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  1. This game concept is phenomenal , truely unique and brilliant. My hope is the last patch gets it all working well, and allows local lan communication so even when Xbox one is a thing of the past we could find a way to play on the same local network with several xboxes and have “block parties” where I run cat 6 into yard and everyone puts their system on tables and linked together. you know it may not even be possible, we have yet to see Microsoft or Sony completely take down the network backbone to a console yet, ps3 and Xbox 360 still work fine. Assuming they do sometime pull the network offline when it’s ancient they patch it one last time to remove the graphics that need connectivity and turn off gold requirement and let them communicate peer to peer, this I think is a pipe dream, however on pc anything can be done like that since people can easily and are willling to hack code and make old games function again, so a lot of our games may actually have to be pirated when no physical copy was purchased or rip the disk to iso for emulation. i can play all my ps4 and GameCube games on pc with emulation, I ripped the disks to iso and got the software and bios file etc works a lot better than using the actual ps2 to the tv since pc can upscale much better. I don’t see it being that hard to crack the game and run a dummy server on your pc for you and your friends to connect to. the world of pc game emulation is great, I can still run windows 3.1 and dos, play games designed for 286 and 386 machines etc. now the hope is Microsoft does not turn the windows operating system into something like Mac OS, but if so that will give the Linux community and tremendous boost making it more reliable and user friendly.
  2. 78 tbird huge car compact inside lol, wish I had not sold it was in 100 percent running condition I replaced so much crap on it, I got it with 30k, very little rust, needed paint job to refresh it, I had the vinyl top replaced, the inside was trashed, needed a complete job, even the dash components were crumbling, I had to use epoxy just to keep the instrument cluster from turning to dust. Headliner gone seats tore up, carpet nappy and torn in places. A lot of work I don’t know how to do, I did buy a replacement cluster and it was only marginally better, seems the plastic they used was just trash. But the 8 track worked lmao
  3. I seriously hope so, kids these days are driving the market not us old schoolers lol. Dead by daylight poached some great killers that could have Fit the mold this game created which is 100% unique to any other game, it was a brilliant idea
  4. It's a century wagon, big compared to most cars younger generation knows of, it's in great shape, I put 350k on a 3400 alero lol. I had a Buick estate wagon with a 307 years ago and yep its compact compared to that, but still bigger than the new Honda pilot lol. It has the 3rd row rear facing seats! Anyways. Hope we get this game right, I like the visual improvements but the audio failures just really kill the vibe (every "WTF" I hear on game chat lol)
  5. Yeah I do like the way it looks, but I hear from players so much "I'm done with this game!" I know some of its talk but I've seen people go over the course of the games release little by little, I mean hard core players that played as a group together with me for social fun not really the game itself, but they get frustrated and move on to other games, I seriously dislike the "battle royale" style and dont want to say I dont like dead by daylight but its definitely not this game but I watch my friends list and see what they are playing and how it evolves. I dont see this getting new players by the hoards so i want to not run off the good ones we have. Yeah not dead, inevitably all online multiplayer games will come to an end though. For shits and giggles i fired up my ps2 7 years ago with my NIC adapter and tried to find a match in world series of poker, I left it sitting. Like and hour and 0 people joined haha
  6. Haha yeah I get my hands greasy from time to time, and I know exactly where you were coming from. Did an intake on a gm3100, got the car cheap as it was in a failing state, I'm hoping it didnt get hot enough to damage the head gasket, I know they are notorious for head gaskets going not to far behind the shitty stock plastic intake gasket. 20k miles, no coolant drop in the overflow, no nasty oil, engine runs well, it doesnt idle like a brand new car but never tries to die just not singer smooth. It's a big old station wagon, I'm still worried about making a 14 hour trek in it to get a grandfather clock I inherited... 🥴
  7. Lol yeah you kind of missed the point as a single bug in a game isnt a cancer that grows and destroys other code, well not in any functional sense as memory leaks and programming that bad would destroy it completely. I get it, I'm not trying to be so negative but at some point we do need to stick with our code and fix it as is instead of upgrading. The car reference was assuming the engine to be undamaged, and yes we all know all gaming engines have their flaws, but the new ones just bring different flaws, code hasn't been able to be 100 percent flawless since the AS400 went the way of the dodo and it took more than one person to write a program.
