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  1. Me too. Last night it was choppy as shit.
  2. I'm on the fence, actually. I know I would be upset knowing what could have been but what will never be. On the other hand, I really want to know how close everyone was with their speculation. However, if the devs don't say what they were planning, maybe they are holding on to the hope that they still might be able to release whatever it was.
  3. Since it seems uncertain whether or not we'll ever see future dlc for the game would you prefer to know what the devs were planning on bringing to the game or do you feel you're better off not knowing?
  4. Hell Toupee

    Meanwhile on Reddit pt.3

    Why doesn't Gun just take all that Savini Jason money they got on eBay and buy the rights needed? lol
  5. I found a Pamela tape last night, then in the next round I spawned right outside of a window, climbed in and found another tape in the first drawer I opened.
  6. Ch-ch-ch.... Ching-ching-ching.....
  7. Could they still release new single player challenges?
  8. They can't make more Jasons for the time being, but could they release Victor Miller as a new killer?
  9. I would not give gun or illfonic another cent. They ignored the outcries of half of their customers and released 30 new emotes whilst breaking the game further. Sorry gun, but you spit in my face again and now I don't give a shit about you. I don't want to see the game go under, but if it does, my biggest regret is that it went under because of this lawsuit instead of because of what gun allowed this game to become. You favored the people that will ditch your game the second the next shiny flashy pretty thing comes out and shunned the diehards who love the franchise and I hope your whole crew spends the rest of your lives working in call centers. *middle finger emote*
  10. Hell Toupee

    What is the actual use of Emotes?

    I think the purpose of the newest emotes was because they would make half the player base (the easily amused and simple minded half) not notice or care that illfonic just broke the game even more.
  11. Yeah I've been playing a bit and I've found fuck all.
  12. Hell Toupee

    How dare you . . .

    Exactly. I feel the problem is that counselors should be fleeing Jason, but instead they are flocking to him. People are too concerned with trolling Jason and killing him. The concern should just be getting the fuck out.
  13. So I've mainly been playing SP challenges and I've noticed my Phd achievement progress went from 80% to 82% today. Not sure what kill caused it, but I'll check later to see if it goes back when I play again. Just thought it was worth noting.
  14. Haha I thought you were going to say it will play out like Jason goes to hell where a lot of people will think it sucks.
  15. Hell Toupee

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    The dancing fits in perfectly in the SP challenges. In multiplayer, when I see someone dancing I think they look like an idiot and I question their competence to get anything done. I will leave the lobby and join another in hopes of joining a group who's priority is fixing objectives. @ShiftySamurai Are the devs looking at the issue where med sprays don't work most of the time? It has a severe impact on the game and I've encountered it almost every time I've tried to heal. I can't imagine why this would not be a big priority. Also, can we have offline kills finally count towards PhD in murder? This seems to have been largely ignored. Also, my headset broke while I was playing a few nights ago. I would like it fixed, please 😉