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  1. AshTray900

    Game Networking

    Seriously I have 3 xboxes here a few friends with them too and plenty of TVs so lan or some kind of xbox only connectivity would be nice. Not that I'd play it every day at that point but I would have the option to fire up some systems and have counselor play (honestly my favorite)
  2. I have a question about the way the game networking works (specifically xbox) I assume we havent got dedicated servers for quickmatch, however this may be a blessing in disguise? Does the game in it's current state run off of P2P and xbox networking alone? The question is relevant maybe not right now, but down the road. Just say for example if gun media, ifflonic, who ever were to go out of business and lock the doors and shut the power down, can this game still run at all in multiplayer mode? I know the playerbase is dwindling but think of how many of us still have our 360s and even original and ps2 etc. As long as xbox live is up and people still have working consoles and the desire to connect in a private match, will this always be possible? Apparently this has (not even bothering to place blame) turned into abandonware. But is functional. That pause on load up when it says lvl 0 then pops right back up right makes me wonder where it has to connect to get this, also, when they had outages we saw people being "reset to 0" temporarily, the private lobbies, do they function as complete p2p networking on the xbox with just the xbox live framework behind it. Can it stand on it's own if the developers completely go away, studios, servers, etc all get shut down?
  3. Ok I figured it out. Not everyone is getting the update yet, what this means is there are two running versions of the client. The problem is that after you update the error message lies and says you are out of date when you are not, it's the people you are connecting to. Quickplay match ran well but of course people get in there with music blaring, noisy mics and you have to mute have the lobby, the others dont want to talk etc. So that's why I refer to quickplay as trash Of the several cabins i searched i found 0 med sprays so i hope the other poster isnt correct in his post when he said all med sprays were removed. Yeah there were too many before I'd have to throw them down for space, but I hope they are not completely gone. I have not verified this yet I havent been able to play long enough to detect what bugs may exist now
  4. Xbox, after update joining any of my friends lobbies says I'm out of date when I'm not, only quickplay working which is trash
  5. Um do what.... I dont speak that language
  6. Omg guys, I updated and now its unplayable every game I try to join says my client is outdated what a crock. Hard restarts soft restarts complete uninstall reinstall, ummm get it together please, every update breaks the game even more from what I can tell and I cant even play, people saying med sprays gone seriously what are you guys doing to the game??? Let me in I want to play!
  7. Why are there so many horrible players on this game? Seriously I have a group of 30 or so friends and I can get a handful in but as soon as they start to drop, looking for groups bring in the worst of the worst players and they dont even have bad reputations. ? It puzzles me. Who seriously gets off by intentionally making other people mad? Hell we've had friendly team killing spawn killing whatever but everyone is chill about it, the game is supposed to be fun. I'm not sure why some adolescents join up to just talk total trash and make the game miserable. I used to not be the kind of person to report people, but lately I find I'm having to report and block so many people. God I dont want to be in a nursing home being taken care of by this generation! Anyone who loves casual drinking and Friday the 13th feel me on this?? Also seriously hope the developers use the down time I know they hate to improve the core game function, that would be so nice
  8. This is the answer to your question here, no proof but the most logical explanation is almost always the case
  9. AshTray900

    Is the Game over now?

    Can you confirm that current content is not in jeopardy? Bug fixes and implodents to the game will still be possible and that the game will not come under fire and be taken offline?
  10. Um pros? Isnt this a video game? And anyways the real idea here is to keep the keys close to the car not map mark them. The team does play good together bc if we did our part but die later on and some of our friends get out ok then it was worth it. But like another said once you've played enough and or at lvl 150 this isnt much of a competitive game. Same for fuse why drag it around, leave it by the box if you cant take the trap being injured etc or are just a character to dumb to repair it
  11. chat banned is an XB1 thing I think, I don't know if F13th has their own for XB1. Ill have to check my xbox later but I think there is an option to keep everyone mute in game to allow you to play micless and not hear the trash talk if you let your kids play etc, check those settings, then check party chat and verify good xb1 commmunication
  12. guess our groups work together well, I dunno, its just the random slots or 2 we have to fill that will do it to us
  13. heres my experience from myself and other players your mic bonds to your profile at login, I am unable to make my second profile use my mic, I am using usb / wireless, however I found the same to be true with wired controller. I have only tried this recently. 1. make sure your xbox signs in from the start with the profile you want to use to play the game it will need to be gold, and don't sign any other in, don't go profile switching either, even if party chat works fine, game chat has issues for F13th 2. make sure you are not chat banned, I saw this from a friend who has never done anything to get banned so I don't know why he got the temp ban on his account. 3. join a fresh lobby, lobbies age and pickup glitches, get your friends to make a brand new lobby and invitie you right away, ive seen this a lot, also now playable slots are sometimes getting glitched and the "join through profile" seems to be broke so now its "message for invite" 4. make sure game chat and voice chat are both on and one isn't muted 5. oh and go to audio settings in f13 settings and make sure they are all turned up a bit I don't care about game share savini, but if you want to give me a valid code ill take it even thought I hate that jason
  14. anyone else get aggravated when you drop the keys off at the car and some dickhead chad picks them up just to die half way across the map! honestly, I would like to see the keys put in the ignition at any time, make it a repair wheel instead of instant only if car is not fully repaired beforehand. chad can call his dads AAA service and have them come save him!
  15. And take all of the fun away from us who just like casual private lobby play? maybe add that to quick play but this would have to be an option controlled by private lobby host or they will alienate the tons of us who play this every evening we aren't busy for social fun.