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  1. I know for certain the pajama clothing pack was real. There were photos leaked of all the original counselors in their pajamas, yes it could have been for challenges but why create clothing for ALL of them and not release them as DLC? We only saw Tiffany's even though every counselor had an outfit.
  2. I completely forgot about this thread. Damn, I wish this lawsuit never happened.
  3. Omg it hurts seeing tons of new people here. Literally could tear up.
  4. Omg this is so sad. He doesn't realize. Content is cancelled dude.
  5. No there were leaks of all the counselors in their pajamas. Tiffany was the only one seen in them in the challenges though.
  6. They didn't really hype it up at all. They just said an announcement would come next week. No exclamation point or anything was included. And they couldn't release a statement over the weekend anyway as Wes said it had to go through the rights holders first.
  7. That's just what they said. It was on their SP Challenges stream if you wanna hear them talk about it in more depth. But they basically say it's to save system memory.
  8. 9GB for Xbox because it makes you re download the whole game
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