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  1. My question now is, if they make it where you can just click a button to see what the trophy is, why even have “hidden trophies” to begin with it, makes no sense.
  2. I feel like such an idiot that I never knew you could do that. Lol Thank you.
  3. Apologies if this is already a topic, please close and direct me to it if so. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the hidden trophy is on PS4? It’s currently at Ultra Rare 2.2% have attained it. It’s the only one left that I need aside from the Sequel/Final Chapter ones and the PhD. In Murder one.
  4. We all the know the balance of the game is woefully out of wack. “Jason’s not great right now.” Is the equivalent of saying “Hitler wasn’t the best person...”. I think there is one solution that would be easy to implement and start the process of restoring balance. Triple the amount of damage a counselor takes for climbing through a broken window. I am so tired of chasing people through cabins for literally 10 minutes, and when they finally start limping due to climbing through broken windows, no problem, med spray time. (Since there are now 50 on each map, 100 for those using the medic perk, which is everyone.)
  5. Actually yes it was, right outside of the main house. Has it happened to you as well?
  6. SO this is new. Got pocket-knifed by Tommy 5 straight times... without him ever moving more than 3 feet from me. So I know he didn’t pick up more. Is there an ever-lasting pocket-knife bug going on with Tommy?
  7. Jason Skin Question

    There’s a little more to it than that. There are actually 3 different versions of bloody skins. You have “light bloody” which can be unlocked by leveling up in the game by both physical and digital owners. Then you have “medium bloody” which is what came with the physical copies, only physical owners can get these and they come equipped from the start. Then you have “heavy bloody” which again can be unlocked by leveling up by both physical and digital owners.
  8. Thank you, I was totally ignorant to most of that. I thought it would be as easy as Gun/IllFonic deciding, no more party chat. It is too bad, because the idea of having to find walkies to talk to everyone is a good one, but with party chat, that is completely negated.
  9. Are you a Rando?

    I have always played that way, but had to switch my Jason to a specific one because the damn bloody skins won’t equip if you have Jason set on random.
  10. This is why party-chat should be banned on this game. It gives counselors yet another advantage and makes having to find a walkie completely pointless. I’m surprised there isn’t a bigger call from the community to get rid of party-chat. Toxic people in the public lobbies or not.
  11. Thank you. I really wish someone would tag this topic to make it easier for people to find.
  12. bloody savini

    Just Savini’s....
  13. Go to page 3 on here and find the topic, “Running List of Unlockables, Level 1-150”, there is a list in the original post of the topic. I wish the admins would stick it to the top but they won’t for some reason.
  14. Anyone else having the issue of having your Jason set on random, with heavy bloody skins equipped, but then when the match starts, its the regular, non-bloody version. This has happened to me more than once today on multi-platyer, the latest being Part 7.
  15. Michael, something about it seems worse/different though since the last patch. Its like the “invisible bubble” as I call it, has gotten bigger. Im almost sure of it.