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  1. omg that's hilarious. What a way to steal the thunder from the real investigators and like I said before they are just openly wiping their own dirt under the rug. And pretend like it was no big deal whatsoever
  2. Me too. But I'm afraid they are gonna silence it to death, probaly sweep it under the rug, and all of sudden come up with some new big content to overshadow this dark chapter.
  3. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it seems highly unlikely to me that someone can get away with so many Savini Codes, without someone higher up knowing about it. A lot of pple already mentioned on these forums and on Facebook for example, that there were alot of Savini's being sold on Ebay. But it looked like noone cared. Until someone digged a bit deeper and came with evidence (that LOOKS like it came from closer to home then anyone thought), and all of a sudden we get a statement etc. Why not ring the bell sooner? or look into it sooner? We will probaly never know the full truth, but It must suck for some pple who feel scammed into buying something exclusive, that has been "leaked" quite a few times now.
  4. I don't see this getting to court or with laywers. Especially IF this has been an inside job. I've been lurking these forums for some time, and I've seen multiple pple mention the Ebay listings, but always to be ignored by the devs/mods. It hasn't been an issue, UNTIL someone digged a little deeper into this whole issue. And came a bit too close for someones taste, and quickly addressed the issue as a "theft" Come on! how can someone get away with creating (basically) unlimted codes, without it ever getting noticed? This game needed funds from backers to be created and it needs funds to keep it alive., and since the demand of the Savini skin is high, but they could not let their backers down. And what's better then officialy releasing the skin for 6 bucks, without getting flak from it's backers, then to offer it through a sideway (ebay) for much much more ($200+) and still get these same funds needed. I know this may seem all far fetched for some, but there is no denying in that something doesn't add up with all of this.
  5. I wonder if this indeed has all been a giant scam from the inside. The negative it attracts to the franchisename of F13, I wonder if the license holders would pull the rug under the feet of GUN/ILLFONIC. And basically stops all further development of the game.
  6. They are probaly gonna keep denying it, and "look" into the matter.
  7. Maybe that's why we are lucky enough to get all these free content updates, cause someone at GUN/Illfonic have been funding the game through extra sales on Ebay Someone smelled money could be made with this "exclusive" Jason, not counting on someone to dig in a little deeper into all of this haha The Truth is out there!.....*whistles x-files theme*
  8. DAMN just reading the reddit post, I thought it was suspious all along.
  9. Can someone explain how someone can sell so many PS4 Savini's on Ebay? if it's not (as stated in the ad) done by game/account sharing? Is this some sort of disgruntled ex worker on the game who can create codes or something? when looking at the feedback it seems all legit. Is GUN/Illfonic gonna do something about this? When looking at all the money earned by this one person, that money could have been beter spend by the devs to create a lot more content for the game.
  10. Still no news on this? I wonder what the uphold is? Still no sign of it on The Netherlands PSN Store aswell
  11. I'm not home at the moment, but when I check it through my PSN app, it does indeed show twice the game with each it own set of trophies.
  12. But you do see 2 F13 game icons on your dashboard? I had literally 2 icons on my dashboard and under each of its gamescreen it showed it's trophies, digital with the ones I already earned and disc version all showing up with zero trophies, until I started playing they gradually came up as I did certain actions required. I do hope it keeps counting it's progress, since it's I believe stored online at the F13 servers.
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