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  1. Nice, I have to try that! Do some fast and furious turns. But basically just seeing if there are any perks that are just trash and to get rid of.
  2. Every perk at least once? Thoughts? For example, does anyone actually use potent ranger perk?
  3. of pocket knives lately? Or am I just finding more now because players are just trying to kill Jason right from the start of a match.
  4. It’s happening to me too, I’m having issues with the PSN network the last couple of days.
  5. Being able to upload you’re own Jason chase music. Jason weapons that could also be set at random, so you never know which weapon you would end up with at the beginning of the match. Body modifications for the counselors.
  6. Tested the internet, reset the router but couldn’t sign in to the PSN network. Then when I did eventuall sign into PSN, couldn’t sign in to the game.
  7. Saw that happen on Pinehurst before too. I was Jason swimming around Deborah while she was in the middle of the water, half her body in and half out. Was not able to drown her.
  8. There was a time in gaming that updates, dlc, etc. didn’t exist. You simply loved the concept of the game you were purchasing and you played the crap out of it. Repetitive game play over and over never took the fun out of it, at least for me, back in the day. We should consider ourselves lucky these days with updates and dlc. If you think about it, what was to stop Gun from making us players purchase Jason parts 1-9 and maps as separate games altogether. No game is perfect and there will always be glitches and bugs, but that should add to the nuances of your game play. This is especially true if you’re looking for non-repetitive game play. And as a fan of Friday the 13th, the films were far from perfect and smooth. If the game is truly dead, so be it. If you had even a second of fun playing, then just be happy the game exists in the first place. But if you’re a fan of the game and not constant stimulation of new content, then the game will live on just like the games of old.
  9. and today I finally leveled up to 150. It’s a good feeling, and for me personally the game is still super fun! Even with all of its quirks.
  10. And got.....Heavy Mover. Give me a freaking break. %48 faster barricading speed, 0% noise generating penalty, 2% weapon damage increase. Why bother making this perk legendary in the first place. Who else has useless perks right now?
  11. to see low level players on PS4 have Savini Jason. It’s like “where have you all been?”
  12. I saw a video of old gameplay where the Jarvis House had a door that lead to the basement and an outside door that goes into the basement. Was there a reason why these were removed?
  13. Probably the worst 30 minutes of matches of my life. Got picked up in the four seater and proceeded to lap Crystal Lake 15 minutes each time. Two different players, two different lobbies, back to back. Ugh!
  14. TomDice

    Jason Part 5

    I have a special place in my heart for Part 8, but I would also agree Part 7 looks the best.
  15. Have to say playing as him and playing against him, he’s pretty freaking good. Has he becomes anyone else’s favorite yet?