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  1. I think for the next clothing pack, they should do something a little more traditional and put the counselors in their uniforms - Yellow T-Shirts with "Crystal Lake Counselor" on the back, simple blue jeans, and tennis shoes. I think it seems like a really good idea and for customization you could change the shirt, pants, and shoe color. I think that is much more welcoming than seeing a giant bunny or fairy princess running around the map. Not that I didn't like the Halloween pack, it just kinda changed the mood for me. I know some people want to see a winter clothing pack, which seems kinda cool, but this idea just gets me excited even more. What are your thoughts? PS: I can't take credit for this idea. A Youtuber I watched the other day (can't remember his name) came up with it and I thought it was brilliant.
  2. Agreed. Don't even think about putting Tinker on lower repair characters because it just makes the minigame harder. And the characters that are higher in repair don't really need it as they can finish the minigame pretty quick anyway due to their amount of skill checks.
  3. I play on Xbox One and get two scoreboards lol
  4. Jason just seems underpowered at this point. I really hope you conisder changing some of these effects back to the old version. I haven't experienced any new glitches with this update aside from Jason not being stunned when I hit him with a flare, twice. And I did not miss either. Side note: PLEASEEE change Tiffany's ring with her causal outfit back to silver. This ugly purple/blue color doesn't go well with really any color combinations. Please Gun and Illfonic. Please change the ring back to silver. I'll love you even more than I already do.
  5. But Deb and Lachappa are almost the same character. Deb beats Eric when it comes to speed, stamina, stealth, and composure, while Eric excels in strength and luck. If you put those two together, It's no wonder people choose Deb over Eric. Deborah is just plain better, and she's not even my main. I DO feel that Lachappa is useless and it proves it when only about 10% of the community play as him, if that. If they want a high repair, high strength counselor, Adam is a better pick. Hence why Adam is pretty popular too. Eric's stats don't fit anyone's play style really. Like I said, people play him to be funny.
  6. But Deborah has maxed repair too, she's faster, braver, and stealthier. The only thing Lachappa has her in is luck and stength and those aren't very big differences either.
  7. The best way to prevent counselors from snitching is to make it so that counselors must spectate jason only. You can't snitch on a player that you don't see
  8. Idk tbh. I assume it would be a similar process and the dlc should still be seperate downloads. I've never owned a PS4 so idk how it works. I would just take similar steps and you should be able to transfer them to your digital copy.
  9. You do know you guys CAN install the clothing and bloody skin onto your digital ,right? I did it myself. I'll explain how (FYI this is on the XBOX ONE version, Idk if PS4 works the same so I can't confirm it would work). First 1. Uninstal your digital copy (Don't worry you won't lose any progress, DLC, bages, etc). 2. Start to install the disc version. After this, the skins should pop up as separate downloads. I noticed some people say it's attached to the disc, well it's not. They're completely separate downloads. You just need the disc to "unlock" them. 3. After they appear, pause the download for the game and download the clothing and skin pack. They're both 10 MB, so it shouldn't take long. 4. AFTER, they're done downloading, go ahead and remove the disc and the installation for the game. 5. Re download the digital version. The skins WILL carry over to your digital as long as they're downloaded. There you go. You now have the skins on your digital. Again, this works for XBOX ONE. I can't confirm anything for PS4. And if any of you tried this and it didn't work, Idk what to tell you. You probably did something wrong as it worked just fine for me.