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  1. Just a suggestion, but what do you guys think of a gauge/penalty for Jason's grab? Too many times I see Jason's just constantly spamming the grab action for counsellor's as they run away from him or being able to grab them when they are a fair bit of distance away. So what about a gauge or a penalty that takes a few seconds (maybe five) to fill up/wait for until he can perform his next grab? This might also help with that problem people have of Jason being able to grab counsellors from like 10 feet away or not facing in the right direction as they spam it.
  2. I think it can be a bit of a slippy slope depending on the situation. And what I mean by that is it all depends on who is doing what exactly. I myself will play the game properly, but when there's people who won't do that, then it's either leave the lobby, or beat them at their own game. A few weeks back I was playing in a match with a friend and a some others I'd never played with. There were these two German guys and one of them was Jason and they were communicating. The German who was playing the counselor was leading Jason to the others and telling him where they were hiding (say under a bed or in a closet) all while speaking in German (since everyone else on mic in the lobby were English speakers) but they didn't bank on my friend being able to speak German himself, so he understood what they were saying when they were working together. After the match my friend called them out on it and they were defensive saying they didn't care and that they'll do what they want. So come the next match I happened to be Jason and I said to everyone I came across that if they I was only after the two German guys and I'd let them everyone else live. True to my word, when I found them I hunted them down and killed them and for a couple of guys who didn't care what we did or said to them, they sure were upset enough to leave the lobby in mid kill. I got three kills out of eight (since one of them came back as Tommy) and I didn't care, everyone else was happy to escape and we were glad when those guys left. And a couple of weeks back there was also an incident involving the two seater. A friend of mine had the keys and the gas and the battery was already inside. I covered him as he placed the gas in and then we escaped. After the match was over someone who wasn't communicating on mic turned their mic on and complained at us saying that I didn't deserve a seat in the car since I didn't put the battery in and they did. She went on about there being an unwritten rule that if you put the gas or battery in the car (or gas and propeller in the boat) than that guarantees you a place in the cars (or boat) if they are still alive. But she was no where near the car when we started it up. I told her there's been countless times when someone else has taken the car or boat and left me despite the fact I put something in but sometimes these things happen, or say a group on radio have managed to get the 4 seater up and running but people who aren't on mic but have radios suddenly all dogpile around the 4 seater and some of those who helped get the car up and running get left behind. I also said that if she had her mic on during the match and told me she put it in and wanted a spot (since me and my friend were on mic and both had radios, so if she had a radio she could have heard us) I would have left her have it but she wouldn't accept it and than said they were going to start selling us out our positions to Jason and hiding stuff in the woods so nobody could escape but her. So instead we started to deliberately putting things together as quick as we could and leaving her and started telling the Jason player which character she was playing as so they knew who to look out for. After two matches of doing this she left the lobby and we resumed playing properly. Again, I'm all for playing the game properly, but sometimes you're gonna get people who are deliberately helping Jason or self entitled people who want to ruin the game for everyone else. And sometimes I find it works to do the exact same thing they are doing to them. Does that make me any better than them? Depends on how you see it really.
  3. Heya

    Heya all, Long time player, since the game was released as a digital download back in May, but only decided to make an account now. I'm a big Friday fan, well gotta have been to have backed the game on kickstarter and have enjoyed the game a ton, despite the odd match where people are trying to troll or just nasty people.