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  1. Hair styles would be a nice addition to the game and maybe even accessories. It could even be something you can only do on certain costumes. Like having Deborah with no glasses on and her hair in a bun for her bunny outfit or having Vanessa’s hair down in her Spring Break outfit. Just a bit of extra customisation would be nice, especially for outfits when they have 3 variations to choose from.
  2. When are they coming to console? Nearly every single game I play has the host leave halfway through the match, making levelling up almost impossible.
  3. To do the clothing glitch on console you had to randomize and then press A instead of doing it the normal way. We had to do this because if you click on one of them you would go instantly into the colour you want on it. With the new update, this also happens to randomize and you can no longer do the clothing glitch. I'm not sure if this is the same for PC, but I really hope it isn't. If this was unintentional, please bring it back as the clothing glitch was harmless and it was cool having so many variations to choose from.
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