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  1. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Very much looking forward to playing SP challenges. Question, will the emotes be able to be traded in for something useful? Such as anything other than emotes? Seriously, look at all of them. SP might be the only F13 I play anymore because all of these emotes are going to bring the trolls out in droves. Wouldn't be surprised if we see a huge drop in people playing multiplayer.
  2. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Something tells me that OP probably has +stalk. And likely -sense.
  3. Team killing was removed because people were killing their team. See that word? Team? There is no "asshole taking out others because they're an immature troll" in team.
  4. Delay? By "delay" do you mean the announcement that we aren't getting the update at a time that it was never promised in the first place?
  5. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Speculation started damn fast lol While it does sound possible that it could hit in May, that was not specifically stated. Fingers crossed but let's please not have a dozen "update coming in May" threads started.
  6. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    That was my assumption, although I didn't want to go straight to that if it was possibly a result of something I did wrong. But I figured Jason was likely still in his shack grabbing knives while I was hiding, so...
  7. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    I was Buggzy so that is possible, but there were other people around so I don't know why he went straight for me.
  8. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    How? You'll just hide the whole time.
  9. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    I have used hiding spots when spawned at the fuse box house and sometimes if the cops are about show up and I'm close to one of the exits, or if there are other people in the cabin and I know he will go for them, but other than that I usually have bad luck or perhaps I just suck at hiding. He seems to come straight to me. A few weeks ago I spawned at the main lodge, ran straight up stairs and went in one of the rooms, closed the door behind me so all the rooms looked like they hadn't been entered and I hid in the closet. I knew Jason would be showing up because the 4 seater was there along with a couple other counselors. He shows up about a minute later and I listened to him break into the lodge, come up the stairs and straight to the room I'm in and right to the closet I was in. I died about 2 minutes into the match and was hiding most of that time. I could not understand that and probably just deemed hiding as useless at that point.
  10. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    Doesn't going in and out of a hiding spot make noise? I'll admit, I don't do it much, so I'd appreciate any advice.
  11. Because really, who does it? What's the point other than stamina refill that people probably don't use much anyway? I know inner cabin spots get utilized sometimes, but does anyone hide in outhouses and tents anymore? Sure, some twats try to hide the entire round, but we don't need to acknowledge them. So, does anyone have an idea to give purpose to hiding spots again or did they just prove to be a concept that failed to have much purpose?
  12. Most hard emblem to get

    All things boat have been elusive to me.