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  1. Well the game can't keep playing if there's no Jason lol
  2. That's just what they said. It was on their SP Challenges stream if you wanna hear them talk about it in more depth. But they basically say it's to save system memory.
  3. It's not a bug, they said that's intentional to save memory.
  4. TiffanyxAJ

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    9GB for Xbox because it makes you re download the whole game
  5. TiffanyxAJ

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Clothes aren't allowed as it's new content.
  6. TiffanyxAJ

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I have to work tonight. I'll probably play DBD when I get home though since the new update came out. Might catch you guys next week sometime.
  7. So sad. This game gave me so many good and fun memories and I'm so upset it has to be cut short. I know I would've had many more memories down the road if not for this stupid lawsuit. RIP F13: The Game. I'll always remember you. Even though you were in my life for such a short time, It's a time I will never forget. 😢
  8. It really sucks they couldn't do the same with the pajama clothing pack.
  9. I wouldn't count it being resolved by next month. I would expect a year, at the very least but it could be several years before we see an end to this.
  10. I'm all for giving them support, I've played this game nonstop for the past 10 months and I will continue to play for as long as the game is playable. But...Gun, even with our support, can't stick with this forever. They will start losing money and have no choice but to move on to another project. I'm just looking at the big picture. And without a miracle, I don't see a happy ending for the game.
  11. If by some miracle, this gets resolved and Gun hasn't given up and continues to make more content, I will probably literally bawl. But at this point what can we do? Lawsuits can take years to resolve. Gun isn't gonna wait years and neither will a majority of the player base. It's sad, but this game will slowly die with this lawsuit still in place. I'm tearing up...I'm gonna stop.
  12. TiffanyxAJ

    My outcry to Gun and Illfonic!

    As true as that might be, stuff like this can takes years to resolve. I Imagine, before too long, Gun will move on to another project. All they're gonna be doing at this point is losing money.
  13. TiffanyxAJ

    We're Still Here

    I'm gonna stick with this game as long as I can. It's brought me nothing but non-stop happiness for 10 months straight.
  14. TiffanyxAJ

    Time to revive Summer Camp vol 1.

    They have that other game they announced a few months ago that they'll probably work on.
  15. Re-colors would be considered new content.
  16. Highly doubt it. Clothing was one of the things in their list that they stated wouldn't be released.
  17. TiffanyxAJ

    Is the Game over now?

    Don't expect anything less then trash. We both know that patch was shit.
  18. TiffanyxAJ

    Is the Game over now?

    I'm glad that the game can focus on bug fixes but I really wish you could've stuck that pajama clothing pack in before this happened. I feel like it's been done for months. Nevertheless, I'm happy bugs will be the priority.
  19. From what I've seen and read, this recent patch broke the game even more then it already was. Personally, as an Xbox player I was anticipating this patch. But not anymore. Is there any way it can maybe not be released until a proper hotfix is re-established? I don't want Monday to come and have to forcefully download a broken patch.
  20. TiffanyxAJ

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Not saying they bother me. Just educating the dude.
  21. TiffanyxAJ

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    They already know about that.
  22. TiffanyxAJ

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    And you are the exact definition of a troll lol
  23. @ShiftySamurai Please stop them from releasing the patch on Xbox. It's a mess and I don't want to have to download something that will break my game.