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  1. Just the added sense of making situations more “life like” meaning not everyone is an expert marksmen or time perfectly a hit with a machete or axe when trying to help out fellow counselors with Jason. Just the added element of shit can hit the fan quick if you miss and hit a friend.
  2. But until things are balanced again, team killing should be brought back. Thoughts?
  3. Where is everybody from...

    Just curious if this forum takes us around the world. I’m currently in Miami.
  4. I was picked as Jason 3 times in a row. So obviously this means I got stabbed by 436,000 pocketknives. Great way to start the day, then the very next match a random just ran me over with a car. It’s one of those days.
  5. What about the idea of Jason being able to give the car a “flat tire” if he misses an opportunity of getting in front of the car and is able to strike the car on the side as it drives by. A “flat tire” wouldn’t stop the car, but slow it down a percentage. Thoughts?
  6. As Jason, how many laps around tables and couches chasing counselors have you done so far.
  7. It was strange, I wasn’t the last one to die and then when the match was over nobody got selected as him either. Although I did not see if he was on the scene either before I died, so who knows.
  8. It’s simple, just make it so counselors can only carry one pocketknife at a time or if you have a pocketknife you can’t carry a weapon.
  9. Twice in the last 24 hours I’ve successfully called Tommy Jarvis and he never came. Anyone else having this issue in their matches?
  10. Are you on the naughty list....

    Have a Vorhees Christmas.
  11. I’m still stuck inside the house, help!
  12. License Plate on Police Car is 873AAA, only have found two patches and can’t find the part “4” video tape
  13. While playing as Jason, there is nothing like getting stunned by someone with a bat through an unbroken door. Also, what’s everyone favorite Jason trap schemes?
  14. What are the odds of adding maybe an additional bullet to be found in one of the drawers in a cabin during a match. Maybe there can be one less pocket knife as a trade off. Anyone else have thoughts on this?