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  1. I work in a camp, and the internet can be so-so here, it'd be great to also reduce the amount of knives the AI counselors have. As for progression, does killing ai bots offline not add toward the overall xp for levels? or am I missing something? I haven't played in almost 6ish months, ever since the original Gun pulled out.
  2. man, that last paragraph was way too accurate. I've been a fan as long as I can remember, and was so pumped when this game came out. I remember being legit scared when Jason was near me and the chase music was blasting. Even my gf would jump haha. As time went on, the bugs were fixed but more would surface, and given the amount of time it would take for bugs and glitches to be addressed, it really started hurting the game. I still play from time to time, but, man, the players are so toxic now. Almost every game, there's Jason helpers, hosts or Jasons that quit, people who hold items and just run away with them. Very rarely you get a game that everyone actually tries. I tried offline, and every damn bot has a knife and fire crackers, and seem to escape your grip extremely fast. Anyways, went off topic, sorry. That final paragraph summed up everything I've felt. The potential was there. Unfortunately, they just couldn't really seem to gain any ground with momentum with killing bugs and balancing the game for the community.
  3. question I've had, will weapon swap affect said Jason's abilities? For example, if I take my Savini's pitchfork and use it on part 2, will it take the stats of Savini, the +Destruction, for example, and give it to part 2? Or are weapon swaps just going to affect kills, and hard stats (like +destruction, +shift, etc.,) locked onto certain Jason's, regardless of which weapon is used? Maybe I'm overthinking this or didn't word it right, but I'm curious how this will affect Jason gameplay.
  4. Been saying this in these kinds of posts, they need to take diminishing returns (DR) like World of Warcraft pvp mechanics. Whereas, if you're repeatedly stunned within a short time frame, each stun is reduced by half the time, until after a couple of chain stuns, you become immune for 10-20 seconds. Or, they need to readjust the rage meter, where it'll fill faster by a certain % if you're chain cc'd (crowd controlled). With the rage meter full, all cc to Jason should be shortened by 25% or 50%, seeing as he's raged and should be scary as hell when he's raged. Rough ideas that could use some refinement, but Jason shouldn't be a demonic piñata for mortal counselors
  5. I wish I had it recorded, but I was in a lobby with people who could kill Jason. They killed him 2x. I was my Savini, and I remember kind of trembling, because they took my mask off, they had the sweater, were as a group and Tommy was with them with a machete. I remember they were chasing me, Tommy staying in the back to avoid being targeted first. I hit a desperate shift, shifted right on top of Tommy, and was able to get a grab kill before they could break my grip. This was before Tommy came into the game with a knife and health spray. But right after that, they all scattered and swore, and sweater girl was next. I remember shaking of adrenaline haha. Good times.
  6. I personally would like to see a diminishing return put into the stuns. Like World of Warcraft pvp, if you try chain stun, after each stun within a consecutive amount of time, the stun timer cuts down drastically until you become immune for about 10 seconds or so. I personally haven't experienced too much chain stunning, but I've been part of teams that just cc'd Jason so much they'd rage quit. So I could see how frustrating it can be.
  7. my 4 1/2 year old daughter likes watching me play F13 on my PS4. She loves the "fire Jason". Her innocence really showed at first, because I remember I did the skull crush execution, the one where Jason turns them around and the camera zooms in on their face, and when the skull cracked and blood went everywhere, she asked why there's chocolate all over his face. She has watched Part 6 with me, but I constantly tell her that it's only a movie and a game.
  8. do you mind sharing what the difference is? I haven't been able to tell which traps have been set off whenever I check.
  9. I don't mind the darkness, I do, however, don't like the huge glares that take place throughout the map. I remember being Jason and chasing about 4 counselors, and in the middle of the road there was a huge big blue glare, I couldn't see any of them. Be nice to see them adjust the flashlights to have proper reflections, rather than one extreme to another.
  10. I would love to see this chase theme added! Also, it'd be great to hear variation in the chase music when you're Jason, rather than the same theme you always hear, despite which part you're playing.
  11. Not sure of the exact time, but worst was within the first minute. The Jason player didn't pick up the knives in the shack and teleported right to where I spawned, by the phone. It was in one of those single cabins with one door and just one window. He didn't trap the phone, he opened the door and had me cornered. This was when he had a huge grab range, so as AJ in close quarters, I was done. It was probably within the first 30 seconds. I remember just looking to my gf and saying "Really...?" We both had a good chuckle, but I was embarrassed to go out that fast haha.
  12. I wish they'd adopt the diminishing return aspect to the stuns. Like World of Warcraft, if you chain cc (crowd control), each time you get stunned within a short amount of time, the length of the stun is essentially cut in half. I think that may help the chain stunning problem. Aside from Jason's weird slashing range, I think the game is in a good spot for the most part. One thing I really don't like is when you try slash and your weapon goes right through a counselor.
  13. I remember on release I was part 3 and my heart started racing. I was so stoked and nervous at the same time because I had no idea how to activate abilities back than, let alone how to properly use them haha. I did pretty bad. I went 2/8 I believe, might've even been 1/8. One of my biggest noob moments, but I still had fun. I'll never forget when I shifted and couldn't control it lmao. Went right by the counselor and created an even bigger distance than when I initially used the ability
  14. Exactly what he said, and I always thought of it as Tommy Jarvis knowing what's up, and coming in prepared. He knows he's going to, or should, encounter and fight Jason.
  15. We're talking about Jason. He's supernatural, at least in the latter of the series, even so, he's huge, menacing and should be overpowered. The entire franchise is based around him, after all. You say I gave points "just like any other Jason player" You're whining like every other counselor who fails to overcome challenges. If Jason tracks you down, grabs you, it should be it for you. Have you not seen the movies? Even if you haven't, you're talking total castration to one of the most iconic slashers because you're failing to strategize and want an easy mode, taking away any real challenge as a counselor. His grab is already horrible, not as bad as it was last week, but still bad. His water speed is ok, but not many people go in the water, minus the boat escape option, but it's a risk/reward option. It's people like you who bitched and moaned about Jason being OP, because, you know, he's supposed to be, and got his ass nerfed into the ground. He's FINALLY getting well-needed buffs, and you're already asking for more nerfs? Seriously, just go.
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