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  1. I actually don't mind Tiffanys hair and eyes lol
  2. I agree. I actually made a thread about exactly this earlier today.
  3. We already get so much content for free. Customization doesn't affect gameplay. The least we can do is pay for it.
  4. Part 7 Kills Bug

    Yess plz @ShiftySamurai as long as you guys are aware of this issue then I'll be a happy camper!
  5. You mean clothing? Yeah I think it would kinda be cool. But designing new clothing takes up a bit of their time and I would rather just pay for a pack then release it for free. In fact, I doubt they'll ever release a free clothing pack. I think adding recolors as unlockables for SP Challenges would be cool though.
  6. I think blue jeans would look better with the yellow shirt but they can mix and match with each counselor.
  7. That actually doesn't look too bad! Maybe they can have bages in the front with their name on it. That would be a nice little touch!
  8. Well they pushed for the mean girl and we got her so who knows! ☺
  9. If we push for something. Or they see that a lot of the community likes an idea, I thunk they would go for it. Currently vomiting while reading that last paragraph 😷
  10. I don't think so. She's just lighter in the game then she is in the movie.
  11. I feel like both Deb and Eric are virgins so that fits pretty well with them if you ask me.
  12. I'm an Xbox player and that gif is an exact representation of what I was feeling when I saw that tweet.
  13. If we get another female counselor she needs to be a red head!
  14. I agree, I just want more original counselors. Not counselors ripped exactly from the movie.