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  1. Why is Increase the number even an option!?
  2. Counselors Height?

    They took Fox's heels away, so they'll take the mean girls too. Adding heels will mess up her height and therefore the hitboxs. Plus they would be too lazy to add in a high heel sound affect.
  3. Aren't all the backers: Adam, Eric, Kenny, and Brandon their actual real names.
  4. Friday the 13th The Game App

    This sounds cool. You should add an Unlockable section too. So people know what they unlock and at what level?
  5. You just make their account your home Xbox, then you can download all their DLC.
  6. I want in. GT - ProfoundEnding Xbox One
  7. He's being sold on Ebay rn for 25 bucks for Xbox One if anyone wants him lol Edited by Kodiak: Buying and using any of that could have consequences to your ability to play the game online. Don't risk it, game/account sharing or not.
  8. Isn't that actually kid Jason? It looks more like a male than a female, and they're body looks really small, like kid small.
  9. Not necessarily. It's not spring until what, March? So they still have a few more months to go before they're behind at all.
  10. 2/10 Speed

    I doubt the mean girl will have heels anyway, they removed Fox's and all the counselors are the same height. It would just look weird.
  11. I should be shocked but I'm not. Every patch brings in more bugs then they get rid of.
  12. Am I the only one who can't change Tiffany's top and bottom swimwear without changing the other piece too? For example if I just change her top, it changes her bottoms as well. It seems like this glitch is only on Tiffany's swimwear. Anyone else experience this. I play on Xbox One.
  13. Fix the glitched gas

    This should really just rather be reported to jasonkillsbugs.com instead of posted here.
  14. You gonna do the clothing updates for the other counselors as well?
  15. Friday the 13th switch ?

    Lol they've released past GTA games on Nintendo platforms and GTA 5 on the Switch is actually being considered.