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  1. I actually like Victoria, she’s different, nobody selects her, she’s not that great at repair, she can run longer and harder than Deborah, I played A.J. who in my opinion is the best character for ages but after being maxed out on everything I just want to be a different character compared to the three main ones chosen. oh and La Chappa is underrated, people were hating on him once and I convinced everyone to select him, both cars gone and cops called in 5 minutes, and the Jason was no newbie either if I had to just pick one it would be a Kenny, hes missing his Walkman and the YMCA mix tape lol
  2. I’d actually like him removed, lol I know it will never happen, but I’m old school, grew up on the movies, Tom Savini lost his skill, that does not look like Jason, you can hardly see the mask, I know I know, this was supposed to be him returning from hell, but I still like to see a man in a visible hockey mask come at me lol. in general im against exclusive game content, this for better or worse just doesn’t seem to be a good thing, exclusive content in my opinion would have been movie accurate masks signed by Savini, some kind of fan memorabilia. like the original poster said, I do believe if in game perks are going to be given to backers these should be things like easier leveling up, just something that was also attainable by others with more hard work. I’m pretty sure you can still buy him on eBay through a momentary game share trick, I did, but you can never delete the file, ultimately I removed it on my own, it was 5 dollars wasted. Also the crowd sourcing was a little off to me, I saw the link and would have considered doing it, however I have never done that before and wasn’t really ready to hand out my credit card info etc to a website I had never seen before. Had I, I would have much rather had an authentic movie accurate part 3 mask than a fire zombie Jason lol. Everyone does seem to get all riled up about this, he’s for backers only da da da, seriously who cares? I mean we spend a little bit of our spare time playing a game and then move on to real life where you can’t wear your Savini Jason as a badge of honor lol. i would even vote no to Jason X and Grendel spaceship map, I would vote yes to adding forest green and the part of crystal lake from part 7, I mean they are all on crystal lake, I would even vote no to Manhattan, call me crazy but the cabins in the woods is one of the best parts of the game, it sets the mood for the movies I remember. I even recognize the house where Kevin Bacon died and commonly refer to it as “the bacon house” lol
  3. This is kind of a hate it love it thing with me. I do think the car glitch with the knife and all the environmental kills were fixed, but I’ve noticed other stuff come up, not game breaking but got a little messed up and now 8 people have to all agree on the settings, you realize how hard that is! Makes your real close friends have better games, but on Xbox I’m afraid it’s going to make people want to be the host more, before that was primarily a task assigned to the person with the best bandwidth. I hope the end result is not more fragmented lobbies, we already had issues with that about how Jason was “supposed” to play. Some of it was cool as it made gameplay more fun than a five minute counselor wipeout, but we already had issues with “spawn kill or not” “slash or not” now add about 30 different settings and ugh, first lobby had Jason super powered, not fun at all, next one had counselors all buffed up, also not as fun, about the only setting I see that was kind of ok was tommy being able to ignore the rage, that would give Jason a bigger incentive to kill and trap power boxes, but honestly I liked it how it was, I adjusted to all the little baby “balance” changes people whined about and still had fun, now you gotta keep checking the gear and if the host is readied up or you will have no idea what your getting into, I see rage quitting spilling over into private matches more now. anyways just my personal thoughts, take them as just that, I just want to sit back and have fun with the game and never worried about my outcome since the game had static mechanics, now I have to see if the match is worth playing or not lol
  4. following i would also love to hear good news about some portion staying alive, if only offline mode fine, if some sort of LAN connectivity only fine, whatever they can do to seperate this game from themselves and into the realm of self sustainability would be nice, on ps4, xbox, or pc, i dont care i have all 3 versions, just give me a way to play when this has become 100% abandoned, preferably a way to play as a counselor even if that means i have to set up 8 gaming rigs on my lan or it becomes so hackable its not funny, just hope they dont leave it at a "connection failed" message before we can even get the menu up which will be the case if nothing is changed, it will be a dead set of files on our computer.
  5. AshTray900 on Xbox, I hardly play on the other platforms, and like you said I myself have less time for it too, ahh just reminiscing on the good old days when everyone was hooked lol
  6. Metropolis did that one, that one is very hard to find, I was able to grab it up as an mp3 years ago, the actual song without the movie stuff in it lion did that love is a lie song and also the transformers theme. I even managed to finally find the country song from the diner in the first movie, I don’t think it was ever even released for ages but ran across it finally a couple years ago, I’m on a mission now, going to make a complete movie soundtrack, oh FM did magic in your eyes and the real thing from part 7 album is tonight, I ordered that CD years ago from like the UK, it’s now on amazon music now I think
  7. I’ve loved that song since the 80s, I used the vcr hooked up to a boombox to record most of it I could before getting odd and off the wall music became so easy. Pseudo Echo, wonder if this song was created for the movie like Alice Coopers song? Kids these days are missing out on way too much!
