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  1. Bugzy can definitely knock of Jason's mask in a few hits. I once got two free hits on Jason when his weapon got stuck in the window and his mask went off after the 2nd hit and the game just started. Of course, no one seemed to acknowledge it and go for the sweater. I usually go with Fox because she hits just as hard with a machete and can get the sweater.
  2. Vanessa useless? She can get a 5-7 point skill check meaning she can repair. Even if she messes up, she can run away quickly enough if Jason comes. Her stamina allows her to keep Jason occupied while the rest of the team does something at least you hope they are. Its never a good idea to go after Vanessa at the start as Jason. Her luck gives her some extra hits with bat as well if she needs to fight back.
  3. Does dodging have any active frames where the counselor is invulnerable to grabs or slashes? Be a nice mechanic like a fighting game where certain attacks go through the target when performing a dodge or evade. Usually what I do is I hit Jason in combat stance, then immediately back dodge just in-case the hit doesn't stun. It takes a LOT of practice, but it will save you. I have a rare sucker punch perk, so I'm not afraid to hit Jason head on with a machete. It works great with Fox because she can equip the sweater if the mask comes off which may require only 2-3 hits. However, sometimes I'm in the dodge animation and I still get grabbed making me wonder what is the purpose of it if their are no invulnerability frames or if I was too slow. What I would like is that if a counselor in a dodging animation, he or she is invincible to grabs and attacks. This would make dodging more useful and increase effectiveness of combat stance. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the dodge is intended for. To protect counselors from grab or Jason melee.
  4. The real problem is my ping exploding to 200 in US servers. I usually get 18-23ms, but every now and then I have to go Asia or Europe to get around 100ms.
  5. Farming CP at 101 is difficult for anyone wanting to reroll perks so this will help slightly, but they really need to increase CP per round by another 10% or so.
  6. Just an FYI for some players, if you escaped as a counselor and come back as Tommy, you aren't getting an additional escape bonus so you should be more than willing to help the team and distract Jason. Your time bonus is also frozen. Only thing you should focus on is getting offensive XP and helping the rest escape.
  7. What I mean is if Jason gets a clean hit on you combat stance or not, you are literally unable to perform an attack afterwards for like two seconds.
  8. With a bloated perk pool, we can't tell players to equip a perk they might not have. Besides, Jason's grab doesn't care if there is a med spray in a few bathrooms which for now are currently there for decoration.
  9. I don't blame players for worrying about the cops being called, but it does not require triple stacking it nor should you be able to re-use the trap. Like one player said, it would be impossible for counselors to complete objectives if Jason can just replace the one that was set off over and over. Unless you intend to start every counselor off with a pocket knife in addition to the ones that can be found to provide some balance. I run thick skin and medic, so if there is a trap. I'll activate and run if I don't have a knife.
  10. Jason doesn't need to triple trap any objective. I place one trap on the phone, because I do not fear the counselors escaping in 3-5 minutes. I'm perfectly fine with someone using a pocket knife that might be a hindrance later. Usually, I knock out power first, trap phone and then 4 seater battery or gas. I save my remaining traps for late game antics. Jason is no less effective if the cops are called or a car stops moving. I will admit though I'm a sucker for letting boats escape.
  11. Does anyone know why counselors can not immediately return fire after being hit by Jason? I mean you literally cannot go melee for almost two seconds if he hits you, even in combat stance. I know how to work around it, but its always bothered me.
  12. I barricade doors, but don't lock them. If there is a cabin, I'll open all the windows before leaving it just in-case I or another counselor need to make an emergency dive. Having to stop and open a window on the outside while Jason is in pursuit is a huge risk. If he doesn't shift grab or snipe you with his weapon, he can hit you with a knife while you recover after entering through the window. Another thing I do is empty drawers. Even if its a duplicate item like a healing spray that I already have, I will dump my item at the front of the cabin or somewhere players can see it and take the one in the drawer. I run Medic perk, so there is no reason for me to ever run around with three healing sprays when someone else could use it.
  13. Combat Stance Dodge at 4:25
  14. My LaChappa was getting down to that music.