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  1. Crazed villagers is exactly the image I had in my mind.
  2. If I were one of the devs I would fear for my life coming here for a live open discussion. Some of the people around here are fucking brutal lol
  3. Emotes need to go

    The costumes don't really bug me, I don't really even pay attention or notice them much. I sure as hell didn't buy them, but I don't mind them lol
  4. Emotes need to go

    As a counselor, I have had someone stand in front of a door dancing when I was attempting to go through it. I have tried communicating about repairs and had someone just stand there dancing, not doing anything else and not replying. I have been killed while people with weapons have danced in front of Jason. To me, that impacts gameplay. It's like the saying "if you have time to lean you have time to clean" If you have time to dance, there is probably something more constructive to be doing. I agree with your points for the most part, but I just don't ever see emotes other than the dancing. It's like they were made specifically to troll and the people who are prone to that type of behavior abuse it in excess. The way I see it, the trolls are the gun, the emotes are the bullets, and the devs basically just loaded the gun. If I saw people ever use emotes effectively or for any reason other than to troll, I wouldn't see the two so much as one in the same.
  5. Emotes need to go

    @Gummybish Emotes fault or players fault, many people take issue with it regardless. It really doesn't matter because wherever you want to place the blame, it's annoying and childish all the same. I don't disagree with you in the least, but I don't really see the relevance.
  6. Often times secret achievement/trophies are story based, so yeah, spoilers. This game though, I'm not sure why most are secret other than maybe the ones that give away a certain method? Sorry, trying not to spoil anything for those who don't want to know what the trophies are.
  7. End of Round Screen

    I think this is a great idea and it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to implement, but I really don't know. As far as encouraging trolls to try to get on the wall of shame, maybe there could be an option to view player's percentage of trophies/badges earned so you can see if they are always getting the shithead badges. It might discourage troll behavior or at least let you know who you might want to kick from the lobby prior to the game starting. I know that is maybe a little excessive, but might benefit this already awesome idea.
  8. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Awesome how this pointless thread that everyone hates has become a hot topic lol
  9. Emotes need to go

    Now this guy I like.
  10. Emotes need to go

    To be honest, i haven't played online much lately because of this issue, but when I was it was definitely more often than not. And it's not so much kids because I usually play around midnight after the wife goes to sleep on week nights. Often times they don't have mics and when they do they're usually huge cocky shit talkers.
  11. Emotes need to go

    I'm on the ol' Box.
  12. Emotes need to go

    Very well put.
  13. Emotes need to go

    The people who feel emotes have hurt their experience are the ones penalized. What penalty do you feel I am imposing on people who use emotes? Are the people who don't like emotes stopping you from enjoying the game and having dance parties? No. Are we telling you to stop playing the game? No. Do the people who hate dance parties enjoy the game less because of it? Yes. Are we told to stop playing or only play offline? Yes. So who are the ones actually being penalized?
  14. Emotes need to go

    So in other words, if you don't like idiots spamming dance emotes, then throw away a game you used to enjoy and paid $40 for. OR play offline, never be a counselor again, and only play as Jason killing mindless bots. Seriously, people who actually want to play the game are fucked. I really hope they make an option to not allow emotes into a lobby because the mentality of the people who constantly use them is ridiculous and ruining the fun for everyone else. And yes, I know there is the option to create a Looking For Group and specify #noemotes, but considering the mentality of the dancers I would expect them to join in anyway just to troll the people who actually want to enjoy the game.
  15. F13 Game App Update 2

    Is this going to be available for Windows phones as well?