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  1. I want to be able to enjoy this game for a lot more time to come. Knowing new content isn’t coming doesn’t have much of an effect on me, I wish it wasn’t a factor for others. Xbox private groups keep shrinking, private lobbies with all 8 mics is the way to go. such a social game for me, play it two or three times a week for hours in the evening when my friends left playing are on. it is making me sad to watch it dwindle down. Wonder if there is anything we as a group can do without game modifications to keep people interested. Some people have come up with their own paranoia mode (one I’m not fond of) this is my favorite game and about the only one I play for the most part. anyone still like this game and is on xbox friend AshTray900 up, I’m an adult, funny when drinking and very hard to make mad, I just sit back chill and chuckle at the game, I have a high quality mic
  2. Bought digital copy, removed everything Friday the 13th, installed from disc, it installed medium bloody Jason and disc exclusive clothes, I can see medium bloody, but under clothes I see nothing new? i have digital license also so it doesn’t ask me for the disc when playing thank god
  3. Yeah just hope its usable for the long run even though it's so multiplayer oriented
  4. LMAO, the only times I glitched were on accident and they weren't fun, once I fell through an invisible hole in the ground and fell out of the entire milky way, one I was being dragged 50 yards behind the car, one I got out to give someone else the drivers seat and the car flew up and landed in a tree, some are funny, ive never even googled how to make yourself do this intentionally, they used to do it in all kinds of places, but recently the only one I have noticed was getting roofed, which was completely boring as I was AJ and I repaired the car they didn't even try to take out I had to watch them, they were promptly kicked out in the menu
  5. I think the idea is making it fun for counselors and Jason, this is hard to do to some extent, you don't want being Jason to be too hard, but yet you don't want 10 matches that lasted 8 minutes and all 7 got killed real quick except a vanessa or tiffany running all over, in its current state now, I find it difficult to play Jason, however as AJ I usually sacrifice myself for others by repairing and becoming an easy target. lots of people ive seen will actually put a whooping on you easy with maybe 2 escapes or so every 5 to 10 rounds, playing as Jason in single player challenges is different as you know where the counselors will be and can prep your attack, offline bots are stupid and jump out windows into your arms, but put it on normal, I swear every single one has 1 knife. I see the point the Jason players have when it comes to a chad infestation, usually jasons start hack and slashing here, which is what they should do, however for each chad, it becomes easier for Jason to get beat up on, in the right group its funny and we all enjoy the game no matter who lives or dies, but playing micless with strangers I could see the issue, especially part 6, he gets laid on his butt way too easily. the grab in reality I don't think is really the issue, if you catch a group ready to beat you up they will just knock the others free, as their are perks to counselors teaming up, I think jasons weapons should cause more harm as he gets angrier the more people try to attack him to the point of one slash kills after say a couple minutes of punishment, since nobody keeps track of time this would keep everyone on their toes and stop the teabagging
  6. I cheated to win lol, ive read some guides that explained how to get the torch quick and me and my sister figured out the torch was the only real way to defeat him, we killed him twice playing until our heads were spinning and it was 3 am and we were supposed to be in bed lol. at the end of the second kill we had one counselor, a slow one, heath refresh and the torch, we died in minutes
  7. I saw an old topic about this and didn't want to just reply to it since it was 7 months old. Question is, what will happen when the inevitable comes, whenever it does, the servers will be offline at some point, even the xbox one will become legacy equipment. Currently I rebooted my router and single player challenge screen on xbox reported a "heartbeat" failure. Was the previous post accurate in saying that when the time comes the ability to play offline will be changed so it requires no network and will let you level up? I know this results in only Jason play but its something? Also what about LAN play, could my PC version do this on local LAN or pier to pier? someone mentioned that also. Sorry to rehash this subject im sure its been mentioned before I would just like the ability to be able to keep this game as long as I have a working xbox or ps4 or steam is still in use, I have disc copies for the two consoles alongside digital versions, yes this is how much I love the game. id like to be able to visit this game and get some kind of play out of it years down the road as technology leaves it behind, I am very good with restoring equipment and it would be fun to show my niece how fun this was someday. My NES still works and I have even rebuilt my old floor TV for the original and it plays fine. For anyones entertainment who didn't get to see how this was played in the 80's, here ya go!
  8. AshTray900


