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  1. Your so lucky. I literally haven’t found a single tommy tape. I have all my Pamela tapes yet I keep finding those! But not a single tommy tape smh bout to just YouTube what they sound like since I can’t find them
  2. Dead ass! They keep hyping up Jason which is makin it really hard as a councelor because we can’t communicate with each other! I’m always the only one with a mic and I try to tell the newbies what to do and they give me attitude by flashing me with their damn flash lights and they always end up dead .-. I’m just so over it. I miss loving this game
  3. Am I the only one who’s gotten bored with Friday? I hadn’t played in months and I get back on and it takes even longer to join a match, when I do join, no one else has a mic, not to mention I have all my Pamela takes yet I still find Pamela tames and zero Jarvis tapes! Every perk I roll is a very low rank. Honestly I’ve started playing dead by daylight which I don’t even fully like it’s just. Idk what’s going on with Friday man, you guys gotta step your game up, I used to be OBSESSED like it was craaaaazy and now I’ve played two times alone this MONTH!!
  4. So I wanna start off with saying good job on virtual cabin and offline bots but I’ve found a couple bugs so far. So with virtual cabin the little circles follow you when your turning, and with offline bots, every time I find tommy he’s opening and closing a drawer over and over and over again
  5. so I'm playing and suddenly I start being attacked by [REMOVED], thought it was weird so I disregard it and keep moving, next thing I know Jason's standing in front of me in the cabin who's doors I JUST locked, and the dude is behind me swinging, I literally had to fight and run from them BOTH and STILL managed to escape with the cops. Cause y'all trash!!! Straight trash!! This type of shit should get you kicked off the game. Anyone else have these issues?
  6. You guys all have such great ideas. I also think more kills are a great idea, especially the rope idea. I think he should be able to flip tables, beds, couches, shit even climb on the damn cars. Last night I spent a majority of the game chasing people around a table and then a couch in the same cabin, I worked really hard and killed the first person then another person did the same shit! Then I had to go stop the car someone was driving just for him to get out and start running around the car. He ended up surviving cause we ran out of time like that's bullshit man
  7. I don't know what happened to my phone but that wasn't supposed to be directed at you lol I'm so sorry. It didn't even post up my entire message ?? I keep getting stuck in hiding places..if I go into a closet to hide and then I turn on my mute screen to mute Jason, I can't close the mute screen, because that's up on the screen I can't get out of the closet, and everytime I try to back out of the mute screen, because that requires the same button as holding your breath my dude sits there breathing loud. I literally have to wait until Jason finds me and beg him to kill me, most of the time he leaves me there knowing I'm trapped so he can find other councelors. Ugh
  8. Thank you, and yeah your right I deff do like the second story window throws, seems more realistic they would die that way. They should change it to where like if he throws them through a window and it's not a two story, they try to crawl away unable to use a health spray unless they hit x or something a bunch of times same as a grab, if they can't then he gets them and like takes a piece of broken glass and stabs the shit outa them lol idk get creative ya know. I wanna see them suffer
  9. Idk if it's just me but I can't read what you wrote. It's like all hidden under a film or something. Non the less I hate being Jason anymore. I play as part 8 and it's almost impossible to swing my axe on councelors, yet they can hit me. Another problem I have that I think should be fixed, when I do swing on a councelor and hit them, it takes Jason so long to go back into his regular position where I can swing again that the councelors are able to hit and stun me. That should be fixed where we don't need to wait anymore to swing on them again. Idk if it's just me having this issue tho, I'm constantly clicking the swing button and Jason just stands there staring at the councelor like a dumb ass and then gets K.O, you know how embarrassing it is to get K.O by Tiffany and not even being able to defend yourself or fight back?? Ugh
  10. I love them, great ideas. I don't think kissing the glass would kill a councelor tho, the glass is pretty weak, but hey man being thrown through a window wouldn't really kill someone either but it does in the game so I hope they incorporate these
  11. I think they deff made an error. I'm assuming they don't know where things are because they aren't actually counclors they're simply people who went hiking up there, but then why are they called councelors? And I think on the mini map we shouldn't be able to see where the phone and stuff is at, but on the big map we should be able to see it because why would you make a map of the camp without the vitals such as the phone? Maybe it's simply and edit the game creators did intentionally to make escaping more of a challenge than it already is? Or it could be something they just didnt realize.
  12. I don't know what happened to my phone but that wasn't supposed to be directed at you lol I'm so sorry. It didn't even post up my entire message ??
  13. So I'm playing the game rn and so far the past three games disconnected and told me "connection to host lost" and I'm so mad because the first game, almost everyone had a mic you know how rare that is? What the fuck bro fix this shit! This is such and annoying bug omfg now I'm sitting here in this lobby literally by myself wtffff
  14. Exactly, having more control would be awesome but not too much because there are lots of trolls out there. I'm so happy they made it where the parts get highlighted on the map particularly because people loved hiding them, if they can just illininate the fact that once a host leaves we all disband that would be great, like give the person with the best ms host title so we can stay in the game
  15. Right? Plus when your dead you get to spectate your body, I think it would be cool watching as I'm tossed at aj as she's trying to run into a house ??
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