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  1. My order just shipped yesterday and will arrive Tuesday. Will I (and other Kickstarter backers) receive the exclusive cover in the shipping box when my package arrives Tuesday? Or are these exclusive covers shipping at a later date?
  2. Going by the first part I bolded, sounds like both are supposed to be different than retail. The second part has different wording, not sure about that. I gave to the Kickstarter the first day it went up.
  3. I love how they throw in there we can keep it sealed as a collectors item. Yeah, such a collectors item I can go purchase the exact same copy at the store right now. And my copy still has not been shipped.
  4. This is what the email sent to me on October 27th, 2017: So we are supposed receive "exclusive sleeves" and it's supposed to be different than retail but obviously it's not. This shit pisses me off.
  5. Supposedly this is it. Friend sent it to me cause he knew I was a a backer: Needless to say, if this is really it, I am super pissed as well. It's the same cover as the retail.
  6. This would be cool as hell. I'd like to see them do it since I own a Switch. More games = the better.
  7. Well at least we now know they're actually shipping them now. I gave to the Kickstarter within like an hour or two of it being up on October 13th, 2015
  8. Last email I received was on November 3rd and all it was was a last call to update shipping address (if needed). And it said it was about to ship the rewards soon.
  9. So has anybody's copy actually shipped out yet? I've received no email, no nothing so far.
  10. Yep, same here. It's pretty disappointing that it feels like we're being ignored. They haven't replied to one comment on the Kickstarter page about it.
  11. Currently watching the Friday the 13th Marathon on Starz Encore channel
  12. Why haven't we seen what the cover looks like for us Kickstarter backers for the regular physical version? I really hope we aren't just getting what the retail version looks like. I know it says we're supposed to get Kickstarter exclusive cover, but it's a little worrying they've already shown what the Kickstarter special editions look like but are dead silent on the regular physical version with under 1 week to go before they start shipping them out.
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