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  1. ... I try to kill either or both. What would be the point in rage quitting at that point, you still have a chance at stopping them killing you?
  2. Ah, you must have a habit of presuming. I have been playing since the release of the physical release, and am lvl currently 106. Whether that makes me "new", I will leave for you to decide. But again, I disagree, Vanessa is not OP. It's like when people call PtVIII Jason "lesser". There is no lesser Jason, it just boils down to which strength you want. Sometimes I can get by with Vanessa's repair, other times I alert Jason to my attempt at repairing, and have to back away before trying again.
  3. Vanessa, OP? Have you tried fixing as Vanessa? Her Speed & Stamina are high, to compensate for her poor Stealth & Repair.
  4. I always place mine inside and directly infront of the door. What we should be talking about, is the fucking imbeciles who place them inside, and directly below a fucking window. Welcome to Friday The 13th: The Game - Quick Play.
  5. One of the weaker ones? PtVIII Jason needs only 3 swings to destroy a fortified door vs 5 (or 6) swings for PtII. Those two swings make the world of difference, when like myself, a counselor is counting the swings required for the relevant Jason, before fleeing a cabin.
  6. Of the three, hitting Jason through solid objects. It's about the cheapest trick in the game. How is it that counselors can hit Jason through a solid unbroken door, yet, when there is a hole in the door, Jason can't trow a knife through it?
  7. I wouldn't call it "easy" as Jason. But the grab is really messed up. Jason can both grab from outside his reach, and need to be standing on top of counselors to grab them. I play as PtVIII and can still score 7/8 and the occasional 8/8.
  8. Just because you are bored with the game, why do you need to fuck the game up for other people. If you are that bored with it, then don't play it.
  9. This has happened to me, once, about a week ago. Jason showed up as we were pulling away, and I thought it was something Jason had done.
  10. It's psychological warfare, I have done it myself, and have had it done to me. If it starts to wind you up, don't sit there complaining about it, go after them, either you will kill them, or they will cross the line to the police, and won't be dancing anymore.
  11. At first it was Jenny, but when I started working towards the trophy for playing as all counselors, I found that I favoured Vanessa more. Since getting the trophy, I have stuck to Vanessa.
  12. On Monday I got a 7/8 (my average is 6/8). If I can get 7/8, then the game isn't broken. Slash more to soften them up, then go in for the grab.
  13. Before coming on, I had three matches. One as part VII Jason, with a 6/8 score, bookended by two escapes as Vanessa. The first escape was when the match went the full 20 minutes. In the last 2 minutes, Jason was really hunting me down, and I wasn't even the only counselor left. I guess he decided to concentrate all his efforts on Vanessa for one last kill. The last match, I was in and out in around 5 minutes. As the match began, I ran for the nearest cabin, found the keys, map, pocket knife and spray. A quick look at the nearest car showed two counselors in its immediate proximity. I left the cabin and made a sprint for the car. By the time I got there, it had already been filled up with petrol, and Kenny was fitting the battery. I stood next to the drivers side door, and as Kenny fit the battery, and took off (I assume to find the keys), I got in and started her up. Kenny returned and climbed in, as did Tiffany, who was near by. Our escape was not the least bit hindered by Jason.
  14. I sort of saw the other side of this about a week ago. As Jason, I made a last split-second grab for Kenny, as he crossed the line to the police, but failed. Kenny knew how close he was to not making it, and congratulated me for nearly giving him a heart attack.
  15. I climbed through an open window, the game was kind enough to lag and place me back outside, so that I would have the joy of climbing through the window again. So I climbed in, again, and once more, the game placed me back outside. While this is going on, Jason was approaching the cabin, throwing knives at me. So while the game seemed like it didn't want to let me into the cabin, it did allow Jason to stick three knives around my spinal collumn.
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