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  1. Curiosity has me here, has anyone bought the new X version of the Xbox and noticed this game look better, or perform better? I have 1gb internet, but the original xbox. I currently only have a 1080p tv where the original xbox would get replaced with the X version, I am not looking to buy a new TV until mine dies beyond my ability to repair it, however I wouldn't mind future proofing my game console but the only game I really play is Friday the 13th. The current Xbox works well as long as F13th lobbies arent lagging themselves, however the xbox UI menu is a little slow and clunky anyone notice menu improvement and better F13th visuals at 1080p level for this new X system?
  2. its not supposed to happen every time, it would be an easter egg kind of thing, pop up rarely and choose one person and give them the option to play as roy, think it would be interesting, but if they don't do that id rather have a part v Jason just like any other Jason
  3. I'm not sure exactly what they would do, current game mechanics require it to be in a secluded area with the usual means of escape, and besides Jason X he was never confined indoors. if they did, they would need new means of escape just for that map, new ways to kill Jason since pamela isn't in the shack on the table, it would be like if they tried to pull off the spaceship, your options would have to be land the ship, blow Jason out of the airlock, or be rescued by another ship, kinda changes the whole thing up. I'm all for new stuff though, if they keep it Jason specific, like no Freddy no MM etc, and don't go too wild with it like xray vision Jason with an ak47 I'm all good with it. however tommy sucks at emergency response, a shotty with one shell after you have dealt with him for 3 movies already lol!
  4. winter map would go ok with part VI camp forest green
  5. excellent work on the map, the detail is great!, mitch the stoner, funny and good choice for character, he needs a "smoke a joint" emote, but that might get the young gamer community parents mad lol
  6. yeah I like the mental institution too, Jason needs to be able to do the "roy" enviro kill throwing counselors out of the top of the barn onto the spikes lol
  7. weren't the emotes added awhile back? do I need to go to the store and purchase more? if so I need to get on that before it gets pulled or something lol
  8. seriously why can I not upload a dinky little profile picture? here is what it says Max file size 0.05MB 50kb max size?
  9. I love the new map we got along with the rest of the updates, I want to say I saw 1 or 2 more maps on the "update road" wonder what they may be. essentially all are crystal lake except Manhattan and Spaceship, those would be weird and yet neat if they did them but I'm wondering what they are thinking. Part VI "camp forest green" Part VII another piece of land on crystal lake. Part V mental institution I am not sure how they would pull off manhattan without changing the game dynamics way different from the other maps, and escaping the spaceship, yeah I found the fuse guys, someone call Lonestar to come rescue us in his Winnebago! lmao
  10. I don't know, I just don't think filling in the gap between part IV and VI is the way I would go, I would make it more interesting than another Jason with different stats, just my opinion.
  11. I also think they need to just go ahead and release Savini to everyone, I mean its one thing to get perks like movie accurate hockey masks, collector memorabilia etc, but to actually give a part of the game to people who pre-ordered is kind of a poor choice especially since they wouldn't allow you to pre-order in any store like xbox ps4 or steam. I know everyone has mixed feelings about this, I just don't think a part of the game should be missing from a large portion of people, I have bought this game for me on 3 platforms launch day, 2 for friends, and talked 2 other friends into buying it themselves, not that I would even probably play with him, but hes a unique character not just a skin another Jason can wear. I think sooner or later it will be released when the pre order guys calm down about it, maybe a year down the road, who knows
  12. well I think they did a real good job with this new update, part IV Jason is great and they spent ALOT of time doing the detail for the Jarvis house and the house nextdoor the college kids were partying at, I'm still salty because I haven't seen the console stereo in the party house yet lol, not a radio radio but the big floor stereo they had in the movie, I am a huge fan of those and restore them for fun, maybe I missed it. the map is really good and the character choice of Mitch the stoner who looks almost identical to Tommy Chong was brilliant, he needs a "smoke a joint" emote! lol I liked the addition of weather although I have only played on match last night and it didn't rain, I think that was an awesome idea, these guys are extremely creative and I love it, ill even let them slide on bugs, I know they are working with a small group, but as long as the game is very playable keep the good content updates coming. the only thing I would change to date is letting the d-pad up still show whos dead or alive and making the emote key something else, it was so handy to hit up and see whats what instead of select lb, or start, mute players
  13. yeah he could do that, so can shitty counselors also, maybe the choice needs to be apparent to the player who is in the lobby if he gets picked but hidden from everyone else, the player must make the choice before the match starts, that could solve that issue. he would also have to spawn somewhere remote but not near Jason I'm sure there are things that could be done with him, thanks for pointing that out, I hope to help do my part to give out good ideas even thought the developers will probably never see this
  14. here is what I was thinking up, I think there is a lot of ways we could make Roy very interesting rather than just another Jason that's not really Jason. 1 in 10 or 20 games a random male counselor is either spawned with a hockey mask as the Y (xbone) option in the same way the sweater is, or occasionally a blue chevron hockey mask can be found in a drawer and equipped like the sweater ready for use anytime. this would need to be rare enough to make it something to look forward to but not as rare as Pamela tapes. This would need to verify the lobby has enough players before it activated. upon using it, the player instantly turns into part V Jason and gets an unbreakable axe, drops his inventory and can no longer search drawers to prevent him from stealing keys, this Jason would be able to run faster but still at the limits of counselor stamina, the walkie would go away. This player would have no special Jason abilities but would come pre-perked with extremely thick skin but could still be killed by the other players in traditional fashion. This Jason could go about his business stalking and trying to kill the other counselors and would also be completely invisible on Jason's sense ability, this player would have the choice to use the mask or play as a regular counselor. Real Jason could kill him in traditional Jason ways if he pleases but cant grab him easily at all. Jason would have to take say double the slashes on him to kill him also. Real Jason could also let him go about his business as a helper to make sure things don't get repaired at the cost of loosing a few kills. if Roy Jason is the last character alive, besides Jason the game ends and gives Roy credit for his kills instead of a betrayal hit as a regular counselor.
  15. I don't agree that Roy just needs to be another Jason you can pick, we need to do something interesting with him as he is a human character, make it unique and not always available, see my post above about roy, suggestions etc, I don't want to just see a "part V" Jason in the Jason list. this would be dull for playing as roy. Roy is a unique situation and I think the developers should use that to their advantage to give the game some more things to do, The complexity of the game and the game chat mechanics are exactly what pulls this game WAY ahead of dead by daylight IMO