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    Winter Maps

    You could replace the boat with a snowmobile since the lake would be frozen over I’m assuming.
  2. TomDice


    “While the ruling does not prevent Gun from continuing to sell and operate the existing game, it may complicate adding certain content to the current game in the future.” This statement says it all, I understand it as Gun could have released more DLC before the ruling and now with the ruling it (key word here kids) MAY complicate adding certain content.
  3. Check out this video: https://youtu.be/kb5zOTIEDY0 thanks SleevedBiker for some insight.
  4. If it gets locked, so be it. Eventually the truth will come out.
  5. So you’ve killed Jason a million times, you’ve been level 150 forever. You know the maps like the back of your hand at this point, so what now? So myself and my consistent lobby of friends play some alternate games in private matches. Game #1 The Purge: pretty self explanatory, it’s a free for all kill each other until there is one left standing. Jason referees the game, and at the two minutes left mark can start using knives to level the playing field. Last person standing wins and is Jason for the next match. Game #2 Battle Royal: Find a place on a map to meet up. Gather as many weapons, and traps as possible. Try to collect first aid sprays as well. Put all the weapons in the middle of a large enough circle for everyone to participate. Then place traps all around the circle, including Jason traps. Then on the outside of the circle of the traps drop all the first aid sprays that were found. Please note rifles are to be collected but not placed in the circle. The rifles will be used for a dual for the last two people standing. Commence the killing in the circle until the last two people are standing. Again Jason referees and can use knives at the two minutes left mark. Last person standing is the winner and is Jason in the next match. Game #3 Death Proof: The rules for this game is that no one can kill each other until both cars are fixed. So if you find keys keep it to yourself until the cars are fixed. Once the cars are fixed and are started up, you may start killing each other. The rule is whoever is driving can run you over and you’re not allowed to go into cabins or the water. So run for your life. Jason is referees, and to make things more interesting can place traps on cars before they are fixed. Cars can not have passengers! If someone jumps in your car, Jason will grab that person out of the car. If the last two people that are alive are the ones driving they must abandon the cars and fight to the death. I’ve seen a lot of people get the cars permanently stuck in these matches trying to run people over so be careful. We have a few other games in regular matches like Treasure Island and Treasure Shack. I’ll explain if you’re interested. By all means I’m sure these game ideas might be old and I’m sure have been done before. I’m just curious what you and your crews are doing to keep the game fun.
  6. Every perk at least once? Thoughts? For example, does anyone actually use potent ranger perk?
  7. Nice, I have to try that! Do some fast and furious turns. But basically just seeing if there are any perks that are just trash and to get rid of.
  8. of pocket knives lately? Or am I just finding more now because players are just trying to kill Jason right from the start of a match.
  9. It’s happening to me too, I’m having issues with the PSN network the last couple of days.
  10. Being able to upload you’re own Jason chase music. Jason weapons that could also be set at random, so you never know which weapon you would end up with at the beginning of the match. Body modifications for the counselors.
  11. Tested the internet, reset the router but couldn’t sign in to the PSN network. Then when I did eventuall sign into PSN, couldn’t sign in to the game.
  12. Saw that happen on Pinehurst before too. I was Jason swimming around Deborah while she was in the middle of the water, half her body in and half out. Was not able to drown her.
  13. There was a time in gaming that updates, dlc, etc. didn’t exist. You simply loved the concept of the game you were purchasing and you played the crap out of it. Repetitive game play over and over never took the fun out of it, at least for me, back in the day. We should consider ourselves lucky these days with updates and dlc. If you think about it, what was to stop Gun from making us players purchase Jason parts 1-9 and maps as separate games altogether. No game is perfect and there will always be glitches and bugs, but that should add to the nuances of your game play. This is especially true if you’re looking for non-repetitive game play. And as a fan of Friday the 13th, the films were far from perfect and smooth. If the game is truly dead, so be it. If you had even a second of fun playing, then just be happy the game exists in the first place. But if you’re a fan of the game and not constant stimulation of new content, then the game will live on just like the games of old.
  14. and today I finally leveled up to 150. It’s a good feeling, and for me personally the game is still super fun! Even with all of its quirks.
  15. And got.....Heavy Mover. Give me a freaking break. %48 faster barricading speed, 0% noise generating penalty, 2% weapon damage increase. Why bother making this perk legendary in the first place. Who else has useless perks right now?
  16. to see low level players on PS4 have Savini Jason. It’s like “where have you all been?”
  17. I saw a video of old gameplay where the Jarvis House had a door that lead to the basement and an outside door that goes into the basement. Was there a reason why these were removed?
  18. Probably the worst 30 minutes of matches of my life. Got picked up in the four seater and proceeded to lap Crystal Lake 15 minutes each time. Two different players, two different lobbies, back to back. Ugh!
  19. Have to say playing as him and playing against him, he’s pretty freaking good. Has he becomes anyone else’s favorite yet?
  20. TomDice

    Jason Part 5

    I have a special place in my heart for Part 8, but I would also agree Part 7 looks the best.
  21. Have to admit, I love the Pinehurst house. So many nooks and crannies to check out and hide when in a pinch. The details are killer! On a sidenote, I’m wondering if those bottom two steps of the ladder in the barn will be fixed to get to the second story. Regardless stoked on the new update.
  22. TomDice

    Pinehurst House

    The barn definitely feels more open for sure, probably need to revisit the movie to see for sure.
  23. TomDice

    What kind of soda do you drink?

    McDonald’s fountain Coke, hands down the best. They just have the pefect formula.
  24. TomDice

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4 and my gamer tag is tomdice456
  25. Increase of speed will be a definite bonus, but until they limit the amount of knives, counselors will still be a pain to deal with.