  8. Was offline experience and CP disabled? There was a time it was not, I used bots to get a handful of levels on a 2.3x weekend back when the game was new. I also hope for a plan to make the game sustainable in some sense when as someone said the servers go down, and they will, eventually. However level and CP mean absolutely nothing for Jason (would only require a complete Jason unlock) In offline mode unless local hosts can provide networking with no servers, ie over MS network or local LAN in house. I do believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that our progression is in part tied to the servers rather than local saves, IE people getting reset to 0 or rolled back 50 levels, I've had it happen to friends. 100 percent controlled Microsoft cloud saves do not do this. I like many and you are looking forward to the future of being able to randomly enjoy this game after the xbox one is considered an old mans toy the kids make fun of because we have to use controllers instead of our thoughts to interact lmao
  9. I agree about the multiplayer only issue, pubg will die a slow death, but games that allow good single player and or local split screen play can live on forever, me and my friends will all bust out 007 nightfire every now and then and have a blast with up to four people. I still play my silent hill games on my ps2, even the 360 ones, I have those odd evil dead games, probably nobody remembers, but I loved, super Mario on Nintendo will live on forever in all its revisions as it's a localized game. I have every console before online networking was really a thing, I mean ps2 and gamecube could be altered for it, but it never took off. My NES is what 34 years old? It has several games I still love, zelda, metroid, Mario. But in 10 years all of our multiplayer games of today will be long dead unless continually worked on and ported to new consoles carrying progress over. I cannot believe WOW is still running, it died for me so many years ago I cant even remember, yet it's still running, and it's due to constant pricey updates and subscriptions that keep the pockets fat and the gamers happy I'm glad they added single player challenges, these were great, a ton more would have been awesome, and even single player counselor challenges would be great, as well as offline counselor play, however I realize AI isnt at the point on xbox that it can really handle Jason play, even offline bots can be tricked very easily they jump in and out of windows, just move out of site a tad. Boom the jump out into your hands, the harder modes with pocket knives really just makes you just want to slash them. No more new content will mean this game is remembered for the single player challenges more so than the bots, the challenges really put you in the game and were very well done, I'm glad we got these instead of Jason x or a spaceship map lol, maybe I'm old school but forget that, hell throw savini out, I'm a classic person, add forest green, add the house and dock map from part 7, those were real Jason maps, Jason x is the equivalent to critters in space lmao (critters IV)
  10. Ok thanks for the information, just seems to me that if played in a test environment alot of these would have been noticed immediately. But thanks for the work. I am in the camp that isnt begging for more content, I would just really like the game pretty much perfected, occasional glitches were actually pretty funny. Anyways thanks for the work you do, let's just get it right and then start making small changes to repair things instead of major overhauls, rebuilding an engine due to a bad fuel injector is kind of pointless. Also playing tapes is broken, I havent tried the single player challenges as I have finished them, however they were very fun and hope they are still functional
  11. Anyone notice at the progression screen tapes can no longer be played?
  12. No way, this was added to prevent people from hiding parts, I would go further and say why cant we stick the keys in the ignition before it has gas, this is one thing I can 100 percent disagree with. Even well intentioned counselors would drop the keys near a car and they could be impossible to find. Contrary to what someone else said, this was one of the best additions to the game, it took the total chaos out of it, as it is, or was before this update Jason play was good, Jason would easily kill alot of people and all in alot of matches. Removing this would be as much of a game killer as the current state of Jason being so broken. Unfortunately it's very hard to say gas is three trees behind a campfire bc I had to drop it and run. It would be lost forever essentially due to all counselors having no where near the amount of time to travel the entire map and the forest before meeting their usual gruesome fate
  13. The only thing I see positive in it is maybe a slightly more detailed environment with better lighting but that may just be me. No bugs got fixed. Serious game killing bugs: Jason grab glitch at least once a match sometimes multiple times where counselors get extra lives. Ghost bodies. Interaction points are not good. Guys why in the F did you release this update? I'm a counselor player 100 percent but I dont want these game killing bugs, seriously this has damaged Jason play so much that every match everyone is yelling about it, it's going to ruin the game, run off the people who like to play as Jason and then the game is dead, I mean really dead.
  14. Did you do something to the scenery? I noticed, at least on xbox one x it looks alot aesthetically better. HUGE bug in this patch that good counselors nor Jason's like is everytime we played a match this evening at least one counselor had two lives due to kill animation problems, one got away from it 3 times. It was literally almost every single match
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