    I also believe this to be wrong, I've rolled a ton and these didnt start appearing until the legendary system was released, now it's possible a bug allowed dead icons to show up then, I personally know of absolutely nobody to land on these as you said.
  9. Lately it seems as its going kind of down the drain on xbox, the players im finding (private match, nobody talks in public ones) seem to be of poorer quality, young kids, the absolute worst mics ive heard, humming from charging controllers, people playing music over the mic or not turning the TV/Receiver volume down. The game is not dead at all, but I used to be able to find good groups from posts if all my friends lobbies were full, now some of them the newest post is 30 mins old, sometimes poster isn't even in game anymore. yesterday tried to start my own lobby hoping there were a lot in the same situation as me, got someone decent just one!, but still had noisy mic. Its odd, because this is my go to game for fun when I have a little to drink, ill pickup something head home to play and it be totally silent, then other days I'm just chilling watching tv and I get a lot of looking for groups from friends pop up to the point ive had to go to do not disturb. an absolute ton of my friends from Friday the 13th a lot adults and were not talking older than 15, a lot in their 20s and whatnot are all playing fortnite, ive tried to watch this game on mixer and it looks terrible, is it really that fun? doesn't look like a game that can be casual and silly when everyone is chill in the lobby throwing a few cold ones back. Of the friends I have in game (who I am also a friend of) I cannot join game, ill try up to ten of them showing in game playing as whatever. xbox glitch or all the good ones pairing up before I get on and leaving no spots open? I am a fun player, not someone who is a pain nobody wants to play with so I know im not getting blocked or whatever. Is steam any better? I have a good headset and awesome video card, I just don't know how to pair up in a private match since I don't see the same "looking for" posts anywhere when I try to find someone, I also have it on PS4 same issue there no good way to find new people that I can see so I haven't even invested in another astro headseat since that are 300 bucks a set. im sad about this, sometimes I get in the best lobby ever and the host throws out the idiots playing music etc and we have fun, but it seems harder and harder. jasons quit a lot even if they get 6 out of 8 (including tommy). I don't understand why only bug fixes being allowed seemed to be turning off players, who really cares about Jason x? I don't. am I the only one who likes to throw some drinks back and just goof off on this game now just for some social fun? anyways long rant over, just get sad when my choice is not play or play with a full lobby where 1 doesn't talk, 1 plays music from their phone into the mic, two have absolute crap mics and one is a kid that keeps on wanting to talk ALL the time. :(
  10. AshTray900

    Game Networking

    Seriously I have 3 xboxes here a few friends with them too and plenty of TVs so lan or some kind of xbox only connectivity would be nice. Not that I'd play it every day at that point but I would have the option to fire up some systems and have counselor play (honestly my favorite)
  11. I have a question about the way the game networking works (specifically xbox) I assume we havent got dedicated servers for quickmatch, however this may be a blessing in disguise? Does the game in it's current state run off of P2P and xbox networking alone? The question is relevant maybe not right now, but down the road. Just say for example if gun media, ifflonic, who ever were to go out of business and lock the doors and shut the power down, can this game still run at all in multiplayer mode? I know the playerbase is dwindling but think of how many of us still have our 360s and even original and ps2 etc. As long as xbox live is up and people still have working consoles and the desire to connect in a private match, will this always be possible? Apparently this has (not even bothering to place blame) turned into abandonware. But is functional. That pause on load up when it says lvl 0 then pops right back up right makes me wonder where it has to connect to get this, also, when they had outages we saw people being "reset to 0" temporarily, the private lobbies, do they function as complete p2p networking on the xbox with just the xbox live framework behind it. Can it stand on it's own if the developers completely go away, studios, servers, etc all get shut down?
  12. Ok I figured it out. Not everyone is getting the update yet, what this means is there are two running versions of the client. The problem is that after you update the error message lies and says you are out of date when you are not, it's the people you are connecting to. Quickplay match ran well but of course people get in there with music blaring, noisy mics and you have to mute have the lobby, the others dont want to talk etc. So that's why I refer to quickplay as trash Of the several cabins i searched i found 0 med sprays so i hope the other poster isnt correct in his post when he said all med sprays were removed. Yeah there were too many before I'd have to throw them down for space, but I hope they are not completely gone. I have not verified this yet I havent been able to play long enough to detect what bugs may exist now Game appears to be ok. Heath sprays are spread out more and less common
  13. Xbox, after update joining any of my friends lobbies says I'm out of date when I'm not, only quickplay working which is trash
  14. Um do what.... I dont speak that language
  15. Omg guys, I updated and now its unplayable every game I try to join says my client is outdated what a crock. Hard restarts soft restarts complete uninstall reinstall, ummm get it together please, every update breaks the game even more from what I can tell and I cant even play, people saying med sprays gone seriously what are you guys doing to the game??? Let me in I want to play!