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  1. Let me ask this question another way: Is letting yourself purposely be killed to try and come back as Tommy in the “spirit of game”? As in how the creators intended people to play the game.
  2. Tommy gets called generally in the first minute of a round. Unless you get lucky and guess right with your first morph, he’s going to be called before you can do anything about it.
  3. The whole point is you aren’t supposed to have a guaranteed shot at the kill every round. It’s supposed to happen organically if you get lucky enough to come back as Tommy and get with the sweater girl. That’s my entire reason for saying its cheap tactic.
  4. Just throwing this out there? If there’s nothing wrong with it (as in the developers meant for it to be a part of the game/strategy), then why did they change it so people could no longer become Tommy if they commit suicide? Because really there is no difference between the two, letting Jason kill you is just suicide by Jason.
  5. I’m not asking that though. That’s a possible counter I agree. (Though sometimes that are actually decent at disguising that they are letting you kill them.).Also, if there are 3 or 4 in the kill squad, decent chance one of them gets Tommy. Or they can purposely step in a Jason trap and die. I’m asking, is it or is it not bush league for a counselor player, playing with others in a kill squad, to do that? It’s a yes or no question. The game was designed for the Tommy player to be random. Trying to influence the game to get him, might not be a glitch, but its a cheap exploit.
  6. I ask this because I had someone blatantly, obviously let me purposely kill them so they could have the 50/50 chance to come back as Tommy. They then joined up with a sweater girl Vanessa and another player for a pre-arranged 3 person kill squad. Now, I see this as a BS tactic, one step below glitching on the roof, so I morphed around the map for the rest of the round and didn’t give them a chance to kill me. After the match, a long argument took place about whether or not it’s BS to purposely let yourself be killed to come back as Tommy. Especially when playing with others and nothing but Jason kills as your goals. So who’s right? Do I have a point or am I just being a baby?
  7. No this was not meant to be part of the patch. Once it is fixed (it may already be), you should be able to drop Jason to his knees with a shotgun while he is in rage mode. But I do believe it is shotgun only.
  8. You do realize they just released a hot fix for the patch in the past couple of hours? Specifically to fix the issue of not being able to drop Jason to his knees for the kill. Have you tried it since then?
  9. You do realize that it was never intended to not be be able to kill Jason during rage right? It was an accidental screw up of the patch.
  10. Ok thanks, so the rage mode stun invicibility DOES extend even to knocking him to his knees. Interesting, I like it, people are going to have to value and save their shotguns more strategically if they want a shot to kill Jason. Killing Jason should be Uber hard and ultra rare, this lends itself to that outcome.
  11. Can someone clarify for me, now that the hot fix is in, what can be used to drop Jason to his knees for the kill when he is in rage mode? Is it only a shotgun? Or can a bat, ax, pan, etc. still be used? I’ve asked this question a couple of times but no one seems to have a solid answer as of yet.
  12. One question I did have. After the hot fix takes affect, when Jason is in rage mode, will you ONLY be able to drop Jason to his knees for the kill with a shotgun? Or will you be able to drop him to his knees with a bat, ax, etc. as you could before?
  13. I’ve been playing for the last 2 hours. I like it. It was so sweet the first time I was in rage and someone “grab baited” me, and hit me, and all that happened was me grabbing them and punching their head off. They must not have read the patch notes. lol
  14. Guys you need to calm down about the not being able to kill during rage thing. I would bet any amount of money that it was not supposed to be like this in the patch. It will be corrected with a patch fix. If you look at the patch notes at the bottom it even says, “killing Jason is not affected”. This is just a screw up from adjusting it so he can’t be stunned during rage. A side affect that they didn’t think about.
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