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  1. I play this game daily, how in the world were you able to finish the boat escape badge and find all 13 Tommy tapes? Or were you doing the private match thing where the person playing Jason doesn’t try to kill you? Not judging at all, just curious.
  2. Just curious as to who has completed what I am referring to as the Grand Slam of achievements on this game. Completing the Grand Slam means you have accomplished the following 4 tasks: 1. Have achieved every trophy on the game (including The Sequel, The Final Chapter, and the Ph. D in Murder Trophies) 2. Have completed every single badge (all badges fully 3 star completed for both Counselor and Jason) 3. Have collected all 20 Pamela tapes 4. Have collected all 13 Tommy tapes If you haven’t, but you are close, what do you still need to get to finish the Grand Slam? This is where I stand: 1. I have every trophy except for The Sequel, The Final Chapter, Ph. D in Murder, Killer Franchise 2. I have every badge 3 star completed except for Counselor Boat Escapes (I’m at 83/113) and Jason Flipping the Boat (23/31) 3. I do have all 20 Pamela tapes 4. I currently have 8 of the 13 Tommy tapes
  3. Really hate to say this, but its going to come to a point where the big update is just too late and too many people will have moved onto other games, and the game will die. People could suck it up and get by with no update from Jan. to April. But if it gets to be late May, June, July with no update, I really think that could be catastrophic.
  4. Most hard emblem to get

    The only two badges that I do not have 3 star fully completed are the boat escape and flipping the boat. I have been chugging away forever on those two. I have to think some people that have them completely did through less than on honorable means in a private match.
  5. I’m here, but the OCD in me says I should wait until she is actually in the game to update the list.
  6. I played all weekend for the Express purpose of finding Tommy Tapes and literally did not find one all weekend.
  7. That already happened in 1989. https://youtu.be/qUDG8MLh3VI
  8. Don’t care about the XP and CP drops, but the tape drops are nice, might finally be able to pick up those last 5 Tommy tapes.
  9. Time Survival.

    That’s not what they are talking about. They are talking about the last 8-10 minutes of a match, when all of the objectives are already done. Times when someone could escape in a car or more likely by way of cops, but literally run right by the exit just to kite Jason around the map through cabins for an extra 8 minutes until the timer runs out. And I agree with them, its very annoying, just escape so we can get onto the next round.
  10. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Don’t know about you guys, but the fact that the most important question has yet to be answered: Will you incur salt for leaving a match after you are dead/escaped and Tommy has already been selected? This tells me that most likely you WILL get salt for this. They want you to stay and spectate the round. Not saying this is right or wrong, but I would bet that is how its going to be.
  11. I play on PS4, take my word for it, its pretty much auto-death on there as well.
  12. That’s a good idea. I’ve just never understood why they included a break free button mechanic if you could only successfully break free like one out of every 100 times. I have to think originally they intended at least the stronger characters and characters with full health to be able to break free a lot more often than they currently can in the game.
  13. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. We all know that if you get grabbed by Jason and have no pocket knife, have no teammates around to save you, and are not in a tight space that makes the grab kill impossible, you are pretty much automatically dead. Very rarely does a counselor player successfully break free from mashing the break free button (if a Jason player is mashing the grab kill button). Getting grabbed is basically auto-death. My question is, was it always designed to be like this? I have to think not. Just the fact that they included a break free mechanic shows that originally they meant for it to be possible to get out of Jason’s grip (more than 1% of the time). The fact that they built in + and - grip strength for the Jason’s also leans towards that. But again, with that, is it really any easier to get out of one Jason’s grip compared to another? It’s basically auto-death with all of them. What do you guys think, was the original intent for it to be easier to get out of Jason’s grip by using the break free mechanic? If so, what screwed up?
  14. Exactly what these guys said. It is almost confusing to me that some on here are claiming this doesn’t exist. Again, I’m not even saying major changes need made or that its a huge deal, but it most certainly does exist.