this to the cars? If all counselors have knowledge of this, then some objectives will just become blocked off to Jason. He can't be in two places at once. The question here is not based on how often it happens. The question is if it should be possible at all.
  14. woundcowboy

    Jason trap exploit

    This is really confusing. I don't know if people don't understand that the trap thing is an unintended effect or if they are choosing to ignore it to try and be clever. Things like kiting, boat speed and Jason traps are fine because there are scenarios where either side can win (any Jason can catch the boat, or the counselor can escape, Jason traps can be taken out: silently or by running over them) Something that was brought to my attention is that this is also possible on the cars as well. Jason can't be everywhere at once so this means that at least one objective can't be trapped per match. Oh well, Jason just has to try and overcome things with no counterplay I guess.
  15. When that generator is close to the phone, it's a good play. I agree that randomly morphing to a generator in hopes of finding it is a bad idea. It's also not as risky as it used to be because the fuse never spawns in the same house anymore. I and other people obviously play the counselors a lot too. You obviously don't have to believe me, but as objectively as I can speak, this is dumb.