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  1. Marking items on the map instead of taking them to the objective. This is really bad on Pinehurst because its a big map. Players think they are helping marking gas at the bottom of the map when the car is at the top. Then the want a ride when the car is started. GTFO.
  2. Something similar happened yesterday in a game I was in where Tommy glitched through the wall when Jason grabbed him. Its around the 1:55 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9smya0m8KrU
  3. I've been on PACK 20 times in three days. Its just driving me crazy.
  4. Figured it out. I had PS4 and Xbox controller support enabled in Steam which caused a conflict. I just have to disable one of them.
  5. Submitted to Jasonkillsbugs, but its still happening after a second re-install. No matter what Jason I select or map, I can't morph.
  6. For about three days now, my morph has been bugged. Either every place on the map is considered out of bounds so when I select a spot, I get the zapping noise or I can morph but I only go to one specific spot no matter where click. If its PACK small, its right above the boat house. If its Higgins, its near the barn. I have re-installed and still have the same problem. If I quit as Jason, I get penalized and thrown into an empty lobby and can't get a public game for 1-2 hours. Am I the only having this problem??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp9pSVsohf0
  7. Lobby random selects me LaChappa even though I re-selected Jenny up to the 15 sec countdown. Escape by Car, but die by suicide and passenger lives.. Never laughed so hard...
  8. The Vanessa player in this game was moving faster than usual. The portion here shows that she not only moved faster, but could complete interactions faster including repairs and the time it takes to complete a call. This includes Jason's hold as I saw her break it almost instantly without a pocket a few times when she was running circles around him. My guess is the meter fills almost instantly when she mashes out same as with the cops and the phone repair. Just left a game where an AJ was hobbling at mach speed after I hit her with a throwing knife.
  9. Most annoying are being stuck at vehicle after performing a repair and not being able to interact after placing a bear trap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ38QNttBrM
  10. This just happened to me at Higgins. https://imgur.com/a/riCgDZk Escape>You DIED>Suicide
  11. Jason can also take a clean hit after performing a kill. He just needs 2-3 second window of invulnerability after removing pocket knife or performing a kill. Counselors shouldn't be so bold when he is doing one or the other, but they are and I don't blame them.
  12. I've said this before, but Asphyxiating is one of the few kills that Jason can perform in close proximity of objects and other counselors. Some kills simply cannot be performed if you are too close to a wall, on stairs or have counselors around you trying to free the one you have. You can have slow, well-designed kills when you pull the driver from the car but you need to cover a lot of distance to perform it which allows the passengers ample time to free your victim and score free hits. For this reason, I have Asphyxiated on all my Jasons just in-case I need to score a quick one and avoid taking free damage.
  13. There are two peeves I have with public lobbies. First is marking items, but not taking them to the objectives. Its like wtf? Take the battery to the car. Even if you don't have the repair for it, don't make others run across the map to get it. I mean is the a thing now? Mark items, but don't move them to the objective? The same players are yelling for you to stop the car when it is repaired. GTFO. My biggest one is the encounter with Jason. Here is a scenario: PACK Lodge. 4+ players spawn there, I'm on other side of map. Jason spawns there first. Maybe the phone or 4 seater is there. For the next 3-4 minutes, the blips for the counselors are stuck at the lodge because no one knows how to run away and split up. They are literally like a deer in head lights. RUN AWAY. Help me repair things. I've seen 5 or 6 players scrambling at one house for minutes.
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