  8. I’m having a bit of nostalgia already over this game, year and a half or two years ago everyone was playing we rooted out all the bad seeds and had so many friends we’d have to decide who was going to be in lobbies, have people on standby, wed all drink or get silly by whatever means others prefer. The thing I miss the most was the silliness, just taking the game to all sorts of extremes it could go. We all just laughed and played for hours on the Xbox. i have literally met around 400 people from that game alone and only 1 is playing it and I really don’t remember them. so has the game really died out? I know people say this probably all the time but I feel as if I’m mourning a best friend. i have this on all 3 platforms, Xbox was the one I really ran with. anyone else out there have a full group of silly players with a sense of humor ready to play with little notice anymore or is everyone like me finding it hard to get into it, not enough fun people, lots of very young kids not using their mics, quick match horrid experiences most of the time.
  9. Why is it that sometimes the dedicated server throws everyone out after a match and makes it research over again even when up to 5 people remain? to add to that did PS4 get the dedicated servers, pings are high and it doesn’t say official us like xbox
  10. That’s kinda on you then buddy, I’m sorry that the game will not let you use multiplayer outside of their servers. If they kept letting you re-buy the game after they have blocked your hardware ID I think you should get a refund but that’s my opinion, guess it will work if your hardware ID changes, upgrade your mobo and rebuild your computer with windows 10 lol and then learn to play right. I do feel it’s kind of a scam letting you continue to purchase a game when they blocked your hardware if they did not send you an email stating your system will be permanently network blocked when they did it.
  11. Yeah on Xbox lag messes everyone up. You could probably put a bandwidth limiter on your pc’s IP address, seems counter productive, guess I’m not used to anybody actually wanting to do it because it freeze frames you etc, seriously you could go turn on your Netflix in several rooms and stream 4K if you want shitty bandwidth, still dumb. and on the level, god mode is dumb anyways, I mean I used a game genie on old games I just couldn’t beat but only because I wanted to see the ending. This game has no reason to cheat, it’s stupid, and leveling up is kind of useless too, I mean I have just as much fun on pc, level 13 as I do on Xbox level 150 that has probably rolled over the odometer twice. cheat on your first purchase on you, like ahab said, however I seriously think they are equally cheating you out of money if they are letting you repurchase a game over and over when you are already banned, every purchase after you have been permanently banned should be refunded 100%, it’s like getting a bad driving record, your insurance company lets you continue to sign up but in the fine print they say you can still pay but we ain’t covering shit. i agree that you should have no access to a public server if you abuse it, but I also think this game is flawed in the fact that you cannot run 100 percent pier to pier, like over a LAN or by hosting a private server for your friends, games used to do this, they don’t anymore which really ticks me off because in the distant future it will probably be impossible to play this game with friends, but if you could connect over lan / wan privately which I think every game purchased that isn’t a monthly service you should have this capability at least on PC, in this circumstance banning the game from starting would be completely out of line no matter what you did unless it was pirated. before modern gaming the only way to play multiplayer was to pier to pier connect. This will probably be the only way to play 10 years from now, have an old system or run it in emulation, unless the developers back out and turn multiplayer over to Microsoft on Xbox and Microsoft continues to make it backward compatible for a long time (not likely)
  12. So in a sense if I’m understanding this software correctly it simply causes your network connection to be extremely slow but doesn’t interact with the game code at all? This is what google said about clamsy, if that’s the case you haven’t tampered with the game, some people have naturally very slow internet and this just makes the game lag for everyone, what is the reason for using this, how does it benefit you, and how do they even detect it?
  13. What exactly did you do to cheat the game and on what system?
  14. Ahh there it is, I knew it was going to be savini Jason, I personally cannot stand this Jason, or genetically modified Jason too, but I’m old school, I don’t feel like savini and the ditched Jason X add or would have added anything to the game besides removing some of the authenticity you feel when getting in and playing games, but I’m 40, I grew up with the original Jason’s, many players never saw any of these movies and decided to watch what would be considered their parents generation of horror movies due to the game and don’t care as much. with all the people I have saved on Xbox when we play private lobbies if we have two savini jasons etc and they are the only ones with Jason preference we kindly ask them to pick another Jason. We still usually all get killed so it’s not a matter of not wanting to face him, it’s just that most of us are older and don’t like the fire zombie look.
  15. Even though it’s foul play to exploit glitches in the game, I do not believe anyone should be banned for doing that. Rendering someone’s purchase obsolete due to coding issues they have is not ethical. any tinkering with the code of the game should equal instant but temporary ban but with a refund of the game if they refuse to let you use it anymore over small things that other people provide on the internet to patch into the code. If you hacked the source code yourself and released it on the net you should be sued. not sure if they actually do this, but people shouldn’t get banned for finding spots on the map that have coding isssues, and they may not I don’t know, but as much as I hate it when people do this, i don’t feel it’s the players responsibility to avoid bugs and what so many people refer to as “cheating” on this game when it comes to the ability to play the game. Just my opinion but I don’t like reporting systems of any kind, even though I have a 100 percent good Xbox live account I do not like reporting systems that fault people for foul language etc. many a friend has been com banned on Xbox for a period of time for cussing which is completely stupid. This game is a one time purchase, it’s not a paid service, i don’t know how all the banning goes but players should still be able to play on non dedicated servers no matter what. It’s easy to rid yourself of a bad player in a private lobby
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