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  1. There was a time in gaming that updates, dlc, etc. didn’t exist. You simply loved the concept of the game you were purchasing and you played the crap out of it. Repetitive game play over and over never took the fun out of it, at least for me, back in the day. We should consider ourselves lucky these days with updates and dlc. If you think about it, what was to stop Gun from making us players purchase Jason parts 1-9 and maps as separate games altogether. No game is perfect and there will always be glitches and bugs, but that should add to the nuances of your game play. This is especially true if you’re looking for non-repetitive game play. And as a fan of Friday the 13th, the films were far from perfect and smooth. If the game is truly dead, so be it. If you had even a second of fun playing, then just be happy the game exists in the first place. But if you’re a fan of the game and not constant stimulation of new content, then the game will live on just like the games of old.
  2. and today I finally leveled up to 150. It’s a good feeling, and for me personally the game is still super fun! Even with all of its quirks.
  3. And got.....Heavy Mover. Give me a freaking break. %48 faster barricading speed, 0% noise generating penalty, 2% weapon damage increase. Why bother making this perk legendary in the first place. Who else has useless perks right now?
  4. to see low level players on PS4 have Savini Jason. It’s like “where have you all been?”
  5. I saw a video of old gameplay where the Jarvis House had a door that lead to the basement and an outside door that goes into the basement. Was there a reason why these were removed?
  6. Probably the worst 30 minutes of matches of my life. Got picked up in the four seater and proceeded to lap Crystal Lake 15 minutes each time. Two different players, two different lobbies, back to back. Ugh!
  7. Have to say playing as him and playing against him, he’s pretty freaking good. Has he becomes anyone else’s favorite yet?
  8. TomDice

    Jason Part 5

    I have a special place in my heart for Part 8, but I would also agree Part 7 looks the best.
  9. Have to admit, I love the Pinehurst house. So many nooks and crannies to check out and hide when in a pinch. The details are killer! On a sidenote, I’m wondering if those bottom two steps of the ladder in the barn will be fixed to get to the second story. Regardless stoked on the new update.
  10. TomDice

    Pinehurst House

    The barn definitely feels more open for sure, probably need to revisit the movie to see for sure.
  11. TomDice

    What kind of soda do you drink?

    McDonald’s fountain Coke, hands down the best. They just have the pefect formula.
  12. TomDice

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4 and my gamer tag is tomdice456
  13. Increase of speed will be a definite bonus, but until they limit the amount of knives, counselors will still be a pain to deal with.
  14. What Gamma setting do you have it at when using game mode?
  15. Finally at level 68 and have found all of the Pamela tapes, but yet have only found 2 Jarvis tapes.
  16. TomDice

    Where is everybody from...

    Just curious if this forum takes us around the world. I’m currently in Miami.
  17. But until things are balanced again, team killing should be brought back. Thoughts?
  18. Just the added sense of making situations more “life like” meaning not everyone is an expert marksmen or time perfectly a hit with a machete or axe when trying to help out fellow counselors with Jason. Just the added element of shit can hit the fan quick if you miss and hit a friend.
  19. I was picked as Jason 3 times in a row. So obviously this means I got stabbed by 436,000 pocketknives. Great way to start the day, then the very next match a random just ran me over with a car. It’s one of those days.
  20. What about the idea of Jason being able to give the car a “flat tire” if he misses an opportunity of getting in front of the car and is able to strike the car on the side as it drives by. A “flat tire” wouldn’t stop the car, but slow it down a percentage. Thoughts?
  21. As Jason, how many laps around tables and couches chasing counselors have you done so far.
  22. It was strange, I wasn’t the last one to die and then when the match was over nobody got selected as him either. Although I did not see if he was on the scene either before I died, so who knows.
  23. Twice in the last 24 hours I’ve successfully called Tommy Jarvis and he never came. Anyone else having this issue in their matches?
  24. It’s simple, just make it so counselors can only carry one pocketknife at a time or if you have a pocketknife you can’t carry a weapon.