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  1. Jason can also take a clean hit after performing a kill. He just needs 2-3 second window of invulnerability after removing pocket knife or performing a kill. Counselors shouldn't be so bold when he is doing one or the other, but they are and I don't blame them.
  2. Its a thrilleeeeerrrrrr!!!!
  3. I've said this before, but Asphyxiating is one of the few kills that Jason can perform in close proximity of objects and other counselors. Some kills simply cannot be performed if you are too close to a wall, on stairs or have counselors around you trying to free the one you have. You can have slow, well-designed kills when you pull the driver from the car but you need to cover a lot of distance to perform it which allows the passengers ample time to free your victim and score free hits. For this reason, I have Asphyxiated on all my Jasons just in-case I need to score a quick one and avoid taking free damage.
  4. IronCatFish

    Carrying Matches

    There are two peeves I have with public lobbies. First is marking items, but not taking them to the objectives. Its like wtf? Take the battery to the car. Even if you don't have the repair for it, don't make others run across the map to get it. I mean is the a thing now? Mark items, but don't move them to the objective? The same players are yelling for you to stop the car when it is repaired. GTFO. My biggest one is the encounter with Jason. Here is a scenario: PACK Lodge. 4+ players spawn there, I'm on other side of map. Jason spawns there first. Maybe the phone or 4 seater is there. For the next 3-4 minutes, the blips for the counselors are stuck at the lodge because no one knows how to run away and split up. They are literally like a deer in head lights. RUN AWAY. Help me repair things. I've seen 5 or 6 players scrambling at one house for minutes.
  5. Looks like I really will see you guys on page 10.
  6. IronCatFish

    Unmasked tactics

    This is why I said you can never have enough throwing knives in that thread made a while back to reduce them. If you have to fight a team of players determined to kill you, you will definitely need them. I throw a knife, block, retreat, repeat. I had a an uncoordinated team try to kill me yesterday and they almost succeeded, but I just kept laming them with knives.
  7. IronCatFish

    Pinehurst Small

    I like PineHurst but this is a hard map to play with randoms. Too often nothing gets done on this map and I do everything to help escape. I either get out on boat or pray someone calls the cops. I don't think I have even started the car on this map.
  8. IronCatFish

    Does Thrasher even work?

    Better off equipping slugger which grants you +10% dmg across the board than buffing damage for a weapon that is rare and already hits hard.
  9. IronCatFish

    Throwing knives.

    You can NEVER have too many throwing knives. Between Medic, thick skin and chain stunning, Jason should get as many knives as he can.
  10. IronCatFish

    How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    I might have gotten more XP, but I'm getting that blasted D3D device lost bs error so my game keeps crashing...
  11. Since they are buffing Jason, I don't think its necessary to reduce bats.
  12. Funny how they took priority in fixing something harmless meanwhile there are other items on the agenda that have and still need fixing.
  13. IronCatFish

    What's your Strategy

    Whoops. Meant to say trap phone box, not power.
  14. IronCatFish

    What's your Strategy

    I start by knocking out power closest to the phone box and then trap it. The cars I could careless about because I'm confident in my ability to stop them, even more now since cars are a bit slower since last patch and shift can catch them. Knocking out power is critical now more than ever to reduce stamina regen of Vanessa. I slash to cripple players and grab them. Even if they have a pocket knife, they have to exhaust a few seconds to heal with a med spray while I pry the knife out of my neck. Knocking out power boxes is very important and something I don't see most Jason's doing. Counselors with high stamina and low composure can't kite forever when power is out. This is the key to dealing with Vanessa late game. I always slash Tommy. Its very difficult for him to get off an accurate shotgun blast when you are on top of him. Slash on car when it is stopped as well. If an objective skill check fails, I spawn near the objective but not at the objective. For one, the counselors can't tell you morphed there and then you can shift the distance to catch them off guard. This is obviously more effective with STALK, but now that counselors YELP when Jason is nearby it becomes a problem if you morph on top of them.
  15. The issue with perks is that a majority of them are borderline useless. There are only ten perks that matter because they directly impose on your interactions with Jason and your ability to survive. Not to mention that are five varieties of each perk. No matter how many updates, maps and counselors we get down the road EPIC barricading and swimming will still be useless.